Ciara proves, with a hearty laugh, that the co-parenting struggle is real no matter how famous you are

Ciara had a really good laugh when asked how co-parenting with her ex is going.

In that … it’s not going at all.

Using few words, the “Level Up” hitmaker threw some serious shade at her ex, hip-hop star Future, during Wednesday’s episode of “Stepping Into the Shade Room.”

“What is co-parenting like for you guys,” host Thembi asked during a drawn-out conversation about work, life, family and love.

Ciara immediately chuckled. Then chuckled again. For nearly 20 seconds. Without verbalizing a direct answer to the question.

“Thembi, you’re awesome,” she said.

“I feel like that says it all,” the host replied.

“Yeah,” Ciara agreed. (Watch the full exchange at the 36-minute mark in the video below.)

While the sit-down lasted 49 minutes, the cackling clip was highlighted on the “Shade Room’s” influential Instagram account — which boasts 28.6 million followers — and quickly went viral.

Followers knew exactly what Ciara was conveying too, with her laugh speaking volumes about Future’s involvement — or lack thereof — with their son, Future Jr. The two reportedly share custody.

“I cracked up with her cuz I understood perfectly 🤣🤣🤣 IYKYK 😭😩,” said one comment.

“I have exact same reaction when someone asks about my sons dad 💀💀” another user wrote.

“that laugh was a full sentence… A paragraph in fact 🤣🤣,” one follower observed.

“Somebody said she laughed in Full Custody 😂😂” added another.

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“Here comes future making a song about laughing.. and we gonna say that shining fye.. and 9/10 it will be,” a user predicted.

“This is going to be the perfect sound on TikTok ‘how’s dieting going?’ Then the laugh 😂,” another extrapolated.

Some users also interpreted the laugh as Ciara expressing discomfort with the question and wanting to move on.

The “How We Roll” singer and Future called off their engagement in 2014 amid infidelity rumors. In 2015, Ciara began dating NFL superstar Russell Wilson, whom she married in 2016. She’s since become a fixture at the famed quarterback’s games, accompanied by Future Jr. and their two children together, Sienna and Win. Last month, they announced they have a third child on the way.

She and Future have squabbled in court about their son and, in July, Future appeared to call out Wilson on the track “Turn Yo Clic Up,” further adding fuel to the fire.

But Ciara’s protracted laugh might just have been the “Goodies” singer’s latest “classy clapback.”

In March, she found herself in the eye of a digital hurricane for wearing a see-through Dundas dress to the Vanity Fair Oscars party that she attended with Wilson. The singer quickly took to TikTok to respond to the “selective outrage” over her look — while wearing a bed sheet.

“Whenever I respond back, it’s definitely what I’m feeling in the moment,” she told Thembi about that saga, adding, “You can’t care what people say about you.”

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