Lamar Jackson, Patrick Queen sound off on Mike Florio saying the 49ers ‘would kick the s— out of the Ravens’

Earlier this week, Pro Football Talk’s Mike “Flores” Florio didn’t mince words on who he had picked for this game, taking the 49ers to “kick the shit out of” and “dismantle” the Ravens.

“Key players healthy, they’re going to kick the shit out of everybody they face,” Florio said. “The quest is for second place. That’s it. As long as those people stay healthy. They’re currently healthy. The 49ers [will] kick the shit out of the Ravens on Monday night. I’m sorry. I know that’s disrespectful for the Ravens, but lets be realistic. At home, they got to fly across the country on Christmas night and the 49ers are waiting and the 49ers are going to dismantle the Ravens. If it’s a Super Bowl preview, the Super Bowl’s going to suck because the 49ers, as long as those guys are healthy, they’re going to run over everyone.”

After the Ravens “kicked the shit out of” and “dismantled” the San Francisco 49ers, quarterback Lamar Jackson shared his thoughts on Florio’s comments.

“You can’t just discredit us. We grown men, we got to feed our families. He can have his opinion but just don’t be talking like that. That’s disrespectful. That’s very disrespectful. Not to take away from the 49ers at all, like they’re great all across the board, but we gone come to play as well. Our record not no fluke. We play ball and we showed that. But he needs to keep doing his job and just don’t come off like that towards us. That’s disrespectful, like I said, cause he isn’t putting the pads on. If he were putting the pads on I feel he would’ve meant different for me. He wouldn’t say that. He would be respectful. I say that we are respectful to our opponents. Our opponents are respectful to us. But the guy we’re not even playing against just come out being disrespectful to us. I guess he wanted more views on his little channel. We’re going to leave it at that.”

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Linebacker Patrick Queen also shared his thoughts on the commentary surrounding the game.

“Everybody writing us off before we even got a chance to play,” Queen said. “We know what we’re capable of. Everybody counted us out. Didn’t expect us to even hold up. Everybody was saying we were going to get blown out by double digits or whatever. We just had to come out and play our style of ball. We all understood the assignment. Understood what coach wanted from us. [We] just went out there and capitalized.”

Queen continued.

“We work too hard for people to be writing us off already. We 11-3 just like those guys are 11-3 and kind of feel a certain way about stuff like that when people write you off before you get a chance to play the game. My message [in the pre-game huddle] was go out there and take what we want.”

Shortly after, Florio apologized for his comments on Twitter.

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