What Does IR Mean in Fantasy Football?

Playing fantasy football can be a blast when your top players are healthy. Unfortunately, injured players are a major part of the NFL season. Injured reserve for an NFL roster means the player is out for at least eight weeks or the season. What does IR mean in fantasy football? Here’s everything you need to know.

IR Spots in Fantasy Football

If you are playing fantasy football with IR slots, an injured player still counts toward your roster. You either have to keep the player on your bench unless you want to drop them so you can add another player from the waiver wire.

If your league has the ability to put a player on IR, they don’t count as a roster spot. You can place an injured player on the reserve list and add another player to your active roster. IR can be extremely beneficial because you don’t have to sacrifice a healthy player to keep an injured star on your team.

For example, let’s say Patrick Mahomes is going to be out for four weeks. You don’t want to drop him because he’s going to likely put up huge fantasy numbers when he returns. Also, you don’t want to drop a healthy player to keep him on your bench. The IR designation allows you to keep him until he’s cleared and not lose a roster spot over it.

How Long Can a Player Stay on IR?

For IR in fantasy football, the player has to be removed from the injured reserve list when they are eligible to play. You can’t keep players on IR who aren’t actually on the injured list. If they are healthy enough to play, they have to be on your active roster in your fantasy league.

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Should Fantasy Managers Use IR?

IR is a great way of dealing with injuries during the fantasy football season. Discuss it with your league and see if they are open to being able to place a player on IR to free up roster space. It’s helpful if you find your fantasy team decimated by injuries.

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What Does IR Mean in Fantasy Football FAQs

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