There’s a long list of iconic musicians that helped change and shape the industry. However, Elton John is more than just an icon and legend. He’s one of the greatest and most influential musicians of all time. His music transcends time and remains popular.

Indeed, John is still very active in industry and charity work. John released several unforgettable songs, including “Candle In The Wind,” “Your Song,” “Tiny Dancer,” and “Rocket Man.” He also produced the Lion King soundtrack for the classic Disney movie. Of course, he also has a unique fashion sense that is just as influential as his music. He remains one of the most beloved celebs of all time.

That being said, even the most beloved celebs have a dark side. John’s career has had many ups and downs. At times, it seemed as though his career was over, but he bounced back again and again. John is also one of the most open and honest celebs. However, he has a few secrets he would like to keep from most fans.

Despite being so open, he does like to keep some things private. It’s time to take a closer look at Elton John and his most closely-guarded secrets. Here are 20 Secrets Elton John Doesn’t Want Fans To Uncover.

20 His Birth Name Isn’t Elton John

There isn’t a person in the world that doesn’t know the name, Elton John. Indeed, John has a perfect name that rolls off the tongue. Of course, Elton John wasn’t his birth name. His birth name is Reginald Kenneth Dwight, but he felt he needed a better stage name. Later, he came up with the name Elton Hercules John and legally had his name changed.

19 He Doesn’t Like The Press

Elton John is an open book and isn’t afraid to be the real him. He’s honest about his personal life and opens up about his feelings. Indeed, he was honest as far back as 1976, when most celebs kept quiet. However, John isn’t a fan of the press.

A few years ago, the media in England reported on details of John and David Furnish’s relationship. John was able to get a court injunction preventing the British media from publishing his name or Furnish’s. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop the press from outside England.

18 Estranged From His Mother For Years

Elton John grew up in a strict household with conservative parents. They exposed him to music but didn’t support his career. His father tried to get him into banking. As an adult, he continued to clash with his mother. He had a falling out with her years ago. He no longer speaks to his mother. John’s mother made offensive comments directed at David Furnish in the media, which greatly upset John.

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17 Didn’t Need Glasses When He Started Wearing Them

Elton John is often associated with his world-famous eyeglasses. He has a different pair for every occasion. It’s pretty hard to picture the iconic musician without them now. Well, it turns out he never needed them in the first place. He put them on to add to his outfit. Ironically, he now requires eyeglasses at all times, in order to see.

16 Took His Stage Name From Two Friends

As noted, Elton John isn’t his birth name. Indeed, he took the name from two friends of his. Early in his career, John formed a band, Bluesology. They never found any success, but John did find a stage name. The name is a homage to former Bluesology vocalist Long John Baldry and saxophonist Elton Dean. He legally changed in name in 1972.

15 He Named His Kids After His Songs

It’s common for famous stars to give their kids unique names, such as North West or Blue Ivy. Elton John’s no different but only fooled around with the middle name. He gave his kids a more common first name. However, he decided to slip in song titles as well. His kid’s middle names are Daniel and Levon, which are two of his most famous songs from the 70s.

14 Publicly Discussed Ed Sheeran’s Weight Gain

Ed Sheeran quickly became one of the most famous artists today. Indeed, Elton John even signed him to his record label, Rocket Man. John has an outspoken and blunt personality. Of course, sometimes, it comes across as a bit mean. For instance, Sheeran took a year off, and John warned him not to put on weight. John even discussed Sheeran’s weight issues with Rolling Stone magazine.

13 Nixed Tom Hardy Playing Him In Rocketman

In 2019, the biopic Rocketman hit theatres. The film stars Taron Egerton as Elton John and chronicles Elton’s career. At one point, actor Tom Hardy landed the role of Elton John. Hardy often plays tough-guy roles, but nobody doubted he could pull it off. However. John nixed the idea when he found out Hardy can’t sing. That seems like an important detail.

12 Spends A Fortune On Flowers

Celebrities all have some vices. They overindulge and can’t stop. Of course, Elton John struggled with an addiction for years, but he’s got another vice. The world-famous singer spends a fortune on flowers. It turns out that he loves flowers and can’t get enough. He buys a large amount regularly.

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11 Elton John And Eminem

Elton John and Eminem are the most unlikely friends in Hollywood. Indeed, John is a proud supporter of the LGBTQ community, while Eminem has made controversial comments aimed at that group. Regardless, they formed a tight friendship that remains to this day. John is Eminem’s AA sponsor, and Eminem bought John and David Furnish an outrageous anniversary present.

10 Defied UN Boycott

Elton John is never one to shy away from controversy. Indeed, he often embraces it. At the same time, John’s heavily involved in charity work and launched the Elton John Aids Foundation. However, he did make a few questionable decisions. For instance, John caused controversy when he performed in South Africa in 1981. He defied a UN Cultural boycott of the apartheid-era South Africa.

9 He’s A Wealthy Hoarder

The word “hoarder” often brings to mind a specific type of person. Of course, it’s never a good idea to judge somebody by their appearance. For example, Elton John doesn’t seem like the hoarder type. Well, it turns out that he doesn’t like to throw things out. Indeed, he is one of the wealthiest hoarders in the world. He hoarded roughly 8,000 photographs and has one of the most impressive music collections in the world.

8 Elton John vs. Madonna

As noted, Elton John isn’t afraid to speak his mind. However, he can sometimes take things too far. For years, John feuded with equally iconic Madonna. John publicly criticized Madonna on several occasions throughout her career. He mocked her stage performance and music. Eventually, John apologized for all the harsh comments he made over the years, and she accepted his apology.

7 He Demands A Second Hotel Room For His Eyeglasses

Elton John’s eyeglasses collection is extensive and glamorous. His collection is so large, he demands a second room for his eyeglasses while on tour. John even requires a specific temperature for the massive collection. He also demands skim milk, juice, TV with sports channels, and red and white roses.

6 Made A Bad Joke

Elton John’s very open about his personal life and romantic relationships. However, he caused an uproar after some comments he made. In an interview, John discussed his feelings as a child and things he hoped he could experience. He was attempting to make a joke, but about an uncomfortable situation. For many fans, he crossed a line, and the comment was unacceptable.

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5 Elton John’s Falling Out With David Bowie

In their younger days, Elton John and David Bowie were good friends. They are two of the most influential artists of all time. They often hung out together and attended the same clubs. However, Bowie made a comment about John in Rolling Stone that Elton didn’t appreciate. They had a major falling out and didn’t speak for 40 years. Sadly, Bowie passed away before they could mend fences.

4 Liza Minnelli’s Husband Tried To End Elton John

Elton John can be private at times. As noted, he doesn’t like his business making significant headlines. However, John doesn’t mind spilling the beans on somebody else’s relationship. Indeed, he made comments that Liza Minnelli and her then-husband, David Gest, didn’t like hearing.

In 2003, Gest ordered a hit on John and paid his bodyguard $25,000. According to the bodyguard, he set everything up but got cold feet days before the hit was going to occur.

3 A Bodyguard Alleges Inappropriate Behavior

In 2016, a former bodyguard sued Elton John for allegedly harassing him. According to the bodyguard, John often made unwelcomed advances towards him. He also claims the physical contact and flirting intensified to uncomfortable levels after 2010. John denies the allegations and claims the bodyguard is attempting to get money.

2 Marriage To Renate Blauel

In 1984, Elton John shocked the world when he married Renate Blauel in a lavish wedding. Years earlier, John had been open about his personal life, so his getting married to a woman caught some off guard. Regardless, the marriage didn’t last, and John admits he hurt his ex-wife.

He wishes he had a clear mind and didn’t drag her into his toxic life. They didn’t speak for years but finally reunited. John still feels regret over hurting her so badly.

1 Almost Spent All His Money On Illegal Substances

Elton John has reached the highest of highs and lowest of lows. As his career took off, the Rocket Man enjoyed partaking in illegal substances and was a heavy drinker. In the 70s, his addiction began to get out of control. He was finally able to kick the habit in the 90s. However, he almost spent every single dime he had on illegal substances. At one point, he enjoyed illegal substances every four minutes.

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