Some cool facts about Blackout

Now, for some facts about the mysterious Blackout!

  1. As mentioned in the Circus thread, the album was supposed to receive a re-release in June 2008 with 4 new tracks, some remixes and a DVD documenting the creation of the album; this was cancelled in favour of ending the negativity of the Blackout era entirely by starting a new era with Circus
  2. The instrumental to Freakshow was available to listen to on Bloodshy and Avant’s MySpace page a whole year before Blackout’s release; however, it was listed under a different name and seemingly had no attachment to Britney in the slightest
  3. Toy Soldier, Get Back and Hot As Ice were all contenders for lead single (wtf, Gimme More is OBVIOUSLY the only choice)
  4. The Break the Ice video was supposed to feature a chair dancing sequence from Britney; however, due to her personal life spiralling out of of control, this was cancelled and an animated video was created instead
  5. Everybody was intended for Rihanna and then the Cheetah Girls; the producer of the song assigned the track to Britney after starting to collaborate with her
  6. Britney wrote all of the lyrics to the bridge of Everybody but never received credit for some reason
  7. J Rotem had a fling with Britney and apparently did 6-7 tracks with her, but after they ‘broke up’ she said she only liked Everybody and kept that as the sole Rotem track
  8. The title for the album was originally ‘Black’, ‘Black Curtain’ and ‘Piece of Me’; the title of ‘Blackout’ was chosen to signify how the album aimed to vanquish the negativity surrounding Britney at the time – Black (negativity) + away (out) = Blackout
  9. The priest photoshoot in the booklet was initially a lot racier, but these photos were removed
  10. Britney had reportedly begun auditioning for dancers and had booked off two months to start on new choreography during 2007; this strongly hints that there was supposed to be a tour for Blackout, which reportedly was going to begin in October 2007 (it doesn’t matter cause the Circus tour was basically the Blackout tour anyway )
  11. The Japanese booklet for the album contains the line “And when the pieces fit together/It will finally become complete/The real me” as the closing lines on Piece of Me. It is possible that these lyrics were in a demo for the track, as the booklet also contains the spoken intro by Keri Hilson on the Outta This World (titled A Song About You) demo
  12. Outta This World was supposed to be on the standard tracklist for the album but Britney was unsure as to whether or not it suited the album. At the last minute, she decided it was right, but she decided slightly too late, which is why the track appears as a Target exclusive instead
  13. The Break the Ice intro was supposed to be slightly longer; various official remixes of the song feature Britney saying “Can you take this?”, as well as the recording sessions for the song
  14. Gimme More and Break the Ice have almost 30 official remixes each!
  15. Piece of Me was so successful in Germany that it was reprinted in two limited editions – Part 1 and Part 2 respectively – making a total of 4 different issues of the single in Germany
  16. The cover photo for the album was used for the Gimme More single cover as well as advertisements for Britney’s 2007 VMAs performance; this is because Jive lacked any immediate and ready material to use instead and wanted to speed up the release because of many leaks prior to the album’s release
  17. Blackout is currently the only album to have Britney listed as executive producer
  18. Contrary to popular opinion, the album does have an alternative cover; after criticism regarding the album’s cover, Target released a version with the booklet reversed and the back cover of the booklet becoming the front cover of the album – they even printed the title of the album on the side to make it more legitimate. Unfortunately, this was shortly cancelled and copies of this version are rather rare. Although this version is fanmade (the staples are on the wrong side), this is very similar to how the real alternative version look
  19. Many of the song titles were changed on the album after many leaks of demos; Break the Ice was Been a While, Heaven On Earth was Your…, Get Naked (I Got a Plan) was We Can Do It (Get Naked), Hot As Ice was Cold As Fire, Ooh Ooh Baby was Fillin’ Me Up, Perfect Lover was Got Me High, Why Should I Be Sad? was Stupid Things and Outta This World was A Song About You
  20. The TRULY iconic phrase ‘It’s Britney bitch’ was not initially supposed to appear on Gimme More but after Danja told Britney to say it as a joke, they realized how great it was and decided to include it
  21. On 14th November 2006, a list emerged of all the songs currently recorded from the Blackout session. These were:
    1. Gimme More (Danja)
    2. Pull Out (Danja & Lil’ Jon)
    3. Break the Ice (Danja)
    4. Outta This World (Danja)
    5. Get Back (Danja)
    6. Ooh Ooh Baby (Fredrick and Karo DioGuardi)
    7. Catch Me If U Can (Danja)
    8. Kiss Me All Over (Sean Garrett)
    9. Everybody (J. Rotem)
    10. Get Naked (Danja)
    11. State of Grace (Lisa Greene & Steven Anderson)
    12. Cry (J. Rotem & Kara DioGuardi)
    13. Downtown (J. Rotem with a producing collab by Britney)
    14. To Love, Let Go (Track by Devo Springsteen, lyrics by Britney)
    15. No One (Track by Devo Springsteen, lyrics by Britney)
    16. The Face (J. Rotem with a producing collab by Britney)
    17. Rebellion (Unknown producer, lyrics by Britney)
  22. (@ChooseyLover will love this fact ) Producers Bloodshy & Avant rejected artists like Beyonce specifically because they wanted to work with Britney instead
  23. B&A were initially worried about whether or not Britney would take Piece of Me as they claim there was an unwritten rule about not writing personal tracks regarding her life, so the biographical element of the song meant it was likely to be rejected. Thankfully, however, Britney loved the track and recorded it within half an hour after learning the lyrics in her car
  24. Piece of Me was the last song recorded for the album
  25. Britney found Heaven On Earth hard to record since she had recently broken up with Kevin, but really liked the track and still wanted to record it despite her loneliness. If you listen closely, you can hear her voice break towards the end of the song because she broke down in tears after recording it
  26. Rihanna’s song Umbrella was written with Britney in mind, but Jive refused it after claiming that they had enough songs for the albums – fans have speculated that it was instead actually due the infamous umbrella scenario in February 2007
  27. The Pussycat Dolls’s song When I Grow Up was also meant for Britney but rejected for the same reason by Jive; she also filmed a scene for the PCD’s music video for the song, but this was later deleted
  28. Contrary to popular opinion, none of the songs from Original Doll were part of the Blackout era, nor were there any plans to include any of these tracks on Blackout. The Blackout era songs were recorded from 2005-2007, whereas Original Doll was set to start recording around 2004-5; I’ll be doing facts about Original Doll later, so stick around!
  29. You can actually hear Britney listen to a demo CD of the album here; the tracks heard include State of Grace, To Love, Let Go, Baby Boy and Rebellion
  30. The various snippets of Rebellion were actually leaked on Britney’s official website, although a full version is yet to see the light of day – the track itself is one of the most wanted by the Britney Army
  31. Britney was rumoured to perform a medley of Gimme More, Cry and Get Back at the 2007 VMAs, but this changed to a sole performance of Gimme More instead
  32. Blackout was Britney’s first album to not debut at #1 in America; it instead hit #2 after a last-minute rule change
  33. Britney was apparently very difficult on the set for the Gimme More, refusing to perform and not following the script. There were also rumours that she was over 14 hours late for the Piece of Me video after spending the day with her two sons instead, leaving the crew waiting on her
  34. The Gimme More video actually had a bigger concept than was delivered; the pole dancing scenes that encompass the entirety of the released video was only supposed to be seen briefly in the original video. The original video was entirely Britney’s idea and was supposed to serve as a form of rebirth for her, as evidenced by the concept in the links below. Various photos have emerged from the filming set, depicting Britney in funeral attire and a different pole dancing outfit. in 2012, an alternative version of the video leaked (here), featuring certain scenes not seen in the original video. However, many of the original ideas were not in this alternative video, meaning that this was likely one of the later cuts prior to the released version. Due to Jive feeling that the funeral version of the video was too controversial, it was cut down significantly and replaced with the pole-dancing version instead The video’s rumoured original concept is here and you can check out a video regarding the original concept here.
  35. In the Piece of Me video, Britney insisted on having her hair tied up in a messy bun for the dance scene – the director later convinced her to let her hair down instead, which is why her hair continually changes throughout the dance scenes
  36. After the premiere of the POM video, there were many rumours that Britney’s body had been digitally altered to make her slimmer. It was also rumoured that they photoshopped her face onto another person’s body at the start as well
  37. The fictional ‘Rats’ magazine shown in the POM video is a joke directed at the infamous ‘Star’ magazine that often published false articles about Britney (‘Rats’ is ‘Star’ backwards)
  38. The POM video was the first video to win Britney a VMA, but she stated herself that she was shocked to get the award for it as she felt that she had made far better videos in the past
  39. Writer Keri Hilson said she wrote Gimme More and Break the Ice specifically for Britney, claiming that both songs were not something she would sing herself
  40. The ‘I like this part’ break of BTI is a reference to Janet Jackson’s song ‘Nasty’, of whom Britney is a big fan
  41. Break the Ice was initially going to be released as a remix with rapper Fabolous; this official remix can be found online
  42. Blackout is the Britney’s best album and THE greatest album of all time. This is an undebatable fact.
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