Selena Gomez nude: 12 photos

Selena Gomez is an american actress and a singer. From a cute child actress to a hot and sexy vixen, Selena Gomez is a celebrity we all admire. Though her career took off when she was cast as the lead actress in a Disney sitcom named “Wizards of Waverly Place”. Selena became known to us for many other reasons. One of them is, of course, her former boyfriend, Justin Bieber, but that is not the whole story of her life. This talented girl is an actress, a singer, a designer, a model, a composer, and a songwriter. She was even the youngest UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2009.

Early Life

Born on July 22, 1992, Selena’s early life started in Grand Prairie, Texas. Her father, Ricardo Gomez, and mother, Mandy Kornett, got divorced when she was five years old. This was a big change in her life as she had to move from Texas to California with her mother. Little did she know that this was a blessing in disguise.

Mandy started working in California as an actress for small roles in different productions. Since she was alone and couldn’t afford to hire a nanny, Selena would always accompany her to the sets and studios. You could say that Selena practically grew up in show business. They weren’t rich, but Mandy did everything possible to give Selena what she wanted including her wish to become an actress.

Disney’s ‘Wizards of Waverly Place” was the first time Selena Gomez actually got a leading role. That sitcom lasted for six years. It was also the time when she bloomed from a sweet teenager to a lovely lady. After that, she acted in several movies and television series. She also showed her talent in the modeling industry and represented brands such and Coca-Cola and Luis Vuitton.

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Salena was not only a talented actress. She also released her first solo album in 2009 and it was a success. Due to her nice voice, she also did voice-acting in several animations, such as Hotel Transylvania.

Personal Life and Struggles

Though connected to show business, her personal life was somewhat conservative. She was quite traditional in the sense that at the age of 12, she took a vow of chastity and used to wear a purity ring. That’s right. She decided not to have sex before marriage until Justin Bieber came to her life. Another interesting thing happened at that time She became a target of Justin’s female fans who hated her from the bottom of their hearts.

In show business, no matter how conservative you are, you have to show off, and Selena is no different. Although she never posed naked, she was once rumored to have posed topless for Playboy. It wasn’t true. However, paparazzi cameras caught her in several private moments where you can see hints of her boobs, ass, and the gorgeous curves of her body. If you ever see her nude photo, it is most likely photoshopped.

In 2017, Selena decided to take a break from show business due to health reasons. Suffering from depression, anxiety and panic attacks, it was time she gave her career a rest. Still, we do expect her return to the arena because a celebrity of this quality is rare.

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  • Here is a list of a few of her many achievements:
  • MTV Video Music Award: Best Pop Video 2013
  • Teen Choice Award: Best Female Artist 2016
  • Kid’s Choice Award: Favorite Singer 2014, 2015, 2017
  • Radio Disney Music Award 2014
  • American Music Award: Favorite Pop artist 2016

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