Rachel Aguilera: Everything About Christina Aguilera’s Sister

Rachel Aguilera is the sister of singer, songwriter, actress, and television personality Christina María Aguilera. Rachel’s sister Christina is referred to as the “Voice of a Generation”. Her accolades include five Grammy Awards, two Latin Grammy Awards, six ALMA Awards, two MTV Video Music Awards (VMA), one Billboard Music Award, one Guinness World Record, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Rachel Aguilera: Bio Summary

How Old Is Rachel Aguilera?

Rachel Aguilera is 37 years old as of 2023 because, she was born on June 6, 1986. She is the daughter of Fausto Wagner Xavier Aguilera and his ex-wife Shelly Loraine (née Fidler). Her father was a United States Army sergeant while her mother was a violinist in the American Youth Symphony before becoming a Spanish translator.

Rachel’s father Fausto Aguilera is an Ecuadorian emigrant from Guayaquil. Her mother Shelly Loraine has German, Irish, Welsh, and Dutch ancestry. She has one biological sister and a half-brother. Her biological sister is Christina María Aguilera who was born on December 18, 1980, in New York City, US.

Christina is Rachel’s older sister. Rachel’s half-brother is called Michael Kearns. Michael is the child of Rachel’s mother Shelly Loraine and her stepfather James “Jim” Kearns. Before Rachel’s parents divorced, she and her family moved frequently due to her father’s military service. They moved to places including Japan.

In 1983, the Aguilera family moved to Japan and lived in Sagamihara for at least two years. They returned to the US and settled in Pennsylvania, where Rachel is said to have been born. Rachel’s father was reportedly physically and emotionally abusive towards his wife Shelly and their children.

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In 1987, Rachel’s mother Shelly Loraine filed for a divorce from her father Fausto Aguilera. Shelly then moved with her two girls to her mother’s home in Rochester, a suburb of Pittsburgh. Later, Shelly married James “Jim” Kearns. Rachel is said to have been homeschooled just like her elder sister Christina Aguilera.

Rachel’s sister Christina Aguilera who became a singer, songwriter, actress, and television personality has openly said that she was physically and emotionally abused by her father. Christina said she grew up in a “chaotic” household and had to witness her mother Shelly being abused at the hands of her father Fausto.

“I grew up in a chaotic upbringing as a very young child, always feeling like a protector and all that, and always felt isolated in my situation,” Christina said. Christina used music to escape her turbulent household. Rachel and Christina’s father Fausto denied being abusive towards his daughters, Christina and Rachel.

Per daily mail, Fausto said: “My relationship with her mother was tense and I wasn’t perfect. But I love Christina and her sister Rachel. I never abused them in any way and they know that.” He added: “Shelly and I disagreed on a lot of things and we both had hot tempers. I’m sorry to have ever raised a hand to my wife, but it was never brutal like Ike and Tina Turner.”

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Rachel Aguilera Is a Private Person

Rachel Aguilera is indeed a celebrity sibling but prefers a private life. She isn’t all over the place and makes it a point to keep her life away from the spotlight. Most of her details are not available. Per a source, Rachel loves to paint. However, she has her own family. She is the wife of Patrick Joseph. There isn’t much information about their union but she reportedly married Patrick in 2018.

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