The Five Best Mariah Carey Songs of the 90s

Mariah Carey has been a favorite of many for quite some time now and despite what anyone thinks of her there is a legion of fans that will stand up for her no matter what since she’s got an amazing voice, is very beautiful, and despite the moments she’s had on camera that haven’t gone too well she’s still considered to be one of the most talented women in the world. Her singing in the 90s was probably some of the most popular that’s allowed her to remain as one of the most beloved artists of all time and honestly she does have a very nice voice. The only thing that does bug some people is the pitch that her voice can climb to since it emulates a dog whistle every now and then. But she can hit like few others can, and that’s an amazing amount of talent that she’s been able to flaunt for a long time now.

Here are five of her best songs from the 90s.

5. All I Want for Christmas

Every Christmas you’ll hear this song at least once or twice…a day. So yes you might get a little tired of it but obviously people love it enough that the stations will keep on playing it over and over until people finally turn off their radios. You can at least go on and admit that it’s catchy in some spots and it does capture the holiday pretty well. In all honesty a lot of celebrities cash in on holidays since it is a big deal and it does manage to net them a lot more money and exposure since people love it when their favorite celebrities have something to do with a major holiday. Somehow it makes it that more special.

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4. Dreamlover

Mariah Carey has the kind of career that has had its ups and downs but each time she comes back it seems that she comes back just as strong and without any noticeable lack of talent as she continues to get older. In the 90s her singing was everywhere on just about any station that would take her and you could hear her voice blasting out of speakers in hundreds of different places. This song was one of those that got a lot of play largely because it was fun, jaunty, and tended to be a favorite of women for one reason or another. One thing about Mariah’s songs is that most of them were meant to be fun and airy.

3. Hero

She’s been widely known for her more serious songs as well that are touching and meant to grab at a person’s soul as she belts out every note and lets those notes that are supposed to be soft roll off of her tongue in a way that’s hard to match. Carey has had some controversies in her career such as couple of things that have happened during live shows, but for the most part she’s been solid in her performances and has almost never disappointed a crowd to the point that they were ready to ridicule her later on, or at that moment. For someone that’s seen her career take a dive and then climbed back to the top she’s done pretty well.

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2. Always Be My Baby

She’s been a big thing when it comes to weddings and celebrations as well since a lot of her 90s music was so upbeat and easy to use for so many positive things. DJ’s made sure to have Mariah Carey on hand when they went anywhere since she was a big name to request and was definitely someone you would hear coming through the speakers at a wedding since her voice has been loved by so many and considered to be something that women love to hear while men, well, you know what the men look at. But overall her voice is just heavenly and more than good enough to be used in many different venues and for many different purposes.

1. Fantasy

There’s a lot that can be said about Mariah since she’s been a singer, an actor, and has filled many other shoes in her time since first coming around to showcase her fabulous voice. There are people that don’t listen to her but there aren’t a whole lot that don’t like her at all. In fact despite the fact that she’s not everyone’s favorite she’s still very much one of those singers that people will listen to when they have nothing else and just need to have music going in the background. Guys will listen to her for a number of reasons but a lot of them will cite that one most of all since they don’t want to seem feminine in front of their friends.

It’s okay guys, you can enjoy Mariah and still be a man.

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