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Jennifer Lopez Back On Stage As ‘Selena’ At Latin Billboard, Plus Jlo’s Impact On Butt Injections Craze

Jennifer Lopez knows where it all started, and soon she will pay tribute to the woman who made her career possible. New York Daily News is reporting that Jlo will be back on stage as Selena Quintanilla, the Tejano star … Read More

"Un bonheur durement gagné" : Jennifer Lopez savoure son mariage avec Ben Affleck

Mieux vaut tard que jamais. Vingt ans après le début d’une première idylle qui leur avait valu le surnom de “Bennifer”, et qui avait été marquée par l’annulation de leur mariage à la dernière minute, Jennifer Lopez, 53 ans, et … Read More

Jennifer Lopez Puts an End to Ben Affleck’s Pop-Star Dreams in Dunkin’s Super Bowl Ad: Watch

Ben Affleck‘s ready to get loud, but Jennifer Lopez isn’t gonna let him do it his way. In Dunkin’s 2024 Super Bowl ad, the Oscar-winning actor-director continues his previously teased efforts to become a pop superstar like his wife, and … Read More

Jennifer Lopez Sunglasses: Her Top 23 Eyewear Brand Names

Shades of Glamour: A Look at Jennifer Lopez’s Signature Sunglasses When it comes to celebrity fashion, few accessories make as bold a statement as a pair of stylish sunglasses. Jennifer Lopez, the queen of glamour, knows this all too well. … Read More

Conoce DeLola, la bebida alcohólica de Jennifer López, por la que ha recibido duras críticas

Conoce DeLola, la bebida alcohólica de Jennifer López, por la que ha recibido duras críticas

La actriz y cantante Jennifer López se sumó hace unos meses a la lista de celebridades que decidieron emprender con su propia bebida alcohólica, misma que ha recibido muchas críticas. ¿Cuál es la bebida de Jennifer López? La actriz Jennifer … Read More

Trish Stratus Referred to as the “Jennifer Lopez of WWE”

Trish Stratus is making a resounding impact in WWE once again, captivating fans with her feuds and performances in 2023. Her ongoing rivalry with Becky Lynch has been a major highlight, and their upcoming match in Winnipeg has generated significant … Read More

Who are Jennifer Lopez Parents? Meet David Lopez And Guadalupe Rodríguez

Who is Jennifer Lopez? Jennifer Lopez, also known as J.Lo, is an American actress, singer, dancer, and producer. She was born on July 24, 1969, in The Bronx, New York City, to Puerto Rican parents. She started taking dance lessons … Read More

Lovescope: How Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's Zodiac Compatibility Brought Them Back Together

It’s been 18 years since these two ended their engagement back in 2004. According to their charts, they had to fulfill karma with other lovers before they could reunite to fulfill their soulmate contract. Knowing Lopez’s dating history is helpful … Read More

Grammys most shocking moments! THAT Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck row, Bonnie Raitt beating Taylor Swift and Beyonce to Song of the Year and Milli Vanilli’s shock ‘win’… a look back at the ceremony’s wildest incidents

It is the biggest night of the year for the music industry, with entertainers keen to grab attention (as well as awards) for their daring outfits and raucous antics. The Grammy Awards has never been short on shocking moments, with … Read More

Jennifer Lopez's then-and-now bikini photos ahead of 54th birthday

It’s difficult to believe that Jennifer Lopez is approaching her 54th birthday as the ‘Jenny from the Block’ hitmaker could pass for years younger. But the singer-turned-actress has been entertaining fans for decades and her transformation throughout the years has … Read More

Ana De Armas Reflects on ‘Horrible’ Part of Ben Affleck Relationship

Before Ben Affleck rekindled his romance with Jennifer Lopez, he was briefly dating his Deep Water co-star Ana de Armas. In an interview published days before Affleck and Lopez married, the 007 actress recalled the worst part of the relationship … Read More


Jennifer Lopez ist ein Phänomen. Die Diva zählt nicht nur zu den erfolgreichsten Sängerinnen der Gegenwart, sie behauptet sich auch als Mode- und Kosmetikunternehmerin. Unter anderem hat sie mehr als 20 Parfüms auf den Markt gebracht. Jetzt kehrt die 48-Jährige … Read More

Drag Race Queens Paid Tribute To Jennifer Lopez At Her iHeartRadio Music Awards Performance

The annual iHeartRadio Music Awards took place last night in Los Angeles, and the one and only Jennifer Lopez was honored at the celebrity-packed event with the prestigious Icon Award. “I appreciate this so much, so very, very much,” Lopez … Read More

Jennifer Lopez: So steht sie zu Afflecks Ex Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Lopez (53) schwärmt von ihrer Vorgängerin. Ihr Ehemann Ben Affleck (50) habe eine “wunderbare” Co-Parenting-Beziehung mit seiner Ex-Frau Jennifer Garner (50), sagte die 53-Jährige in einem “Vogue”-Interview. Ihr Mann und Garner “arbeiten gut zusammen” bei der Erziehung der gemeinsamen … Read More

‘Only Took 20 Years’: Ashanti Opens Up About Receiving Credit for Jennifer Lopez’s Hit Singles, and Fans React

Ashanti says she is finally receiving her flowers for her role in two of Jennifer Lopez‘s hit songs. Ashanti says she was instrumental in the creation of Lopez’s “I’m Real” and “Ain’t it Funny” remixed tracks, which featured Ja Rule. … Read More

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony: A timeline of their relationship

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony: A timeline of their relationship

Before Jennifer Lopez found her happily ever after with now-husband Ben Affleck, she went through multiple relationships, including a decade-long marriage with ex-husband Marc Anthony. In Lopez’s new movie “This is Me…Now: A Love Story,” out Feb. 16 on Prime … Read More

Here’s what Jennifer Lopez said in Spanish at Biden’s inauguration

At Wednesday’s inauguration, on the spot where insurrectionists barreled over Capitol Police officers and broke into the seat of representative government two weeks ago, superstar Jennifer Lopez at one point in her musical performance lifted a finger and proclaimed: “Una … Read More

El Anillo

Me tratas como una princesa, me das lo que pidoTú tienes el bate y la fuerza que yo necesitoCuando estamos solos, te juro, no me falta nadaTe pongo un trece de diez cuando estamo’ en la cama Nunca había sentido … Read More

J.Lo Rocked A Metallic Breast Plate For Date Night With Ben Affleck

Ever since Jennifer Lopez burst onto the scene in the ’90s, she’s proven to be a formidable singer, dancer, and actor — a true triple threat. In recent months, however, Lopez proved that her latest finely-honed skill is of the … Read More

Controversial past of Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck’s ‘plantation-style’ wedding venue

Ben Affleck tried to sell his sprawling Greek Revival “imitation” plantation — the site of his elaborate wedding to Jennifer Lopez Saturday — three years after revelations surfaced that one of his ancestors was a slave-owning Georgia sheriff. In 2015, … Read More

Jennifer Lopez's best dance numbers with mind-blowing choreography

Jennifer Lopez is a great and successful singer and dancer. Her Latin-cultural influence in the pop music genre has made her an incredible name in the music industry. She is also a fashion designer and mother of twin children, named … Read More

17 May 2008 Halle Berry vs Jennifer Lopez

17 May 2008 Halle Berry vs Jennifer Lopez

Posted by Simguy on 5/17/2008, 8:56 am. Before: Berry doing some sparring with Charisma C to get her ready for Ali Larter: Halle apparently looking so good in those sessions, that this fight was immediately secured. “It happened pretty quick, … Read More

Jennifer Lopez Ponytails & Special Styles

Jennifer Lopez Ponytails & Special Styles

Wer kennt sie nicht? Jenny from the Blog oder J.Lo ist die Popikone schlechthin. Sie wird auch als Triple Threat Entertainer bezeichnet, denn sie kann singen, tanzen und schauspielern. Was wir an ihr besonders bewundern, sind ihre Haare und ihr … Read More

Das schweißt zusammen

Vielleicht haben wir diesen Satz total missverstanden. Als Melinda und Bill Gates ihre überraschende Trennung damit erkärten, dass sie »nicht mehr gemeinsam wachsen können«, wurde das natürlich sofort als Stagnation des geteilten geistigen Horizonts interpretiert, mit rückläufiger Liebe, Nullrendite beim … Read More

Jennifer Garner & J-Lo Might Be Clashing Over Ben Affleck’s Stubborn Habit

While the Jens have been peacefully co-parenting quite some time, sources have reportedly caught wind of Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lopez’s feud over Ben Affleck’s smoking habit. Apparently, Affleck’s wife and ex-wife can’t seem agree when it comes to his … Read More

Ben Affleck finally addresses viral tense Grammys moment with Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez made headlines in February after footage of them appearing to disagree at the Grammy Awards went viral. Despite Ben insisting he had “a good time”, the couple became an internet sensation after fans claimed that … Read More

J-Lo & Leah Hit a ‘Rough Patch’ After She Got Back With Ben—Here’s the Real Reason She Skipped Her Wedding

After she missed her best friend’s nuptials, many fans are asking: Why didn’t Leah Remini attend Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s wedding and what is their friendship like now? J-Lo and Ben married for a second time at Ben’s estate … Read More

Jennifer Lopez enthüllt überraschende Details über Trennung von Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez, 54, und Ben Affleck, 51, feierten im Sommer 2021 das wohl größte Liebescomeback, das Hollywood je gesehen hat. Am 17. Juli 2022 gaben sie sich dann endlich das Jawort. Darauf hatte Fans lange gewartet, immerhin wären die Schauspielstars … Read More

Jennifer Lopez confirma las tendencias de cejas que SÍ llevarás en 2023 y las que NO si quieres presumir de mirada rejuvenecida

Jennifer Lopez confirma las tendencias de cejas que SÍ llevarás en 2023 y las que NO si quieres presumir de mirada rejuvenecida

Jennifer Lopez es todo un icono de estilo y de belleza a sus 53 años. Su mirada se ha posicionado, sin duda alguna, como uno de sus rasgos más alabados y la clave de su éxito está en sus cejas. … Read More

Booty (feat. Jennifer Lopez)

Big, big bootyWhat you got a big bootyBig, big bootyWhat you got a big bootyBig, big bootyWhat you got a big bootyBig, big bootyWhat you? Big, big bootyWhat you got a big bootyBig, big bootyWhat you got a big bootyBig, … Read More

El detalle con el que Jennifer Lopez rejuvenece sus recogidos

El detalle con el que Jennifer Lopez rejuvenece sus recogidos

Dieta sana, rutinas de entrenamiento diarias y una genética fuera de común son parte del elixir de Jennifer Lopez con el que parece haber detenido el paso del tiempo desde que comenzase su carrera artística hace más de veinticinco años. … Read More

Streaming-Tipp: In diesem kultigen Tier-Horrorfilm bekommt es Jennifer Lopez mit einer gigantischen Dschungel-Bestie zu tun

Wenn es um das (Sub-)Genre des Tier-Horrorfilms geht, dann muss man als Liebhaber*in gefräßiger Bestien im Blutrausch oftmals viel Schund ertragen. Allein die Mockbuster-Schmiede The Asylum hat mit ihren unzähligen „Sharknado“- und weiteren Creature-Feature-Trash-Streifen dafür gesorgt, dass dieses Genre zusehends … Read More

Jennifer Lopez hat ihre Beziehung mit Ben Affleck so nicht erwartet

Jennifer Lopez (54) und Ben Affleck (51) liebten sich, wollten heiraten. Doch die Medien setzten “Bennifer” zu und das einst glückliche Paar trennte sich. Beide gingen Ehen mit anderen Partner:innen ein, wurden Eltern. 20 Jahre später ist die Sängerin und … Read More

Love Don't Cost a Thing Lyrics

Love Don’t Cost a Thing – Jennifer Lopez … You think you gotta keep me iced (You don’t) You think I’m gonna spend your cash (I won’t) Even if you were broke My love don’t cost a thing Think I … Read More

Jennifer Lopez’s Schiaparelli Rose Coat Is Made of Hundreds of Real Petals

Every girl dreams of receiving a well-curated rose bouquet from their lover—but how about hundreds of roses in the form of a coat from their favorite fashion house? It’s a dream come true for Jennifer Lopez, who swapped a bouquet … Read More

Historia ich miłości to gotowy scenariusz na film. Jennifer Lopez i Ben Affleck wzięli ślub!

Historia ich miłości to gotowy scenariusz na film. Jennifer Lopez i Ben Affleck wzięli ślub!

Historia miłości Jennifer Lopez i Bena Afflecka przypomina scenariusz filmu. Przed laty tworzyli jedną z ulubionych par w Hollywood. Ona zmieniała wówczas mężczyzn jak rękawiczki, on słynął z zamiłowania do hazardu. W 2002 roku połączyła ich gorąca i płomienna miłość. … Read More

Is Jennifer Lopez Going on Tour? Predicted UK Concert Dates, Venues & Tickets

Jennifer Lopez, the renowned pop icon, has fans buzzing with excitement as rumours circulate about a possible tour in the UK especially as the pop queen has just announced her North American tour happening this summer. Jennifer Lopez, also known … Read More

Ben Affleck Shares What Was '50 Percent' Responsible for His 2004 Split With Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck admits that the negative media attention put a strain on his first relationship with Jennifer Lopez. “I would say it was about 50 percent [of what destroyed our relationship]. The idea that people hate you and they hate … Read More

How Jennifer Lopez manages her wealth

Lopez started out her career touring Europe for the Golden Revue of Broadway show where she was the only performer to not get solo performance time on stage. However, her performance put her up on the market and she was … Read More

Jennifer Lopez: Mega-Comeback mit Album und Film

Jennifer Lopez, 54, setzte gleich zu Beginn des Jahres ein Zeichen. Im Januar veröffentlichte sie die Single “Can’t Get Enough” und läutete damit ihr musikalisches Comeback ein. Am 16. Februar folgt nun das Album “This Is Me… Now”. 2014 gab … Read More

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