2 best Aaron Rodgers trades Titans must offer Packers

On the one hand, you could fairly state that the Tennessee Titans are in quarterback purgatory. On the other hand, you could say they are a trade from Aaron Rodgers away from having the best team in the AFC South – see the parity?

Whatever school of thought you are from, it is very obvious that the Titans need to do something to address their QB room. With a potential out in the contract for Ryan Tannehill this offseason, Tennessee could move on from their signal caller of the past four years, choosing to get even older.

In limited action, Malik Willis showed that while he has the pedigree to grow into a starting QB in the NFL, he needs more work – which is where Rodgers comes in. Adding him to the picture, supported by a healthy running attack, an average set of offensive weapons, and a solid offensive line, could finally inject some much-needed life into the offense.

Trade #1

Titans get: QB Aaron Rodgers Packers get: 2023 1st rounder (11th overall), ‘23 3rd rounder (72nd), 2024 conditional 2nd rounder, ‘24 4th rounder

Nothing really flashy about this trade package for Rodgers, and the front office for the Green Bay Packers likely would be best suited to rebuild via the draft. With the Titans only having six draft picks in 2023, this trade package includes draft capital for both this year and next year.

Four draft picks for a player that is already 39 years old is going to seem steep for any team looking to acquire him, but with where the Titans are right now, they understand how they need to build this team. With newly-hired general manager Ran Carthon in the stead, his first priority this offseason should be to make a splash at QB.

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A quick note about the nature of the ‘24 2nd round selection – based on snap counts, this pick could fluctuate between a 2nd or a 1st, with the deciding factor if Rodgers stays healthy enough to play 75% of the offensive snaps for the Titans. This is an easy way for both teams to potentially maximize their value, while Tennessee protects its investment.

Draft capital may be tough to justify sending away for the Titans, especially with their limited selection for April, but if that means they are able to secure the services of a future Hall of Fame QB for a season or two, that’s a risk you need to be willing to take.

Trade #2

Titans get: QB Aaron Rodgers, 2023 4th rounder (116th) Packers get: DT Jeffery Simmons, 2023 5th rounder (149th), 2024 3rd rounder

This deal has a lot of moving pieces, and on the surface, it looks weird on both sides. But for financial purposes, this deal could definitely see itself added to the proposal table.

For the Packers, they are able to move on from Rodgers while bringing in a top-5 defensive tackle option to pair with Kenny Clark. While Jeffery Simmons will need a new contract after the 2023 season, Green Bay would be able to make this work (with some moves), securing a defensive building block for the future.

For the Titans, giving up one of the best interior defenders in the league would be a tough pill to swallow. But if you combine moving Simmons to Green Bay, releasing or trading Tannehill off the books, and making a few other cost-saving moves, you have the makings of a team that is able to integrate Rodgers into their offense.

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This deal doesn’t seem all that likely, especially for a GM like Carthon who is very new on the job, but if he wants to make a lasting impression and turn this team around immediately, this is how he would get it done – fast.

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