Jackson, Michael (1958)

Name Jackson, Michael (1958) Gender: M Birthname Michael Joseph Jackson born on 29 August 1958 at 19:33 (= 7:33 PM ) Place Gary, Indiana, 41n36, 87w21 Timezone CDT h5w (is daylight saving time) Data source Conflicting/unverified Rodden Rating DD Collector: Rodden Astrology data 06°09′ 14°54 Asc. 10°07′ Alternative birthtime time from Ed Healin Date 29 August 1958 at 12:09 (= 12:09 PM ) Place Gary, IN (US), 41n36, 87w21 Timezone CDT h5w (is daylight saving time) Astrology data 05°51′ 11°09 Asc. 14°45′


American singer, dancer and exceptionally talented entertainer. The seventh of nine kids, he performed from age six as one of the Jackson Five, a group promoted by Motown and consisting of Michael, Jermaine, Marion, Tito and Jackie. By the time he was 11 the boys had already sold six Gold records and he made his first solo record the fall of 1971 at 13. His album “Thriller” sold more copies than any album in history and by February, 1984, he had won eight Grammy’s. By 1984, his 23-million-copy “Thriller” was the biggest-selling solo LP of all times and his estimated wealth reached the amount of some $100 million.

Jackson grew up isolated from normal childhood and adolescence, subject to the loneliness of outstanding fame and fortune. He did not date, smoke or drink, and found it virtually impossible to do something as simple as go to a market or a movie either by himself or with a pal. As an adult, he has maintained multi-million-dollar residences within secluded, guarded estates, observing a strict vegetarian diet and up till 1987, observing his devotion to his religion, Jehovah’s Witness.

High drama and speculation have always followed Michael. In 1976 the first rumors appeared that he was gay, and even gossip that he was a drug addict, or that he was a castrato or had had a sex-change operation. He began altering his appearance with cosmetic surgery to his nose and chin and having his skin color lightened. On January 27, 1984, at 6:30 PM he was burned in a pyrotechnic accident as he and his brothers filmed a cola commercial at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California. On June 27, 1999, Jackson was bruised badly after he slipped to the floor at a concert in Munich, Germany when an elaborate mechanical stage set failed. On August 17, 1993, police began an investigation of child sex abuse stemming from a complaint made by the father of a 13-year-old boy. His attorney said that an attempt had been made of $20 million blackmail. The news story broke on August 23, 1993 while Jackson was in Thailand on a concert gig. The case never went to trial but was settled on January 26, 1994, allegedly for something like $10 million. Michael’s loyal friends always backed him up, people such as Elizabeth Taylor and Brooke Shields. The news media went into a frenzy again on May 26, 1994 with the report that Jackson had married Lisa Marie Presley at 9:30 AM in La Vega, Dominican Republic; they divorced a year later but remained friends.

He made a second marriage to dental assistant Debbie Rowe who gave birth to their son, Prince Michael Jackson on February 13, 1997, Los Angeles, CA, followed by a daughter, Paris, on April 3, 1998. Debbie filed for divorce in L.A., October 8, 1999, ending the marriage of convenience, which was speculated to have been entered into in order to repair his image and give him children. Jackson purchased a $1.27 million home in Franklin Canyon for Debbie and an allowance of $200,000 annually. Details of a settlement have not been revealed.

In October 2001 Jackson released his first album of entirely new material since 1991. After a decade of generating headlines for other things than music, he went into a flurry of activity that tested the limits of his superstardom. He mounted a pair of poorly managed self-tribute concerts at Madison Square Garden that included testimonials from pals Liza Minnelli and Liz Taylor, then a hurriedly compiled tribute to victims of the September 11 terrorist attack. The album had a rapid sale of 600,000 copies, huge for lesser artists but not up to par for his caliber. In early 2002, Michael introduced a third child, named Prince II, whom he named categorically as his son at a show on July 30, 2002 with no information about the child’s mother. The child was later reported to have been born via a surrogate mother using Jackson’s sperm. He opened himself to another spate of bad press when he playfully dangled the baby from the widow of a Paris hotel on November 19, 2002.

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On November 18, 2003, at 8:30 AM, based on allegations of child molestation, investigators served a search warrant at Michael Jackson’s spread, “Neverland.” A warrant was issued the next day for the pop star’s arrest. He turned himself on April 20, 2005 flying into the Santa Barbara airport and disembarking from his private plane into the hangar. At 12:05 PM, he was taken into custody, booked, and released on $3 million bail. Jackson’s arraignment on the charges was scheduled for January 9, 2004 at 8:30 AM at Santa Barbara Superior Court. Without a music contract for the first time in 35 years, Jackson faces mounting financial woes with escalating legal costs and dismal record sales. He has proclaimed his innocence, launching a website to communicate directly with his fans, and his good friend, Elizabeth Taylor, came to his defense.

On December 18, 2003, in Santa Maria, CA, he was charged with several counts of child molestation and administering an intoxicating agent to a minor in connection with allegations that he molested a cancer-stricken boy (age 14 at the time of the felony charge) in February and March of 2003. The pop star was indicted on April 21, 2004 by a 19-member grand jury that convened on March 29, 2004. Jackson subsequently replaced his lawyers, Mark Geragos and Benjamin Brafman, with Thomas Mesereau, Jr., who represented Robert Blake in his murder case until they went their separate ways. Adding to Jackson’s woes was an announcement on April 13 by the Los Angeles Police Department that it is investigating a new accusation of child abuse that allegedly occurred in the late 1980s. On April 30, 2004, he entered a “not guilty” plea. His pre-trial hearing was held on September 17, 1004; jury deliberations began on January 31, 2005 and his trial opened on February 28, 2005. On June 13, 2005, after 14 weeks of trial, Jackson was acquitted of all charges including four charges of child molesting, one charge of attempted child molesting, one conspiracy charge and eight possible counts of providing alcohol to minors.

At 12:21 PM local time on June 25, 2009 an emergency call was placed for medical help and Jackson was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital suffering from cardiac arrest. Although it was reported that he had already stopped breathing, he was not officially pronounced dead until 2:26 PM local time according to the media citing the coroner’s office.. (A New York Times blogger had written earlier in the day: “A Los Angeles city official confirmed that Michael Jackson is dead. The official said he died at 1:07 p.m. Pacific time.”)

The cause of death was determined at the end of August 2009 after an autopsy,toxicology reports, and investigation. His death was ruled a homicide by “acute propofol intoxication” and other drugs including lidocaine (an anesthetic) and various anti-anxiety medications.

One of his physicians, Dr. Conrad Murray, told investigators that he had been treating Jackson for insomnia for about six weeks before the singer’s death. On that fateful morning, Murray said that Jackson begged him for propofol and the doctor administered a dosage diluted with lidocaine. Minutes later Murray said that Jackson stopped breathing.

In 2019 the documentary Leaving Neverland detailed new allegations of sexual abuse and led to a backlash against Jackson.

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  • associate relationship with Crow, Sheryl (born 11 February 1962)
  • associate relationship with Gest, David (born 11 May 1953). Notes: Produced his last solo concert
  • associate relationship with Judd, Cris (born 15 August 1969). Notes: Dance collaborators
  • associate relationship with Madonna (born 16 August 1958)
  • associate relationship with Mercury, Freddie (born 5 September 1946). Notes: Music collaborators
  • associate relationship with Van Halen, Eddie (born 26 January 1955). Notes: Music collaborators
  • associate relationship with Will.I.am. (born 15 March 1975)
  • friend relationship with Shields, Brooke (born 31 May 1965)
  • friend relationship with Taylor, Elizabeth (born 27 February 1932)
  • lover relationship with O’Neal, Tatum (born 5 November 1963). Notes: Dated in the late 1970s
  • parent->child relationship with Jackson, Paris (born 3 April 1998)
  • parent->child relationship with Jackson, Prince Michael I (born 13 February 1997)
  • parent->child relationship with Jackson, Prince Michael II (born 21 February 2002)
  • spouse relationship with Presley, Lisa Marie (born 1 February 1968). Notes: Married 1994-1996
  • sibling relationship with Jackson, Janet (born 16 May 1966)
  • sibling relationship with Jackson, Joh’Vonnie (born 30 August 1974). Notes: Half-siblings
  • sibling relationship with Jackson, La Toya (born 29 May 1956)
  • sibling relationship with Jackson, Marlon (born 12 March 1957)
  • sibling relationship with Jackson, Rebbie (born 29 May 1950)
  • has other family relationship with Keough, Benjamin (born 21 October 1992). Notes: Step-father/ step-son
  • (has as) teacher relationship with Grove, Dick (born 18 December 1927)
  • (has as) mentor relationship with Ross, Diana (born 26 March 1944)
  • child sex abuse victim relationship with Chandler, Jordan (born 11 January 1980)
  • child sex abuse victim relationship with Robson, Wade (born 17 September 1982). Notes: Alleged
  • child sex abuse victim relationship with Safechuck, James (born 28 February 1978)
  • compare to chart of Geragos, Mark (born 5 October 1957). Notes: Jackson is client
  • compare to chart of Sloan, Matthew (born 30 August 1958)
  • role played of/by Brooks, Tae (born 6 October 1997). Notes: Voice in 2012 animated TV series “Black Dynamite”
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  • Social : Change of Lifestyle 29 August 1965 in Gary (Started performing with family band, Jackson Five) chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Work : Prize 13 August 1967 in Harlem (New York County) (Jackson Five win the prestigious amateur night competition at The Apollo) chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Work : New Job 23 July 1968 in Detroit (Videotape audition for Motown Records) chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Work : Gain social status 1970 (Achieved six Gold albums by age 11)
  • Work : Published/ Exhibited/ Released 1984 (Album “Thriller” hit historic sales records)
  • Health : Accident (Non-fatal) 27 January 1984 at 6:30 PM in Los Angeles (Suffered burns) chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Work : Prize February 1984 (Eigth Grammy) chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Other Crime 17 August 1993 (Police investigation of child molestation charges) chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Financial : Lose significant money 26 January 1994 (Case settled for app. $10 million) chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Relationship : Marriage 26 May 1994 at 09:30 AM in La Vega, Dominican Republic (Lisa Presley, first marriage) chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Relationship : Marriage 14 November 1996 at 12:00 midnight in Sydney, Australia (Second marriage Deborah Rowe) chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Family : Change in family responsibilities 13 February 1997 at 1:07 PM in Los Angeles, CA (Son Prince born per LA Times) chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Family : Change in family responsibilities 3 April 1998 (Daughter Paris born) chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Relationship : Divorce dates 8 October 1999 at 12:00 noon in Los Angeles, CA (Debbie files for divorce) chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Family : Change in family responsibilities 21 February 2002 at 9:23 PM in La Mesa, CA (Son also named Prince was born) chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Crime : Child Sexual Abuse Perpetration 21 April 2004 (indicted by a grand jury on sex abuse charges) chart Placidus Equal_H.
  • Death by Homicide 25 June 2009 at 2:26 PM in Los Angeles, CA (Ruled a homicide two months later) chart Placidus Equal_H.

Source Notes

(PT notes that these source notes are written roughly in the order in which they were collected by AstroDatabank staff)

Michael Jackson, “Moonwalk,” Doubleday, 1988, was misquoted for 11:45 PM CDT. On p.6 the year and place are given, no date or time. Nelson George “The Michael Jackson Story,” a Dell book, 1984, p.24, gives the date and place, no time.

Tha astrological journal N°989 gives 23:45 (Gemini ascendant).

Richard Gehman called 9/l993 with a time of 7:54 AM CDT “from someone close to Michael.” Grazia Bordoni writes 10/93 that Mercurio-3 gave 3:00 AM “from him.” Stocchi gives 21:05 (Aries ascendant) with Mars falling in Taurus.Zip Dobyns has 1:30 AM “from a close friend of Michael’s to a fellow astrologer.” Dobyns speculates late Aquarius rising. Kim Baker speculates 12:09 PM in NCGR Newsletter article. Lois Rodden spec-rectifies to 8:47 AM CDT.

Basil Fearrington rectifies to 11:53 PM in “Astrology of the Famed,” writing in a footnote of the Introduction that “I had many opportunities to observe Michael but could not get close enough to ask him about his time of birth.” On 12/31/1998, Fearrington emailed the statement that “I had occasion, while playing in the opening act for the very last Jackson tour to ask Michael what his time of birth was. He said “I will tell you as I told Jackie Onassis, all I know is that it was late in the evening, definitely after 10:30 PM.” However, LMR notes that “Astrology of the Famed” was published in 1996 and Jackson’s last tour was in 1984 so there is some question about this.

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Shortly after Jackson’s death in late June 2009, Steven Stuckey wrote to PT: “My friend and teacher of 25 years,Vedic astrologer Chakrapani Ullal, was Michael Jackson’s astrologer in the late ’80’s. Michael gave him a time of birth of 7:33 PM.” In a follow-up e-mail, Stuckey confirmed that Chakrapani received the time from Jackson directly. Edith Hathaway submitted the same time also from Chakrapani Ullal. PT also talked with Chakrapani who confirmed that he received the time directly from Michael. At around the same time Michael Munkasey called citing Ed Healin for 12:09 PM. Ed worked at a record company and did charts as well. When Michael Jackson approached Ed to read his chart, Ed sent Jackson away, saying something like “get the time from your birth certificate.” When Jackson returned, he told Ed that he had been born at 12:09 PM according to his birth certificate. Given that there are numerous reports with different times, many from Jackson himself, PT maintained the DD rating as of July 2009.

Marie-Christine Sclifet quotes Jackson’s nephew Taj Jackson on his twitter account “got the official word from Grandma herself. Uncle Michael was born at 7:33 PM… Straight from the birth certificate” [1] [2]

Ashish Seth cites Jackson’s mother quoted in “Michael´s Mother Talks About His Birth,” www.truemichaeljackson.com [3]: “My experience with Marlon and Brandon didn’t dissuade me from getting pregnant again. The following year (1958) August 29, I gave birth to another son. I remember that day well because my water broke while my neighbor Mildred White and I were driving over to see the new grammar school under construction, Garnett Elementary…. At my request Mildred drove me home. I called my mother and she and my stepfather drove me to Mercy Hospital. Shortly after I got there, I began having contractions. Later that night, my son was born.”

Seth adds: “In the acknowledgment section of book My Family, The Jacksons by Katherine Jackson, The children thank Katherine. There is poem by Michael Jackson, which reads as… ‘And then one fateful August morn/ From your being I was born'”


  • Traits : Personality : Disciplined
  • Traits : Personality : Hard worker
  • Traits : Personality : Shy
  • Diagnoses : Major Diseases : Heart disease/attack
  • Diagnoses : Body Part Problems : Nose (rhinoplasties)
  • Diagnoses : Body Part Problems : Skin (vitiligo)
  • Diagnoses : Body Part Problems : Accident/Injury (second-degree burns)
  • Diagnoses : Body Part Problems : Cosmetic surgery (Face)
  • Diagnoses : Psychological : Abuse Drugs
  • Family : Childhood : Family large
  • Family : Childhood : Family noted (The Jackson family)
  • Family : Childhood : Memories Bad (father abusive)
  • Family : Childhood : Order of birth (Seventh of nine)
  • Family : Childhood : Sibling circumstances (all in Entertainment business)
  • Family : Relationship : Number of Divorces (Two)
  • Family : Relationship : Number of Marriages (Two)
  • Family : Parenting : Kids 1-3 (Two sons and one daughter)
  • Lifestyle : Work : Work in team/ Tandem (music group)
  • Lifestyle : Financial : Extravagant
  • Lifestyle : Financial : Gain – Financial success in field
  • Lifestyle : Financial : Philanthropist
  • Lifestyle : Financial : Rags to riches
  • Lifestyle : Financial : Wealthy
  • Lifestyle : Home : Expatriate
  • Passions : Criminal Victim : Homicide victim
  • Passions : Criminal Victim : Lawsuit sued (Blackmailed and sexual suit)
  • Vocation : Entertainment : Actor/ Actress
  • Vocation : Entertainment : Child performer
  • Vocation : Entertainment : Live Stage (Concert tours and performances)
  • Vocation : Entertain/Music : Dancer/ Teacher
  • Vocation : Entertain/Music : Group/ Duo (Jackson Five)
  • Vocation : Entertain/Music : Song writer
  • Vocation : Entertain/Music : Vocalist/ Pop, Rock, etc.
  • Vocation : Entertain/Business : Entertain Producer
  • Vocation : Writers : Autobiographer
  • Notable : Extraordinary Talents : For Music (Musician, singer, song writer, performer)
  • Notable : Awards : Grammy (Thirteen)
  • Notable : Awards : Guinness Book of Records (“Thriller” best-selling album of all time)
  • Notable : Awards : Hall of Fame (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)
  • Notable : Famous : Newsmaker
  • Notable : Famous : Top 5% of Profession

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