Aaron Rodgers and pooch turn to State Farm to make life go right in ad

Some spokespeople last in the advertising industry. And a lot don’t. A whole lot.

It’s surely a testament to the je ne sais quoi that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers possesses that he has lasted as long as he has as a State Farm insurance spokesperson.

If I had to pinpoint one thing that has made Rodgers a hit, it’s the ability to just be himself. He never tries too hard. Nor does he shy away from the camera. In the work Rodgers has done over the years for State Farm, he’s mostly just there in the commercials in a good, approachable way.

Granted he’s been in some pretty bizarre scenarios. But Rodgers remains Rodgers nonetheless.

Which brings us to Rodgers’ newest commercial for State Farm titled “Together.” It is tied to a theme State Farm and its agency of record DDB Chicaago recently introduced — “Here To Help Life Go Right.” According a DDB spokeswoman, Rodgers’ discount double-check days for State Farm are over. Now it’s about making life go right.

The idea here is to suggest that State Farm is more than just an insurance provider. It’s a company that recognizes it is insuring things that have meaning to people. And, of course, by extension, to State Farm.

In the case of “Together,” the possession happens to be the Ford Raptor truck that Rodgers has cherished for seven years — ever since he received it for being named MVP in 2010 (the actual truck in the spot is a stunt double). Never a scratch, he tells a concerned-looking State Farm agent. Until now, when a wayward drone has landed on the vehicle.

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The talk about never a scratch suddenly prompts a flashback sequence showing Rodgers and his dog cutting loose in the Raptor. I don’t know about you all, but I could probably have done without seeing Rodgers stick out his tongue to mimic his beloved pooch Rigs (a stunt dog, in fact, named after Rodgers’ coach at Butte College).

But like it or not, the tongue sequence still comes off as Rodgers being Rodgers.

Of course, the commercial couldn’t end without a little twist, which in this instance has to do with how that drone landed on Rodgers’ Raptor. It turns out that Packers teammate Clay Matthews is the guilty party. Rodgers, being Rodgers, however, remains relatively stoic as the revelation is made.

But not Rigs, who almost steals the show with his display of disgust — right on cue.

Not to worry though. Despite the dog’s attempt to upstage him, Rodgers remains the star of “Together.”

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