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Shailene Woodley brags about Aaron Rodgers’ penis size amid COVID drama

Shailene Woodley bizarrely bragged about how well she knows fiancé Aaron Rodgers’ body — including his nether regions — while shaming an innocent man who was inaccurately ID’d as the NFL player. The “Big Little Lies” actress took to social … Read More

How Much Older Is Aaron Rodgers Than His Rumored New Girlfriend Mallory Edens?

How Much Older Is Aaron Rodgers Than His Rumored New Girlfriend Mallory Edens?

After closing out a disappointing season in which the Green Bay Packers did not make the playoffs, speculation swirled about Aaron Rodgers‘ future and if we’ve seen him play his final game in the NFL. But prior to that Sunday … Read More

3 Logical Trade Destinations for Aaron Rodgers

3 Logical Trade Destinations for Aaron Rodgers

As has become an offseason tradition, Packers fans lie in wait to find out what the future holds for Aaron Rodgers. The four-time MVP may be back in Green Bay for another year, he may retire, or he may be … Read More

Aaron Rodgers says his appearance at the 2022 NFL Honors sparked his decision to finally get a haircut

Aaron Rodgers’ MVP play for the Packers and all of his off-the-field happenings (relationship with Packers management and Shailene Woodley, COVID-19 and guest host of “Jeopardy!” to name a few, for example) have generated tons of headlines the last couple … Read More

Where does Aaron Rodgers live? Properties, hometown, off-season home

Where does Aaron Rodgers live? Properties, hometown, off-season home

Undoubtedly, Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He joined the NFL in 2005 as a backup quarterback and later became a Super Bowl champion. When his team selected him to be a starting quarterback, he … Read More

Green Bay Packers: Jordan Love lässt Aaron Rodgers immer mehr vergessen

Green Bay Packers: Jordan Love lässt Aaron Rodgers immer mehr vergessen

Die Fußstapfen, die Jordan Love mit Beginn der aktuellen NFL-Saison ausfüllen musste, waren gewaltig. Aaron Rodgers hatte die Green Bay Packers über mehr als ein Jahrzehnt als Quarterback angeführt und zu einem Elite-Team gemacht. Wie soll er da auch nur … Read More



GREEN BAY, Wis. – The expiration date on Aaron Rodgers’ patience with the Green Bay Packers’ young pass-catchers must have read Aug. 16. For the first time since losing Davante Adams this offseason, Rodgers expressed frustration with the group. “The … Read More

Barstool’s Big Cat admits asking Aaron Rodgers about grandmothers dying from COVID was “maybe not the best”

Aaron Rodgers went on Barstool’s Pardon My Take podcast earlier this week and the interview nearly went off the rails when he was sarcastically asked about people dying from COVID-19. Co-host Dan “Big Cat” Katz recently joined ESPN Chicago’s Tom … Read More

Aaron Rodgers finally reveals the hidden meaning behind his mysterious new arm tattoo

One month after getting inked up for the first time, Aaron Rodgers is finally shedding some light on the mystery behind the meaning of his new tattoo. The Packers quarterback is used to making headlines with his right arm, but … Read More

Aaron Rodgers’ Brother Jordan Once Made Scathing Remarks on Star QB’s Ex-girlfriend Olivia Munn Publicly for Being the Reason Behind Their Family Feud

The Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and his estranged brother Jordan reportedly had bad blood a few years ago. It was the time when the quarterback was dating American actress Olivia Munn, one of the entities who got involved … Read More

Angry Aaron Rodgers blasts ‘I’ve never heard of you’ at New York Giants linebacker

NFL hero Aaron Rodgers has displayed his fiery side in a stunning exchange with New York Giants ace Jihad Ward. Rodgers’ first pre-season appearance since 2018 was capped off with an eye of the needle touchdown to Garrett Wilson. It … Read More

Aaron Rodgers snaps back at Sean Payton over Hackett comments

Aaron Rodgers snaps back at Sean Payton over Hackett comments

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. – Defending offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers jumped into the Sean Payton controversy Sunday with a scathing rebuke of the Denver Broncos coach. “It made me feel bad that someone who has … Read More


There are a lot of factors potentially complicating trade talks between the Green Bay Packers and the New York Jets. One of which could be how each team wants to handle the $59.5 million guaranteed salary that Aaron Rodgers is … Read More

Aaron Rodgers breaks silence since injury: ‘I shall rise yet again’

If you thought Aaron Rodgers’ career was over, think again. The four-time MVP ruptured his Achilles in his very first drive as a New York Jets quarterback on Monday, not only quickly extinguishing the team’s Super Bowl expectations, but bringing … Read More

Jets QB Aaron Rodgers talks with Erin Andrews about new beginnings

It’s the dawn of a new era for Aaron Rodgers, as the future Hall of Fame quarterback makes his regular-season debut with the New York Jets on Monday against the Buffalo Bills. After 18 seasons with the Green Bay Packers … Read More

NFL-Star Aaron Rodgers verliert Sponsor nach Lüge um Corona-Impfung

Die Vereinbarung zwischen Liga und der Spielergewerkschaft der NFL über Verhaltensregeln in einer Pandemie ist ein Prachtstück amerikanischer Juristerei: 93 Seiten lang, vollgepackt mit jedem Wenn und Aber und so ausgefeilt und darauf ausgelegt, jede eventuelle Kontroverse über ihre Auslegung … Read More

NFL: Aaron Rodgers äußert sich nach Verletzung emotional

NFL: Aaron Rodgers äußert sich nach Verletzung emotional und räumt mit Gerüchten auf Es war einer der geräuschvollsten Wechsel der vergangenen Jahre: 18 Spielzeiten bei den Green Bay Packers waren für Aaron Rodgers genug, er wollte den Klub im Frühjahr … Read More

Madden 20 Legends Aaron Rodgers, Von Miller Among Final Members of Program for MUT Season

Madden 20 Legends Aaron Rodgers, Von Miller Among Final Members of Program for MUT Season

As the Super Bowl approaches, it means another NFL season is about to come to a close. That also means many of the popular Madden 20 programs will come to a close for this Ultimate Team season of content. On … Read More

NFL Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is Staying at the Top of His Game by Eating Clean

Over the past few years, there’s been a tremendous change in the nutrition of professional athletes. In professional surfing alone, we’ve seen a rapid transition from nutrition being a non-issue, to surfers eating only organic, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, or some … Read More

Aaron Rodgers Offers Despondent 3-Word Response to Lions Clinching NFC North Over Green Bay Packers

For the first time in three decades, the Detroit Lions were able to get their first divisional game victory. They outperformed their opponent and claimed that much-expected triumph. The world that had doubts about Dan Campbell not being a good … Read More

Is It Time For Aaron Rodgers (39) To Retire?

Is It Time For Aaron Rodgers (39) To Retire?

All it took for Aaron Rodgers’s season to possibly end with the New York Jets was just four snaps after getting sacked in the first quarter against the Buffalo Bills. Rodgers had to be taken into a blue medical tent … Read More

Aaron Rodgers named NFL MVP for fourth time after tumultuous season

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers capped off his 2021 season by becoming the fifth player in NFL history to repeat as the league’s Most Valuable Player. “It is kind of surreal sitting here,” Rodgers said. “Being a four-time MVP … Read More

Aaron Rodgers Wants to Tell You About His ‘Game of Thrones’ Theories

“I am totally dialed in and locked in with everything that’s going on right now,” Aaron Rodgers says. He could be talking about a handful of things. He’s focused, of course, on his 10th season as the Packers’ starter and … Read More

The Ringer's Kyle Brandt on '10 Questions,' Aaron Rodgers, and the Raw Emotion of Sports

Kyle Brandt is co-host of Good Morning Football on NFL Network and host of 10 Questions With Kyle Brandt from Spotify and The Ringer. He grew up outside Chicago and attended Princeton University, where he was a three-year starter as … Read More

Aaron Rodgers and brother Jordan have ‘started talking’ again after being estranged for years… after Aaron’s COVID-19 vaccine refusal controversy

He’s been estranged from his family for years for unspecified reasons. But now Aaron Rodgers seems to be getting closer to his brother Jordan Rodgers as the two have started ‘talking’ again, an insider told People on Tuesday. The first … Read More

Sports | Expect Aaron Rodgers to expose and exploit Bears weakness at safety

As for Bears safety Chris Prosinski starting his second straight game Thursday against the Packers in place of the injured Antrel Rolle, defensive coordinator Vic Fangio naturally referred to the fill-in as the next man up. It sounded better than … Read More

The Path To Pro Football For Aaron Rodgers Was Through Competitive JuCo’s and a Hard Earned D1 Scholarship

The Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has come a long way to make it to the top. Most of the quarterbacks playing in the league hail from D1 colleges, and that paved the way for such athletes to bag a spot … Read More

The 'Aaron Rodgers rule' stemming from hit by Anthony Barr continues to reverberate

The comeback Aaron Rodgers orchestrated on Sunday night, both from his own left knee sprain and from the 20-0 deficit the Green Bay Packers faced against the Chicago Bears, has turned the eyes of the NFL’s pundit class toward Lambeau … Read More

Aaron Rodgers addresses how $60 million owed will affect his 2023 plans

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers discussed how the $60 million owed to him in 2023 would affect whichever team he plays for. Aaron Rodgers will be one of the focal points of the NFL offseason, as he could either … Read More

What does the artwork in Aaron Rodgers’ newest tattoo represent?

Two things are abundantly clear when you are talking about Aaron Rodgers. One: he is a football phenomenon, a true legend of the game. And two: dude is kooky as a Cocoa Puff. He does and says things that are … Read More

NFL: Aaron Rodgers – Quarterback-Superstar will das Team wechseln!

Lange wurde spekuliert, nun ist der NFL-Hammer offiziell. Quarterback-Superstar Aaron Rodgers (39) will die Green Bay Packers verlassen und zu den New York Jets wechseln! Das verkündete er in der Show seines Kumpels und Ex-NFL-Profis Pat McAfee. ABER: Damit Rodgers … Read More

Aaron Rodgers vs Josh Allen Stats

Last Updated on February 24, 2024 During the 231 games in his career, Rodgers has connected on 5,001 of 7,661 tries for a total of 59,055 yds. He averages 255.6 passing yards per game with a 103.9 quarterback rating. Rodgers … Read More

Dallas Cowboys have a new owner: Aaron Rodgers

After another dagger into the heart of Cowboys Nation, it’s clear Aaron Rodgers is a part-time owner of the Dallas Cowboys. Let’s discuss his dominance. The football game ended the way it was suppose to end. Admit it, the finale … Read More

Aaron Rodgers Told the Legendary Story of How He and Pat McAfee Became Friends on Monday Night’s Manning Cast: ‘I Knew From That Point Forward We Were Going to Be Good Friends’

Aaron Rodgers Told the Legendary Story of How He and Pat McAfee Became Friends on Monday Night’s Manning Cast: ‘I Knew From That Point Forward We Were Going to Be Good Friends’

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is, quite simply, the most interesting man in the NFL in 2022. Love him or hate him, agree with him or disagree with him, cheer for him or cheer against him; you can’t deny … Read More

What if NFL quarterbacks were fast food chains?

Imagine a drive-through, but for quarterbacks. You pull up, hear the unintelligible mutterings of someone through a walkie talkie system presumably installed in 1974, and hope, when you drive around, they hand you the right QB. Andy Reid is here … Read More

Why Did Aaron Rodgers Leave Green Bay? He ‘Still Has That Fire’ For Football

He’s been their franchise quarterback for his entire NFL career—a total of 18 seasons—but the reason why Aaron Rodgers is leaving the Green Bay Packers is a simple example of how all good things must come to an end. Rodgers … Read More

Aaron Rodgers, on cusp of Green Bay Packers history, heeds words of Brett Favre, tries to 'enjoy' run

Aaron Rodgers, on cusp of Green Bay Packers history, heeds words of Brett Favre, tries to ‘enjoy’ run

GREEN BAY, Wis. – Aaron Rodgers didn’t throw a touchdown pass until his third NFL season and even then, it was only one that year. Yet here is the Green Bay Packers quarterback with 442 career touchdown passes, and his … Read More

NFL, News und Gerüchte: Jets fragten wegen Stafford an – Jefferson ohne neuen Vertrag

In der Nacht auf Dienstag, 12. September, wird Star-Quarterback Aaron Rodgers sein Debüt im neuen Dress feiern: Das Spiel der New York Jets gegen die Buffalo Bills läuft ab 2.15 Uhr live auf DAZN. Der Weg nach NYC war jedoch … Read More

Why Aaron Rodgers joined the New York Jets

Aaron Rodgers will take the field in a new shade of green Monday when he suits up for the New York Jets after 18 seasons with the Green Bay Packers. The quarterback sought a trade this offseason from Green Bay … Read More

Packers expected to consider trading Aaron Rodgers to AFC team in 2023 offseason, per report

Aaron Rodgers was admittedly unsure of his NFL future after the Packers’ 2022 season ended in Week 18. The star quarterback later emphasized that he’d be open to playing elsewhere if the right opportunity arose. And now, with just two … Read More

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