21 heart-stopping times BTS members revealed their rock-hard abs

Jimin may be BTS‘s King of Abs, but the other members are in fantastic shape too!

1. Jungkook

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For the most part, BTS’s maknae keeps his abs on lockdown, so fans freaked out when he did this in the “FAKE LOVE” music video.

2. Suga


Suga‘s abs have rarely been seen since BTS’s “No More Dream” era!

3. Jin

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Jin is another member who keeps his abs under wraps, but fans managed to spot his abs during this dance practice.

4. Jimin


Fans can always count on Jimin to put on a sexy show!

5. RM

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RM unintentionally showed off his abs during a performance of “Not Today”.

6. J-Hope


He bared all during a fun day in the sun!

7. V


During BTS’s early days, V showed off his amazing physique on stage.

8. Jungkook


Fans were excited to catch a glimpse of Jungkook’s abs during this performance. He’s totally toned!

9. Suga

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Oh, Suga. Fans will never forget this belly dance!

10. Everyone

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This moment was one of the highlights from the “Bulletproof” music video.

11. Jimin


Cause of death: heart attack. Cause of heart attack: Jimin.

12. RM

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Who is that handsome guy with the sunglasses? It’s RM from his early Rap Monster days!

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13. J-Hope

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His abs are so defined that they can be seen through this wet shirt.

14. V


A hilarious facial expression and a flash of abs. That’s how you define a good photo!

15. Jungkook

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At a fan sign event, a fan left a message for Jungkook, asking when he will reveal his abs. In response, Jungkook wrote, “1st September 2025”. A.R.M.Y, mark your calendars!

16. Jimin


Fans are forever thanking BTS’s choreographer for that dance move.

17. Jin


Jin is known for his wide shoulders, but he also has very defined abs!

18. Jimin


Jimin turns up the heat every single time he’s on stage!

19. J-Hope

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A good morning for J-Hope is a good morning for A.R.M.Y too!

20. Jungkook


That cute face and those abs? Talk about winning the genetic lottery!

21. Jimin


When will Jimin fans get tired of seeing his abs? Never.

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