Warby Parker Anti-Fatigue Glasses Review: What are they AND are they any good?

Meet Warby Parker’s new anti-fatigue lenses.

If you spent any time on the internet over the last few years, you’ve probably seen Warby Parker’s glasses advertised. They’re trendy, hip, and, most importantly, affordable. You may have seen Warby Parker Anti Fatigue Lenses before, but but what exactly are they? And more importantly, are they any good? I decided to put them to the test and find out.

Here’s my honest review of Warby Parker anti-fatigue glasses.

Warby Parker: What’s the big idea?

Warby Parker is an American online retailer of prescription glasses, contact lenses, and sunglasses founded in 2010 with a mission to provide fashionable eyewear at an affordable price. The company was started as an alternative to traditional channels by designing glasses in-house and engaging directly with customers.

Warby Parker’s commitment to doing good in the world has helped them become a household name valued at over $1 billion. Their big idea is to integrate social messaging with a social cause, allowing them to make a real impact on people’s lives while providing quality eyewear.

And seriously, what better gift can you think of than the gift of sight?

Rember Warby Parker?

Remember when Warby Parker first came out and basically revolutionized the glasses market?

Before Warby Parker, you could only get glasses with vision insurance, yet you still had to pay $100s after your insurance kicked in? Warby Parker came out and said we think people have the right to see and created reasonably priced eyeglasses without vision insurance.

Remember the 1-for-1 systems?

Warby Parker also created the one-for-one system for glasses. For every pair of glasses purchased, they give a pair away to someone in need.

Although Warby Parker was basically at the forefront of the glasses revolution, they are still killing it! They have come out with new things that helped make my glasses-buying experience with them fantastic.

Funny enough everything comes full circle

Warby Parker has come a long way since their online-only days. They now have over 190 locations across the United States, competing against traditional retail chains in style! Customers benefit from quality products and personalized customer service, and they can also try on glasses and get eye exams at Warby Parker stores.

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Everything in marketing and innovation comes full circle. We’re not complaining, but Warby Parker is now doing the very thing they were competing against when they started.

My recent eye exam

I have some serious eye issues, so I get a very in-depth medical eye exam once a year. I recently had an eye appointment where they prescribed me anti-fatigue glasses.

I had a very hard time finding anti-fatigue glasses without going through the optometrist at the doctor’s office, but those were going to cost over $1,000. Enter Warby Parker, they just started making anti-fatigue glasses.

The best part is that you do not need a prescription for anti-fatigue glasses. If you are experiencing eye strain from screen scrolling, note-taking, or reading, you might benefit from having anti-fatigue glasses.

How do Warby Parker Anti-Fatigue Glasses Work?

  • Anti-fatigue glasses feature a small power boost in the lower portion of the anti-fatigue lens designed to lessen eye fatigue from near to far.
  • The boost area does not have bifocal lines, but works somewhat similarly.
  • No additional prescription is needed, which is nice because you may not get that prescription at most places.
  • If you have this in your prescription, this was the only place I could find anti-fatigue lenses online.

I’d describe the anti-fatigue lenses as almost a type of bifocal without the lines. They are extremely helpful in reducing eye strain and headaches from looking at screens or reading for extended periods of time.

They aren’t technically multifocal lenses, or progressive lenses or even single-vision lenses. They simply combine your close-up prescription with a little magnification.

These are also beyond blue light glasses (read about our best blue light glasses).

Pros of Warby Parker’s Anti-fatigue glasses

  • If you spend a lot of time looking at things up close like your computer, or for me, my kindle 🙂 it does not tire your eyes out.
  • My eyes used to be completely exhausted after the day and it was difficult for me even to read anything at the end of the day. With the Warby Parker Anti-fatigue glasses, I do not have this problem anymore.
  • This is a great step between normal glasses and bifocals, and I love that they don’t have the lines that bifocals have.
  • You can wear these glasses to see things up close and far away, so you can wear them all day, and you don’t specifically have to have them only for reading.
  • They are only a $100 add-on, which is absolutely worth the additional eye comfort every day to me.
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Warby Parker Anti-fatigue glasses are an amazing accessory that can help reduce eye fatigue after a long day spent looking at screens.

These glasses are not just for reading; they provide comfort to allow you to see things both close-up and far away, while also having the advantage of not having the lines of bifocals.

At only $100 these glasses are an excellent, affordable way to ensure your eyes feel comfortable all day long!

Cons of Warby Parker’s Anti-fatigue glasses

It’s not this bad, but it’s not fun, either.

Oh man, the biggest con with Warby Parker’s Anti-fatigue glasses is the adjustment period.

The first 3-ish weeks I wore these glasses, I would get vertigo so easily looking up from my phone or kindle. It was hard to have my eyes adjust from side to side.

I was about to give up on them, but thankfully, Warby Parker sent me an email saying they take a few weeks to adjust.

Warby Parker also gave the following three tips:

  1. When looking side to side, move your head instead of your eyes.
  2. Make sure digital devices are slightly below your line of sight.
  3. Take 20-minute screen breaks throughout the day.

These tips were helpful, but also, just using them for a few weeks made my eyes acclimate to them. Now, I don’t think I could go back! They are that helpful to my eye strain throughout the day.

When I experienced the most issues

I experienced the awkward adjustment issues when changing what I was looking at. For example, looking at the Kindle and then looking up at the TV, it took my eyes a moment to adjust.

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For a moment, I thought they sent me bifocals instead of anti-fatigue lenses.

Is the adjustment period a big deal?

No, not at all. While the adjustment period wasn’t perfect, it was doable.

I wish I had known about the adjustment period before I started using them.

But overall, Warby Parker Anti-fatigue glasses are a great choice if you’re looking to reduce Digital Eye Strain and make the most of your day.

Warby Parker Anti-fatigue Glasses Review: The Final Verdict

If you are a glasses wearer and experience eye visual fatigue, I would absolutely recommend you to try Warby Parker’s new Anti-fatigue lenses in your next glasses lenses.

As many of us look at computer screens and other digital screens, so much throughout our day, these help limit eye strain and fatigue and keep my eyes focused throughout the day.

Warby Parker Anti-Fatigue glasses are a great choice if you’re looking to reduce Digital Eye Strain and make the most of your day. They feature a small boost of power in the middle that helps lessen eye strain without needing any additional prescription lenses and are only an extra $100.

Although there is an adjustment period needed for these glasses, it’s worth it in order to get the full benefit from them. If you suffer from digital eye fatigue, consider giving Warby Parker Anti-fatigue Glasses a try – they may be just what you need!

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