16 Backstreet Boys Cruise 2018 Selfie Fails – What Happens On The Backstreet

16 Backstreet Boys Cruise 2018 Selfie Fails – What Happens On The Backstreet
16 Backstreet Boys Cruise 2018 Selfie Fails – What Happens On The Backstreet

Let’s take a break from talking about the new Backstreet single, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” (even though you better be listening to it while reading this post), to take a step back to the epic 2018 Backstreet Boys cruise.

While we’re still going to post a small review at some point (if you guys want to read it), it was apparent shortly after we returned home that some of the best parts of the cruise were the hilarious photos taken on board. Obviously, we wanted to memorialize them in a post.

When we asked you guys to send in your funny photos, most of them were selfie fails and those are our FAVORITES! If you haven’t seen our last selfie fail post, you can check it out here.

So, here they are. A new batch of the good stuff. If you have any more hilarious photos (or stories — we love funny stories) that you’d like to share, inbox us! Email, Twitter DM, or Facebook message and we’ll add to this post.

(P.S. The Howie stories / selfies we’ve seen from this cruise are life changing.)

“My roommates and I got a grand suite, and we were lucky enough to have front and center seats in the Fantasia Lounge. On the last night, 2 of my roommates were picked for one of the events in Mr. and Mrs. Littrell’s gameshow, so I had an open seat on either side. During the lip sync game, Brian suddenly jumped down and pretended to be a fan. Leighanne played the part and pushed him away, so he sat down RIGHT NEXT TO ME. The whole time, I had been recording with my smart phone.

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Without warning – and I don’t think he exactly asked, he just gracefully took my phone out of my hands – Brian reached over and took my phone. He ran back to the edge of the stage and pretended to reach for “AJ” as s/he sang. Leighanne came out and pushed Brian away, so he sat back down.

Meanwhile, I’d been watching this in disbelief. Did Brian really just grab my phone while I was recording? He’s holding the phone up towards the stage, then he turns it around towards us. My first thought was, “why is he showing them what he’s recording?”. Then it hit me: he’s recording us together!

And the rest is history. And a wonderful memory!” – @lauramariefu


“This was from the sail away party. He ran around the top deck and he wasn’t stopping for selfies. I literally threw myself in his path, clicked the button and prayed it wasn’t blurry. I’m very proud of this picture. He looked like how we all ended up feeling by the end of the cruise.” – Lisa Chan


“Ran into Howie on the way to supper. You’ll have to take my word for it unfortunately as my flash didn’t go off, and in a flash, he was gone haha OO well, there is always next time!!” – Candace Porter


“Howie was a little over-served and invited everyone around me into my selfie with him lol. But first he accidentally turned it to the AR emoji screen and said what’s this shit?!” – Ashley Bigham

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“My favorite selfie of me with Nick. This was right before Millennium night. It would have been a great picture but my flash was delayed and he was too fast.” – Monica


“Here’s my failed selfie. It was Howie as Geri. I tried the light for the selfie on my phone but it took to long and Howie moved away. I said “no wait!!” And thats when the picture was taken ahahha.” – Joannie T

“Any Howie selfie I get is always blurry…. I think that’s how his eyes see.” – Sarah Addison


“Selfie Fail.” – Vanessa


“We asked Howie to take my phone and take a group pic of us.” – Marissa

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