Jennifer Lopez caught in awkward ‘direct stare’ as marriage to Ben Affleck ‘under attack’

Jennifer Lopez showed her “inner feelings of awkwardness” as she was forced to defend her marriage to Ben Affleck at the Golden Globe Awards.

The 54-year-old looked incredible as she walked the red carpet at the glitzy ceremony in Los Angeles, where she was quizzed on whether her marriage to Ben would last. Reports have suggested their romance is on the rocks following a number of tense exchanges.

However, J-Lo insisted this is her “last marriage”. As she walked the red carpet, one reporter asked: “So how do you know your last wedding is it?” The actress replied: “Because when they say, ‘You know,’ you know.” Body language expert Judi James has suggested Jennifer put up a barrier when answering the awkward question.

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Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, Judi said: “Jennifer Lopez showed her experience as she came under attack from a volley of killer personal questions about her marriage at the Golden Globes. It was a toe-curling interview that she managed to turn around gracefully but it was clear the grinning interviewer had no intentions of sticking to the script in terms of avoiding probing her personal life.

“Asking a woman who has been married four times and engaged even more how she knows this marriage is the one was opening up a whole can of worms right there on the red carpet. Jennifer immediately let her inner feelings of awkwardness be known by her verbal flip to the impersonal use of ‘you’ rather than ‘I’, saying ‘You know…you always go in with the best of intentions’ to create a verbal barrier or buffer.”

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J-Lo was in a decade-long relationship with her high school boyfriend David Cruz before they split in the mid-1990s. She then married Cuban waiter Ojani Noa from February 1997 to January 1998. She was in an off-and-on relationship with Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs from 1999 to early 2001.

J-Lo was also married to her former backup dancer Cris Judd for two years. Before tying the knot with Ben Affleck in 2022, they were first engaged in 2002 but called off their romance due to an excess of media attention. The singer was later married to Marc Anthony and she had an on again-off again relationship relationship with dancer Casper Smart from October 2011 until August 2016. She was engaged to baseball player Alex Rodriguez in March 2019, but they announced their split in April 2021.

Judi explained how Jennifer managed to deflect the awkward question about her marriage. The expert told us: “She also held her small bag up as a physical barrier between herself and the interviewer and her direct stare and the puckering of her bottom lip, plus the way her mouth moved silently for a second and her chest rose all hinted she would prefer to change the subject, although she remained charming throughout.

“Her answers became a word salad and she even turned away from the interviewer to look straight into the camera rather than answering him directly. Her small explosive laugh and the way she used the laugh to bend forward in a facial cut-off as she giggled registered embarrassment, despite her outward poise.”

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Elsewhere in the interview, J-Lo was asked how Ben feels when he sees her “play up” their marriage. She replied: “I think he sees me as an artist and he knows that I’m going to express myself and he’s my biggest fan and biggest supporter.” The singer then added that she was also his biggest fan.

Judi said: “Being asked what Ben thinks was a cue for her to perform a political swerve though. Looking away to say ‘he is my biggest fan..’ she then shouted ‘as I am his…’ steering competently back onto the subject of his movie and his nomination that she had turned out to support.”

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