FACT CHECK: Did Selena Gomez Get a Boob Job?

The fans love to keep up with celebrities’ lifestyles, and when a change occurs, they are the first to notice it. In Selena Gomez’s case, the main difference many fans noticed was her breasts, which looked larger than ever compared to before.

While many rumors have spread regarding her breast implants, many were skeptical regarding the truth. So, did Selena Gomez really get a boob job to look more attractive in an adult sense?

Although Selena Gomez never really made it clear, several plastic surgeons believe she had undergone breast augmentation in order to enlarge her already fine bosoms. In fact, many of her Instagram pictures have backed the fans’ strong reasoning.

So, how far is it true that Selena Gomez has undergone a boob job? Learn more about it in the following discussion.

Did Selena Gomez Get a Boob Job?

While many claims about Selena getting breast implants lack substantial evidence, some believe she’s a natural. That is highly possible given her incredible beauty features and how she cares for her body’s health.

On the other hand, two plastic surgery experts, Norman M. Rowe and Dr. Manish Shah, expressed their views on this question in an interview with Life & Style Magazine. Here’s what they believe:

“Her breasts look larger without any evidence that she’s gained weight. This could be due to implants. It could also be due to the type of bra or tapes she wears. Other photos I’ve seen show a clearer picture of possible implants, though.”

“In my professional opinion, it seems as though Selena has recently undergone a breast augmentation since she has much more cleavage now than in previous photos. Both of these procedures are extremely popular with 20-somethings. They make up 25 percent of my breast augmentation patients.”

These experts’ opinions certainly push the fans towards believing that she, in fact, got a breast augmentation, and while no one is one hundred percent sure, there are a few instances where her fans have believed the case to be true.

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Why Did Selena Gomez Get a Boob Job?

If we push the debate of whether Selena got breast implants aside for a while, we can answer why she would opt for one in the first place. While we believe she’s perfect the way she is, even by the standards of high-value men, celebrities often need to adjust to the trend.

It is a standard case with many celebs to have a breast augmentation, given the modern world’s standards have risen immensely. So, there is no other reason that we could think of apart from this.

So, fans have been speculating since 2014 that she may have gotten breast implants and have continued all the way to 2023. While these could be due to her wearing tight, low-cut shirts and often posting braless pictures, the opinion is subjective.

Personally, we believe that Selena Gomez never opted for breast augmentation because losing and gaining weight can also make a massive difference in the way a female looks from time to time.

Furthermore, her clothing plays a significant role in making it seem like she had a boob job, but in any case, Selena Gomez always stays at the top with her mesmerizing beauty and kind nature.

So, what do you think about the rumors surrounding her breast implants? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Life & Style Magazine

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