Lamar Jackson leaves another breadcrumb that he’s done with the Ravens

Lamar Jackson could not even bother showing up to the Baltimore Ravens’ AFC playoff game.

After five years as the face of the franchise, the Baltimore Ravens need to get a new one because it is no longer Lamar Jackson.

Drafted No. 32 overall out of Louisville by a team who moved up to get him in 2018, Jackson won an NFL MVP in Ravens uniform. While playoff success has largely evaded him, who saw a football divorce be this public? Baltimore has never had a quarterback like Jackson before. Yes, Joe Flacco and Vinny Testaverde could really spin it, but Jackson could wreck an entire team’s game plan.

With the Ravens’ season on the line vs. the rival Cincinnati Bengals, Jackson did not even show up.

He infamously represents himself, but this is absolutely wrong way to go about it, 100 percent.

Baltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson are heading towards a most brutal divorce

Jackson may have suffered a Grade 2 knee sprain, but he so could have made that drive from Baltimore to Cincinnati to cheer on his teammates if he was not comfortable flying. The Ravens were one of 14 teams lucky enough to be playing in the postseason. They have been a model organization ever since they became a franchise in 1996. Now they will need a new quarterback…

No doubt about it, Jackson will have suitors in his free agency. Baltimore is probably not going to franchise tag him after this latest episode. However, what team is going to want him to be the face of their franchise after how he bailed on Baltimore when things got tough? Though the Ravens will rebound because that is who they are, Jackson’s reputation has taken a massive hit.

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Ultimately, it may serve both parties to go their separate ways. As a child of divorce myself, you can find happiness on the other side of this. However, for this match made in football heaven to end after only five seasons is shocking to say the least. Clearly, there is something going on behind the scenes neither party wants to see the light of day. In due time, it likely will and it could be ugly.

We have never seen an NFL superstar play the game this dangerously quite like Jackson has.

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