The Chicago Bears-Russell Wilson talk has really started to heat up over the last week since Wilson’s agent revealed Chicago as one of four preferred trade destinations for the Seattle Seahawks quarterback.

The Bears have reportedly made it a priority to acquire Wilson, which doesn’t come as a surprise given Chicago’s quarterback woes and with Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy’s uncertain futures beyond 2021.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler has been all over the Wilson-Bears discussion, and he expects the Bears to make a move to try to land the QB. Although it’s ultimately up to the Seahawks to make it happen.

“The expectation leaguewide is that Chicago’s going to try to take a big swing here at getting Russell,” Fowler said on “SportsCenter” on Sunday (via Bleacher Report). “Now, Seattle has given no clear indication that they are going to trade him. Russell Wilson himself still does not expect to be traded. But Chicago’s going to at least try to make that change and put together a package. That’s what most people around the league do expect.”

According to @JFowlerESPN on SportsCenter:

1) “The expectation league-wide is the Chicago Bears are going to try to take a big swing at acquiring Russell Wilson.”

2) “Russell Wilson is intrigued by Chicago’s market, offensive-minded head coach and emerging offensive line.”

— Daniel Greenberg (@ChiSportUpdates) March 14, 2021

Fowler reiterated reports from the previous weeks about Wilson’s interest in the Bears given their offensive line, offensive-minded head coach and market.

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“I’m told Russell Wilson is intrigued by Chicago’s market, offensive-minded head coach and emerging offensive line,” Fowler said. “But make no mistake, Chicago has scoured the earth the last few weeks looking for their quarterback options. They’re looking at everything: trade, free agency, draft. So at the end, it could result in a ‘gun-for-hire,’ so to speak, with a Ryan Fitzpatrick or an Andy Dalton. Somebody they know is not a long-term answer but can be a bridge to get them through another year. Really, the goal in Chicago is simple: Get their first 4,000-yard passer in franchise history, however they have to do it.”

It’s clear from reports around the league over the last couple of weeks that the Bears are doing everything they can to land Wilson. They’re willing to shell out a “boatload” of picks for Wilson’s services, and it certainly helps that Chicago is one of his preferred destinations.

The Seahawks have a chance to take advantage of a desperate Bears team in search of quarterback with their general manager’s and head coach’s jobs on the line.

Your move, Seattle.


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