Aaron Rodgers Admits the NFL MVP Award Is Basically a “Best Quarterback Award” After Winning It Four Times

Is the NFL biased with their choice of MVPs? Do they favor the quarterbacks over other positions? The discussion grew in stature after Lamar Jackson became the overnight MVP favorite, overtaking Brock Purdy and Christian McCaffrey as the Ravens defeated the 49ers in NFL week 16.

And the 4x MVP winner Aaron Rodgers himself has something to say about it. For quarterback fans, his words might come unpleasant, although it really provokes the thought. However, he kept the question alive if any other player was going to win the award this year.

NFL MVP is just the best quarterback award: Aaron Rodgers

Talking to the Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers expressed his thoughts on the highly debatable MVP issue. And it turns out that he believes the same as most other fans. “I’m a little biased because the position I play, and MVP has really become a Best Quarterback Award or… The quarterback on the best team award or the running back can get if they or a receiver you know if they had 2,000 yards.”

Rodgers didn’t hold his words back while revealing his opinion on the MVP award. He insisted that the best quarterbacks or the quarterbacks playing on an average team were almost certain to win, even if they weren’t the league’s best players. Additionally, Rodgers said the RBs or the receivers could also get the final nod if they had over 2000 yards: considered a magical mark in carries and receives.

Rodgers’ words come at a very interesting point after the Ravens’ QB Lamar Jackson’s MVP odds reached sky high and previously favorite Brock Purdy’s dropped to extreme low just after one game.

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Does Purdy’s turnaround prove Aaron Rodgers’ words are true?

Purdy had a disappointing game vs the Ravens with 255 yards for no TDs and 4 interceptions against the league’s best defense. But he still threw for more yards than Jackson who had 252 yards with 2 TDs. Purdy is still comfortably the best QB in the league with 4050 yards, 9.7 yds/att, nearly 69% completion rate, 29 TDs, and a 112.2 passer rating.

Whereas the 19 TDs and 97.2 passer ratings are the only noticeable highlights of 15th-best Jackson’s season. Even the 49ers Christian McCaffrey has plunged below him who is the distant league leader with 1395 yards and 14 TDs. It is unclear how the league ranks the MVP prospects for each season, but Rodgers’ “Quarterback on the best team” accusation looks to be meaningful given the 180° turnaround of the MVP odds.

Does Lamar Jackson deserve the 2023 NFL MVP Award over Brock Purdy or Christian McCaffrey? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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