Ex-Patriots Super Bowl Champ Sounds Off on ‘Trash’ Eagles

Did Rob Gronkowski let the Philadelphia Eagles win Super Bowl LII? The retired All-Pro made a shocking revelation about what happened in that epic 41-33 victory almost four years ago. Gronkowski nearly caught what would have been a miraculous Hail Mary pass from Tom Brady in the final seconds.

He didn’t pull it down, of course. And the Eagles walked away with the franchise’s first-ever Lombardi Trophy. Gronkowski recently appeared on Peacock’s Back That Year Up show where he and Philly-born comedian Kevin Hart got into a hilarious beef. The two traded jabs over Tom Brady, the 2018 Super Bowl, and made predictions for this year’s championship game.

The improv comedy routine started with Hart poking fun at Gronkowski’s bromance with Brady, then warped into a full-blown argument as actor-comedian Kenan Thompson played the role of reluctant referee. The conversation started with Hart asking Gronkowski to make a Super Bowl prediction, and here is how the rest of it played out:

Gronkowski: I’m not going to throw him [Brady] in there, but it’s definitely not the Eagles. They trash.

Hart: What the f***! You son of a … you son of a …

Gronkowski: I’ll go with the Buffalo Bills.

Hart: That’s a low blow because you know I’m a diehard Eagles fan. You know that all you had to do was say Eagles. Eagles are a shoo-in. But instead, you chose the low route. You chose the low route and for that, my friend, you and I … we’re on the outs. You hear me?

Gronkowski: Kevin, I let you win a Super Bowl about four years ago because I’m a nice guy like that.

Hart: First of all, you didn’t let me win s***. We took it.

Gronkowski: Yes, I did.

Hart: We took that Super Bowl. And if you’re favorite quarterback [Brady], if he didn’t drop the goddam pass to himself, you guys would be in a different situation, bro. That’s right. I don’t forget anything.

Gronkowski: Nah, we let you have it. You’re such a crybaby. You needed one, or else you’d still be crying.

Kevin Hart Went Viral at Eagles-Patriots Super Bowl

Kevin Hart is a diehard Eagles fan who receives certain perks from the team due to his celebrity status. However, security guards treated him like just another rowdy drunken reveler when the clock ticked down to all zeroes on February 4, 2018. Hart was physically restrained from going up on stage to take pictures with the Lombardi Trophy, much to his tequila-fueled chagrin.

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“He said you can’t get up here. I’m Kevin Hart, I’m from Philadelphia, that’s what I told him,” Hart recalled on Cold As Balls. “I’m from Philadelphia. I know who you are, but you can’t get up here. Nobody’s getting up here. And, man, he put the strongest hand on my chest.”

Celebrity Ex-Golfer Paige Spiranac Picks Eagles

Former professional golfer turned influencer Paige Spiranac was trending on Twitter in recent days for her Super Bowl prediction. The stunningly beautiful ambassador for PointsBet Sportsbook picked the Eagles to win it all in 2023.

“The Eagles? They’re going to win the Super Bowl,” Spiranac said, “and you know what, I like a little TCU upset for the national championship.”

Of course, she also thought TCU would upset Georgia in the College Football Playoff National Championship — and, well, they lost 65-7 on Monday night.

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