Michael Jackson

Chicago Songtext von Michael Jackson

Original I met her on my way to chicago Where she was all alone And so was I so I asked her for her name She smiled and looked at me I was surprised to see That a woman like … Read More

Inside Michael Jackson’s transformed Neverland with new rides and ghostly resurrections

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch was falling to pieces after he sold it – but now it’s been completely transformed. The crumbling Californian property looked miles away from it’s best and was seemingly unsellable as the asking price rapidly tumbled downwards. … Read More

Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline: Everything about Kevin Federline's son

Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline: Everything about Kevin Federline’s son

Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline is the son of Kevin Federline. Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline’s father Kevin, sometimes called K-Fed, used to be a dancer. His career began as a backup dancer, but he rose to prominence during a high-profile two-year … Read More

Michael Jackson’s Family Legacy

Michael Jackson has led many lives. The pop star, of course, came to fame and fortune first as a kid in his family band the Jackson 5. Later, he transformed into the most famous person on the planet while many … Read More

How Many Grammys Does Michael Jackson Have?

How Many Grammys Does Michael Jackson Have?

Michael Jackson, the legendary King of Pop, is not only known for his iconic music and mesmerizing performances but also for his impressive collection of Grammy Awards. Throughout his illustrious career, Jackson has amassed a total of 13 Grammy Awards, … Read More

Here Are the Lyrics to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’

It’s close to midnightAnd something evil’s lurking in the darkUnder the moonlightYou see a sight that almost stops your heart You try to screamBut terror takes the sound before you make itYou start to freezeAs horror looks you right between … Read More

New documentary explores ‘who really killed Michael Jackson’

A new documentary about the King of Pop is exploring one major question: “Who really killed Michael Jackson’? ‘Who really killed Michael Jackson’? Jackson — who would have turned 64 in August — died in 2009 from cardiac arrest brought … Read More

Real reason for Michael Jackson’s nose surgery revealed by his former bodyguard

Michael Jackson’s former bodyguard has revealed the “real reason” why the King of Pop had nose surgery. Matt Fiddes, who worked with the late pop star for a decade, revealed during an interview that Michael endured years of bullying at … Read More

„We Are the World“: Die Wahrheit hinter der größten Benefizhymne aller Zeiten

Die Welt werde nach diesem Abend eine andere sein, verkündet Lionel Richie am 28. Januar 1985 in Los Angeles als Moderator der American Music Awards. Die Anwesenden halten es für eine Galafloskel. Etwa 40 unter ihnen wissen mehr: Wenige Tage … Read More

Family and Ancestors

Family and Ancestors

Photo above was taken in Neverland in 2003 and captures more than 100 members of the Jackson family. Some of them are missing (like Janet or Marlon). Jacksons are African American family but as many such families they´re also mixed. … Read More

Michael Jackson Thriller Jacke

Leather Collection und Moto Speeds versteht die sich ständig ändernden Anforderungen der Mode- und Motorsportbranche. Daher kam als Antwort auf die Idee, Produkte auf Bestellung herzustellen. Unser Ziel ist es, Kunden und Motorradfahrern jeden professionellen Niveaus maximale Produktoptionen oder Pro-Race-Optionen … Read More

Michael R. Jackson, Playwright & Composer – Brief but Spectacular | PBS NewsHour

Amna Nawaz: Michael R. Jackson is a Pulitzer- and Tony Award-winning playwright and composer. Tonight, he shares his Brief But Spectacular view, as part of our arts and culture series, Canvas. Michael R. Jackson, Playwright and Composer: When I sit … Read More

False posts that Michael Jackson is ‘alive in 2024’ share digitally created images

Michael Jackson died in June 2009 from an overdose of an anaesthetic administered by his personal doctor, but images have been repeatedly shared online with a false claim that they show the pop legend is still alive in February 2024. … Read More

Warum sagt MJ Shamone?

Michael Jacksons “Shamone”, das in seinen Hits wie Bad und Man In The Mirror zu finden ist, ist im Grunde seine Art, “Komm schon” zu sagen. absichtlich falsch ausgesprochen und wurde später zu seinem eigenen charakteristischen Stil für seinen Gesang. … Read More

Stephanie Mills Claims Michael Jackson’s Wanting To Date A Certain ‘Type’ Of Woman Possibly Led To Their Break Up

R&B singer Stephanie Mills has previously shared details of her short-lived relationship with Michael Jackson, but she’s now revealing what may have caused their split. The 65-year-old singer met the King of Po” when she joined the Broadway cast of … Read More

Zeitsprung: Am 30.11.1982 erscheint das Album der Superlative: “Thriller” von Michael Jackson

Anekdoten, Jubiläen und wilde Geschichten: Was an diesem Tag in der Welt der Musik passiert ist, lest ihr täglich in unserem Zeitsprung. Heute: 30.11.1982. Neun Songs, acht Grammys, sieben Singles: Mit Thriller hat Michael Jackson im November 1982 einen gewaltigen … Read More

Michael Jackson’s Iconic Glove

By Alexander Bitar There are a few – if any – things in pop culture history that are more recognizable and iconic than Michael Jackson’s glove. Just by showing people an image of the glove, they immediately understand what it … Read More

Versatility was why Georgia football brought in transfer WR Michael Jackson III from the portal

This Sentell’s Intel rep advances the story of the latest Georgia football transfer portal addition. That’s 3-star transfer Michael Jackson III from USC. The Las Vegas native silently committed to UGA after his official visit in early December and announced … Read More

Brooke Shields: Ihre bewegende Rede

Brooke Shields’ Stimme zitterte, immer wieder rang sie um Fassung. Als sie auf der Trauerfeier für Michael Jackson im “Staples Center” auf die Bühne ging und ihre Rede hielt, gingen ihre Worte direkt in die Herzen der Trauernden. Aufrichtig und … Read More

Michael Jackson Logo

Michael Jackson Logo

Michael Jackson Logo PNG Michael Jackson is the legend of pop music, also known as the King of Pop, who was born in 1958 and died in 2009. During his intense and bright career, the famous American singer and songwriter … Read More

Was Michael Jackson Black? Race, Skin Color, and Pop Culture

As I sit here and weave through the many threads of pop culture, one question invariably crops up that never fails to provoke intense debate – “Was Michael Jackson black?” On the surface, it seems somewhat simplistic or even absurd … Read More

Michael Jackson’s Super Bowl performance: A cultural phenomenon remembered

8 February 2024, 15:55 Michael Jackson’s 1993 Super Bowl performance. Picture: Getty Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, is widely regarded as one of the most influential and successful artists of all time. His music, dancing, and style have inspired … Read More

Bun B Extends Trill Burgers Invite To Beyoncé After Learning Of Restaurant 'Ban'

Bun B refuses to accept that Beyoncé is not allowed inside restaurants, with the UGK legend stating that she is welcome at his establishment any time. During the latest episode of the Brilliant Idiots podcast on Friday (August 25), Charlamagne … Read More

Ranked: Each of Michael Jackson’s No. 1 Songs

You don’t get the name “The King of Pop” for no reason. Michael Jackson is likely the most accomplished songwriter and performer in the history of the modern world. At least when it comes to the popular music zeitgeist. Not … Read More

Bad (1985-1989)

Bad (1985-1989)

All the studio recordings (songs, demos and alternate versions) recorded by MJ during the Bad era (1985-1989). Songs and poems written but never recorded, live performances, covers and remixes by other artists are not included. Sources : My personal research, … Read More

Michael Jackson

Michel Jackson, the King of Pop, is one of the most iconic singers of all time. He was born on the 29th of August 1958 in Gary, Indiana, to Joseph and Katherine Jackson. He was the seventh child of the … Read More

Nach Doku-Skandal: Diese beliebte "Simpsons"-Episode fehlt auch auf Disney+

Nach Doku-Skandal: Diese beliebte “Simpsons”-Episode fehlt auch auf Disney+

Fox Dustin Hoffman, Kim Basinger, Paul McCartney… hochkarätige Star-Gäste haben eine lange Tradition in der Zeichentrick-Serie „Die Simpsons“. Einen sehr speziellen Auftritt hatte so auch der „King Of Pop“ Michael Jackson in der Eröffnungsfolge der dritten Staffel, „Die Geburtstagsüberraschung“ (im … Read More

Zum Tod von Joe Jackson: Er machte Michael Jackson mit Gewalt zum Superstar

Als am 28. Juni 2009 in Los Angeles die BET Awards (Black Entertainment Television) verliehen wurden, war auch Joe Jackson unter den Gästen. Auf dem roten Teppich gab er unter anderem dem CNN-Moderator Don Lemon ein Interview, der sich nach … Read More

„King of Pop“ beschert Duisburg 1995 das erste „Rudelgucken“

Es war kalt an jenem für Duisburg denkwürdigen 4. November 1995. Höllenkalt. Doch selbst diese unwirtlichen Temperaturen konnten 2000 Menschen nicht zurückhalten. Sie alle strömten nach Hamborn zur Rhein-Ruhr-Halle, um wenigstens einen kleinen Blick auf ihr Idol zu erhaschen. Die … Read More

Michael Jackson's 30 best songs ever, ranked

16 February 2024, 15:30 Michael Jackson’s best songs. Picture: Michael Jackson/YouTube It was really difficult just picking 30 songs, let alone ranking them! With a discography that spans decades and transcends genres, Jackson’s influence on popular music is immeasurable. From … Read More

The week in audio: Think Twice: Michael Jackson; Courtroom Drama; Recording on the Nomads’ Trail – review

Think Twice: Michael Jackson Audible Original and WonderyCourtroom Drama Crime+Investigation and ITNSunday Feature: Recording on the Nomads’ Trail (Radio 3) | BBC Sounds Here’s a good deep-dive podcast that I somehow missed when it was released in the summer. Think … Read More

Michael Jackson House: Inside Neverland Ranch & His Final Home

Michael Jackson House: Inside Neverland Ranch & His Final Home

He was the King of Pop, and the majority of the pop listeners around the world will agree that he is still the King of Pop, even after his death. Born on August 29, 1958, Michael Jackson is one of … Read More

Michael Jackson's terrifying 'jar of fake noses after surgery left him with no nostrils'

Michael Jackson’s terrifying ‘jar of fake noses after surgery left him with no nostrils’

When Michael Jackson died in 2009, a postmortem revealed how the star had withered away to just 8st 10lbs after years of prescription drug abuse. Covered in marks and puncture wounds, paramedics reportedly mistook the 50 year old for a … Read More

Jackson's Death Provokes Memories of Elvis Conspiracy

Let’s quash this rumor before it gets started: Michael Jackson did not fake his own death to escape the exhausting rigors of stardom. The troubled man is gone. Let him go. The problem is, when a legendary rock performer checks … Read More

Früheres Anwesen des „King of Pop“ : US-Milliardär kauft Michael Jacksons „Neverland“ zum Schnäppchenpreis

Die “Neverland”-Ranch des im Jahr 2009 verstorbenen Pop-Superstars Michael Jackson ist an einen US-Milliardär verkauft worden. Das Anwesen in Kalifornien wurde von dem Geschäftsmann Ron Burkle erworben, wie dessen Sprecher am Donnerstag mitteilte. Nach Informationen des “Wall Street Journal” soll … Read More

Man In The Mirror

KING OF POP ! I’m Gonna Make A Change For Once In My Life It’s Gonna Feel Real Good Gonna Make A Difference Gonna Make It Right . . . As I, Turn Up The Collar On My Favourite Winter … Read More

1988: Michael Jacksons „Moonwalker“ kommt in die Kinos (na ja, in manche)

Im Jahr 1987 war Michael Jackson bereits ein, gelinde formuliert, „Exzentriker“, das sah man ihm nicht nur an der Nasenspitze an. Aber es lief alles noch eine Spur ruhiger ab. Es gab die leisen Gerüchte um ein Sauerstoffzelt, um das … Read More

Michael Jackson

Um dem musikgeschichtlichen Stellenwert des siebten Kindes der Familie Joseph Jackson gerecht zu werden, kann man entweder brav chronologisch Edelmetall-Auszeichnungen auflisten oder den absoluten Höhepunkt seines Schaffens mit einem Superlativ auf den Punkt bringen: “Thriller”. 1982: Michael Jackson ist junge … Read More

Inside Michael Jackson’s Death And The Fatal Overdose That Caused It

During a sleepless night, Michael Jackson reportedly begged his personal doctor to give him propofol on June 25, 2009. It was the last thing he ever did. For a brief moment on June 25, 2009, the entire world came to … Read More

Super-Bowl-Spot: Jennifer Aniston und David Schwimmer wiedervereint

Der aus Atlanta im US-Bundesstaat Georgia stammende Produzent Blaccmass hat keine Lust mehr auf Schubladen. Er will jede Art von Musik feiern können, ganz ohne sie mit einem Genre-Titel labeln zu müssen. Um das zu untermauern, bringt er schon seit … Read More

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