Mariah Carey’s birth chart shows why she’s the Queen of Christmas

Pop diva, Queen of Christmas and one of the world’s most meme-worthy celebs, there’s no way you can say you “don’t know her.”

Mariah Carey!

In fact, you’ve probably heard her at least 10,000 times because her holiday hits — especially “All I Want for Christmas Is You” — have become the go-to anthems of upbeat cheer since they hit airwaves worldwide. With more people getting into the holiday mood as early as the day after Halloween (hey, I ain’t judging; live your life), you can guarantee that Carey, 52, will start seeing her hits climb up the radio charts. And as they do, the dollar signs start raining down on her just like a rush of winter snowflakes. (Get it, honey!) With “Mariah’s Christmas: The Magic Continues” premiering on AppleTV+ on Dec. 3, 2021, the ever-rising phoenix is sure to bring even more spice, warmth and drama — and new music — to the weeks ahead. That begs the question: Does Carey even love Christmas as much as we think she does — or is she just laughing her way to the bank?

Let’s pull up her birth chart and find out the truth.

Mariah Carey is larger than life — which is why we love her

Mariah Carey’s holiday spirit continues with her Apple TV+ special “Mariah’s Christmas: The Magic Continues.” Michael Becker

Mariah Carey was born on March 27, 1969. That makes her a feisty Aries Sun with a Cancer Moon. We don’t have her birth time confirmed, so until she hollers at me personally, we’ll forego that detail of her birth chart.

First off, the instant I do her natal chart, you practically see fireworks shooting off in the sky because this diva is intense, fabulous and does not care what people think about her. Living for it. Her birth chart burns hot and is about living larger than life with, uh, no limits. Jupiter, the planet of expansion that encourages us to go 10 times past the point of no return, is directly across the sky from her fiery Sun — so, yeah, she is literally blessed by the stars. The further she unleashes her ego, the more we stand in awe of her complete vanity. She’s always had a lucky streak and she lives for opulence and extravagance. No expense will be spared — because what’s the point in that?

I have seen this firsthand when it comes to her because earlier in 2021, I was featured in a television segment where we filmed at an insanely over-the-top and stunning mansion in Beverly Hills that Ms. Carey was “allegedly” interested in renting shortly after we were done filming. Walking around that mansion was like peering into the heart and soul of someone who breathed decadence and had zero issues regarding expense. Ring up that tab, honey, because you own the world!

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But, TBH: just watch the clip and you’ll see what I’m talking about. She is luxury goals.

Mariah Carey’s birth chart shows why she’s the Christmas Queen

After assessing her birth chart for a hot minute, I really had to sit back and ponder what it is about her that gives her this winning streak to be the unstoppable Christmas Queen.

And then I figured it out.

First off, Carey has a Moon in Cancer — which is really beautiful because the Moon loves to be in this zodiac sign. That means that she is internally a very sensitive soul and needs long periods of time to recharge her emotional batteries. She loves her “space” and needs her domestic life to be one that is peaceful and serene. As much as the rest of her chart screams drama, internally she’s very empathic and enjoys taking a maternal role. TBH: I so think she and I would be friends.

Next: Carey has a ton of planets in Aries. Like, most of her birth chart is in Aries. This means that anytime the Sun moves through fellow fire signs (Leo or Sagittarius season), she is energized significantly. Since her planets in Aries fill the entire spectrum of the zodiac sign, whenever the Sun starts to dart into Sagittarius every single year, she is literally exponentially fired up from (drum roll, please) Nov. 22 until Dec. 22. Every. Single. Year. I’m not making this up. The Sun is literally in the most divine alignment with her during that time, singing her praises.

Cue up the holiday hits, my friends, because when do people legitimately start blasting her songs? Uhhhhh, right around Thanksgiving in the United States. My mind is blown.

Then, with her natal Mars also in Sagittarius, the Sun goes over this specific degree every year around Dec. 3 — the actual day her show is taking place in 2021. I kid you not. She’s on fire and can’t be stopped!

Lastly, starting on Dec. 22 each year until about (seriously, I can’t even make this up) Dec. 25, the Sun turns a corner in her birth chart that creates intense success energy for her — as if it’s spiking — which is even stronger of an astrological aspect than the entire month that has come before. It’s as if the way her birth chart was created, it literally leads her up to this point every single year. And then she gets to celebrate and slowly it fades. Talk about written in the stars.

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Mariah Carey is a woman who has mastered conflict and opposition

As much as the stars have blessed her with mega holiday success forever, Ms. Carey hasn’t always had as much luck when it comes to relationships. There are a lot of reasons for this and I’ll gloss over the most important ones. Basically, her entire chart is set up around conflict. This means that she, too, has always seen life as a battle. She doesn’t thrive unless there’s tension somewhere.

When it comes to conflict, one has two choices: fight (ego) or flight (submit to another). With so many of her planets in Aries — the zodiac sign that literally rules firepower and ego — she has repeatedly chosen throughout her life that she is the boss. Negotiation and defeat don’t exist to her. It’s her way — or no way. On one hand, that has likely isolated her from others (and reality), but it is also a very powerful psychological defense mechanism.

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey appear together for an awards show in 2012. Getty Images

Carey has been married twice — to Tommy Mottola, 72, and Nick Cannon, 41. The connection between Carey and Mottola looked to be extremely controlling based on their charts. She has even gone on the record to say that she felt like a prisoner. However, the connection between Carey and Canon is much more astrologically aligned, as he is a Libra Sun with a Libra Moon — which balances Carey’s energy much more easily. Because she knew Cannon would follow her lead, that is why she likely chose to trust the connection and even have children with him.

What lies ahead for Mariah Carey?

Spoiler alert: Mariah Carey will continue to be the Christmas Queen for quite some time. As long as she stays on that holiday train and does promotion here or there, she’s gonna stay at the top. Her songs have found a legendary place within holiday pop culture, so you can expect your kids and your grandkids to even know about this hot bitch. Heck, your pet probably even knows her at this point in time!

As for where she’s headed, let’s take a peek!

When it comes to serious relationships, I think her next significant shifts will be when eclipses start activating them for her in late 2023 and 2024. This could be another engagement — or, at the very least, certainly a coupling (whether or not it’s public or not). From what I can tell from her chart, she’s become increasingly private and restrictive about what she shares with the world.

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In the summer of 2022, Jupiter — the planet of miracles — will dance into her zodiac sign. It will repeat this energy in the first months of 2023. That will bring her a tremendous desire to start new chapters, new projects and pursue new horizons — not necessarily just in a professional sense, though. I think she will focus even more on just being the happiest she can be, regardless of how that ties to her career. I sense that she will enjoy moving around a lot and there will be an increased interest in real estate and seeing new sights, meeting new people, trying fabulous food and exploring even more of the world. In fact, I think what she will pursue is finding “more hidden gems” while she still retains her sense of ownership on what she is already in love with.

The stars say that Mariah Carey has many more gems in store for fans. Dennis Leupold

Saturn, the great planet of life lessons and karma, will enter into her zodiac sign in the summer of 2025 but leave for a bit — and will return from 2026 to 2028. That could be a bit tougher on her, as she starts to realize how she wants to set up the coming 30-year cycle. I think she will decide if it’s time to retire, lie low or determine how she wants to further set up her legacy for the many years to come. No matter what, though, there will be a very significant shift around that time for her as she is intentionally deciding what is most important to her and who she wants to be yet again.

Keep soaring, Queen. The stars are on your side.

Kyle Thomas is a globally recognized pop culture astrologer who has been featured in “Access Hollywood,” E! Entertainment, NBC & ABC television, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Hulu, Bustle, Elite Daily, Marie Claire and more. He is known for his cosmic guidance for celebrities, business executives and prominent influencers. His work harnesses the power of the stars in regards to entertainment lifestyle and trends affecting people worldwide. For more information, visit

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