Justin Timberlake Dropped An Emotional Song With Chris Stapleton & We’re Here For It

Justin Timberlake just dropped the newest single and music video from Man of the Woods, and I’m literally so thankful for it solely because it features Chris Stapleton — the only country singer I have ever and will ever like (other than the Dixie Chicks. Come on, I’m human). Justin Timberlake’s “Say Something” lyrics with Chris Stapleton are about to punch you in the face with all the feels you’re about to feel (and the fact that they’re singing live in the video). I, for one, wasn’t ready.

The biggest lines in the song are “Maybe I’m looking for something I can’t have” and “Sometimes the greatest way to say something is to say nothing at all.” Since Timberlake and Stapleton both sing about love a lot, you’d think this was going to be some kind of love song. But the interesting thing here is it really seems to be more about fame than anything else.

Justin Timberlake and Christ Stapleton’s “Say Something” lyrics start off with Timberlake singing:

Then the pre-chorus comes in:

Then the chorus comes:

Then Chris Stapleton comes in with his (blessed) verse and then joins Timberlake on the pre-chorus:

Then Timberlake and Stapleton sing the chorus together:

Then the bridge consists of the most powerful in the song:

Then there’s a slight break where Timberlake counts in a so-far-unseen giant chorus of people. They sing,

Timberlake and Stapleton are singing and playing the guitar live throughout the entire “Say Something” music video while they walk through what I can only describe as some kind of old train station? I don’t know. But the acoustics are orgasmic. When Timberlake counts in the giant choir of singers to help him and Stapleton close out the song, you get chills.

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“But Kelli,” you ask, “how is this about fame?” Great question! For me, with lines like, “Everyone knows all about my direction, and in my heart somewhere I want to go there. Still, I don’t go there,” and “Everyone knows all about my transgressions. Still, in my heart somewhere there’s melody and harmony. Oh, you and me tonight. I hear them call my name,” Timberlake and Stapleton are singing about how celebrities are always asked to comment on troubling issues — they’re expected to “say something.” The song is a commentary on how celebrities are always expected to have a well thought-out opinion about everything that happens in the world. Timberlake sings about how he wants to be able to do that, but he can’t do it all the time. Stapleton sings about how when celebrities fail, everyone knows about it and expects them to be beaten up inside and publicly apologize. But sometimes you just want to handle things on your own without getting public opinion involved.

When they sing “Maybe I’m looking for something I can’t have,” they’re singing about wanting to be free of the pressure of always having to “say something,” but they doubt that responsibility/expectation will ever go away. It’s interesting to hear this song in light of the fact that there are lots of people online asking Timberlake to say something about working with Woody Allen on Wonder Wheel. Fans also want him to either bring Janet Jackson on stage at the Super Bowl to make amends, or at least address the issue in public. (Many feel it’s wrong that Timberlake got the Super Bowl Halftime Show this year when Janet Jackson still hasn’t been asked back ever since their infamous wardrobe malfunction in 2004.) Maybe they’re looking for something they can’t have? I’m sorry.

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