Why Did Cam Newton Delete Instagram? After He Re-Signed with Carolina Panthers

Why Did Cam Newton Delete Instagram? After He Re-Signed with Carolina Panthers
Why Did Cam Newton Delete Instagram? After He Re-Signed with Carolina Panthers

NFL star, Cam Newton, has become a topic of the talk, this week. He was launched by Carolina Panthers, In 2019, after he missed that year’s season due to injuries. In the 2020 season, he competed with the New England Patriots. The latest news that is getting viral states that he had re-signed the deal with the Carolina Panthers on 11th November, Thursday. Cam Newton is a 32-year-old NFL star who removed his Instagram handle, which is a strange action said by his fans.

Panthers noted in a statement that, “ “Charlotte- he’s back. The Panthers on Thursday agreed to terms with quarterback Cam Newton, bringing the former number 1 overall pick back to Charlotte, pending a physical.”

Later after the above statement was said, a strange thing was noticed related to Cam Newton by his fans. He took a step back from social media. His Instagram account is unable to find by anyone which means he removed his Instagram account. But what is the reason?

Cam Newton

Cam Newtown Instagram is deactivated?

One of the reasons behind his popular existence on social media is the text font that he uses while posting. The bizzare font is used by him which is said to be hard to understand while reading his post.

We know that it is a strange thing that makes a person noticeable on Instagram. But Cam Newton indeed did this, which resulted in getting unfollowed by many of his fans from Instagram. The bizzare font used by him made people annoyed, as they were unable to read his post clearly.

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The fans who were following Cam Newton on Instagram find a very suspicious fact that such bizarre font stopped appearing on their feed. After they notice it they started searching for Cam on Instagram and they found that he had removed his Instagram handle.

Cam Newton, the Panthers star, was having 4.1 million followers on Instagram, earlier it was removed. After the fans searched with his Instagram username @cameron1newton, they were able to see a note written on the screen that says, “sorry, this page isn’t available”.

Reason Behind His Deactivated Instagram

according to various people following Cam Newton the account was removed on 3rd November which is almost two weeks ago. The reason behind deactivating his Instagram account is still a secret.

People are thinking that his account is missing and will be back after a few days. But according to the sources Cam Newton has deleted his Instagram account and in the future, it may appear again, which is uncertain and cannot be said with surety.

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