What Channel is the Powerball Drawing on Spectrum?

What Channel is the Powerball Drawing on Spectrum?
What Channel is the Powerball Drawing on Spectrum?

What Channel is the Powerball Drawing on Spectrum: Have you ever played Lottery? Today, we are going to talk about a Show which mainly focuses the luck. This show will definitely remember your Childhood games like Lucky Draw, Lucky Number, etc.

Certainly, we are about to discuss the Powerball Drawing Lottery Game in this guide. Wondering how to watch this Lottery game on Television. This article is all about the Channel that streams the Powerball on Spectrum TV Service.

Unlike other TV Shows, this game will be only streamed 3 days per week and at the designated time. The Charges for this Powerball Game start from $1 and go up to $20. The winning price will be with respect to the level of Powerball Play you choose.

Hopefully, we have covered all the possible information about the Game in this write-up and delivered them with the Channel list on which this game is streamed. So, read the article completely to get all the details.

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What Channel is the Powerball Drawing on Spectrum?

Above paragraphs will give you the confirmation of the availability of the Powerball Show on the TV Cable Channels. Now, let us move on to the portion of knowing the Powerball Show streaming Channels and their respective channel codes.

Most importantly, the Spectrum TV Service Provider offers ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS channel that has the streaming rights to the Powerball Lottery Game. Probably, these drawings will be held at the Florida Lottery Headquarters in the United States.


Consequently, let us know the details of the Channel code.

What Channel is the Powerball Drawing on Spectrum
What Channel is the Powerball Drawing on Spectrum?

Streaming Service – Spectrum (Charter Spectrum)

Show Name – Powerball Drawing (Powerball Jackpot)

Name of the Channel – ABC (American Broadcasting Company)

Region Name – New York City, Orlando, California

Airing on – 7

Region Name – Raleigh, Albertville

Airing on – 9

Region Name – Houston, Columbus

Airing on – 13

Name of the Channel – NBC (National Broadcasting Company)

Region Name – Grand Island, Columbia

Airing on – 29

Region Name – Lexington, St. Louis

Airing on – 54

Region Name – Cheyenne, Billings

Airing on – 96

Name of the Channel – Fox

Region Name – Dallas

Airing on – 4, 504, 1004

Region Name – New York City

Airing on – 5, 505, 1005

Region Name – Columbus

Airing on – 6, 1006

Name of the Channel – CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System)

Region Name – Cleveland, Ohio

Airing on – 4

Region Name – Austin, Texas

Airing on – 5

Region Name – San Diego, California

Airing on – 8

Therefore, the Channel list and the respective channel numbers are given above. As the channel numbers vary according to the Region.

As a result, I suggest you check the Channel Code of each channel on the Official Website of Spectrum TV Service with your Region’s Zip Code. So that you will get the perfect channel number of the desired channel.

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Final Thoughts

To clarify the doubts about Powerball Drawing and its Streaming Channel, the given information will be fair enough. In conclusion, I would like to highlight the points to be remembered.

Fortunately, the Powerball Jackpot show is available on Spectrum Television Service. Most importantly, the channels of ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS Streams the Powerball Jackpot show at 10:59 pm Eastern Time. I hope you have received the respective Channel Codes.

In short, Multi-State Lottery Association is the other name of the Powerball Drawing. The game is classified as Basic Game, Power Play, and Double Play. The Drawing will take place every week on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

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