Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom fans think couple is headed for a split after he makes ‘disturbing’ relationship confession

ORLANDO Bloom has addressed the complicated nature of his relationship with Katy Perry.

In an interview with Flaunt Magazine, Orlando spoke about what has helped their relationship be successful.

Orlando Bloom spoke about his relationship with Katy Perry in a recent interviewCredit: Getty
In the interview, Orlando called their relationship ‘very challenging’Credit: Splash

The Pirates of the Caribbean star described his fiance as his “baby mama and life partner.”

He believes their relationship is successful because they understand each other’s “need for evolution,” as reported by Flaunt.

Orlando goes on to say: “Sometimes things are really, really, really, challenging. I won’t lie.

“We definitely battle with our emotions and creativity, [but] I think we’re both aware of how blessed we are to have uniquely connected in the way that we did.”

Katy and Orlando have been together since 2016. After they took some time apart in 2017, the couple got engaged on Valentine’s Day in 2019.

Although they haven’t tied the knot yet, they did have a child together. Her name is Daisy Dove Bloom and she was born in August 2020.


In an online pop culture thread, fans had a lot to say about how Orlando spoke about his future wife.

One user said: “If a man said this about me, there would 1000% be a fight.”

Another said: “I really side-eye celebrities who make these kinds of comments. Certainly, marriage isn’t always easy, but this is such a weird thing to say so publicly.”

A third wrote: “On the one hand, it’s probably for the best for them not to get married just yet if their relationship is so very challenging … but then they also have a child together which is a massive commitment. Idk, they seem like a messy split waiting to happen.”

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Others chimed in and said: “The third very seems personal,” and “That’s a lot of very.”


Last year, Katy fueled the rumors that she broke up with Orlando after she was spotted without her $5 million engagement ring.

The American Idol judge also revealed that she and Orlando are in “couples therapy.”

In Chelsea Handler’s podcast episode, Katy said they were going to therapy to work on “resentment issues.”

She went on to say that resentment can get in the way when both people in the relationship are working hard.

“God bless successful people in the spotlight,” the When I’m Gone singer continued.

Katy said to feel normal in a world where you have a child, you have to learn to be different, in the big and the small.

She admitted that the couple has had a lot of success with couple’s therapy.

Fans expressed their concern for the couple saying marriage shouldn’t be that hardCredit: Getty
Katy and Orlando have one child together, Daisy Dove BloomCredit: The Mega Agency
Last year, Katy admitted she and Orlando were in couples therapyCredit: Social Media – Refer to Source

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