7 things we overheard at Backstreet Boys Delhi concert that sum up the iconic event

The Backstreet Boys returned to Delhi-NCR after 13 years and took fans down the memory lane with their electrifying performance at the Airia Mall arena, Gurugram, on May 5 (Friday). It was an enthralling yet emotional event for the fans who grew up listening to the Backstreet Boys songs, and witnessed the American boy band perform live in front of them.

As Band members Nick Carter, AJ McLean, Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough and Kevin Richardson took over the stage and started with I Wanna Be With You, it was an instant deep dive into the world of nostalgia. But it was not limited to being a journey to the 90s! As we continue to come to terms with the marvelling experience that the Backstreet Boys Delhi concert was, here are 7 things we overheard at the event that we believe sums up the thoughts of anyone who attended it.

1. “Oh My God! The concert has started on time. Such a non-Delhi-NCR thing”

First things first! The audience was overjoyed (and some of them even surprised) with the fact that the performance started on time. As mentioned by the concert co-producers BookMyShow, the show roughly commenced around 7:30 pm and went on for 2 blissful hours. Delhi-NCR’s notorious reputation for delays was defied and how!

2. “I haven’t moved for 3 hours to ensure I don’t lose this spot”

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That was the level of the craze! A bevy of fans arrived at the venue as early as they could and occupied coveted front spots to ensure that their view is not compromised at all. A fan, as we overheard, did not move from his place even to drink water because he worried someone else would take the place and he would have to watch the concert from a far-from-the-stage spot.

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3. “They look so hot”

Right from the oh-so-charming Nick Carter to the tall and dapper Kevin Richardson, fans could not stop obsessing over how killer the Backstreet Boys looked. Moreover, their energetic 2-hour-long performance replete with energetic dance moves, continuous singing and several costume changes further defied their age.

One could not look at Kevin Richardson and wonder if he really is 51-years-old. The same stands true for all other band members who are in their 40s now and were merely teenagers when they formed the Backstreet Boys band. It has been 30 years since then. Feel old yet? But, as a woman in the crowd said, “they haven’t aged a bit”.

4. “Let’s party like it is 1999”

The concert certainly felt like a time travel situation. It was as if we are in 90s again with the only difference being that instead of television and radio, Backstreet Boys were singing right in front of us.

5. “This is a dream-come-true moment”

A dream. Yes, that’s exactly what this Backstreet Boys concert was for people who grew up listening to their upbeat tracks. Tears rolling down the eyes was a common sight. A lot of fans couldn’t believe that they were living their dream of seeing their idols perform live right in front of them in their own country.

6. “What are Gen-Z kids doing here?”

This one is a bit touchy, especially when the ‘Millennial vs Gen-Z’ debate ceases to end. But millennials, who grew up jamming to Backstreet Boys song, were not mighty impressed to see the influx of overenthusiastic Gen-Z crowd in the audience. PS: Not us, not us! We’re just sharing what we heard the crowd say.

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7. “I knew it won’t be a ‘lip-sync’ concert”

Let’s face it! Haven’t we all attended a concert where the singer just turned up, grooved a bit and lip-synced the performance away? Understandably, that was the last thing one would expect from one of the most reputed boy bands of all time! And, Backstreet Boys did not disappoint. Obviously! On the contrary, they took every breath away with their impeccable live performance especially during the instances when all of them sang together some of their popular songs in a A-Cappella version.

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