Miley Cyrus reveals how her hit song Flowers originally had a different meaning

Flowers spent eight weeks at the top of the US Billboard charts, as well as another 10 consecutive weeks at the number one spot in the UK. The song had also emerged as the most-streamed song in a single week in Spotify history, with numbers crossing 100 million streams in first week of its release. Many fans speculated that Miley wrote this song referring to her ex-husband Liam, and even wore one of the jackets in the music video which belonged to him.

In a recent interview with British Vogue, the 30 year-old brushed off such curiosity on Liam and instead focused on how the song came to channelize its message. She said, “I wrote it in a really different way. The chorus was originally: ‘I can buy myself flowers, write my name in the sand, but I can’t love me better than you can.’ It used to be more, like, 1950s. The saddest song. Like: ‘Sure, I can be my own lover, but you’re so much better…The song is a little fake it till you make it. Which I’m a big fan of.”

The lyrics of the song now goes: I can buy myself flowers/Write my name in the sand/Talk to myself for hours/Say things you don’t understand/I can take myself dancing/And I can hold my own hand/Yeah, I can love me better than you can”. Further commenting on the impact of the song, the singer said, “A lot of headlines [recently] have said, ‘This is Miley’s moment.’ And I’m like, ‘That’s exactly what it is. It’s a moment, and it will be over.”

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Miley also opened up about having grown up in the public eye, in close proximity to media attention. Ever since her breakthrough turn as Hannah Montana, Miley has witnessed the attention that has come her way for decades. She described herself as not an attention-seeking person, and detailed how the public interest in her was because she was trying to break away from the image of the character she had played. Miley is reportedly dating drummer Maxx Morando, following her divorce from Liam.

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