League of Legends Ranked Borders and How to Get Them

Ranked rewards are one of the aesthetics that competitive gamers for any title will aim to get. In League of Legends, one way to showcase your mastery is by showing your Ranked Borders on the game loading screen. But one thing that’s confusing is understanding the lol ranked borders, how many are of them and how you can get them. These are some of the questions we’re going to answer you at this SenpAI post.

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League of Legends Ranking System

First, let’s talk about the League of Legends Ranked System. If you come from another Riot competitive title like Valorant, Wild Rift, or TFT, you should be familiar with this.

The differences you’ll find would be in the name of the ranks, tiers, and ways you earn those. And of course, the ranked borders.

But in case you don’t know about the LoL ranking system. I’ll explain it quickly to you.

In League of Legends, you go up or down in ranks by acquiring LP (League Points). To acquire those you either need to play Ranked Solo/Duo or Ranked Flex modes.

The number of your LP gains or losses is determined by something called MMR (Matchmaking Rating). Riot uses this rating to determine how much LP you’ll win or lose. MMR is measured by metrics like your win ratio, win/loss streaks, etc.

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The Ranked Borders

Now that you know about the League of Legends ranking system you began to ask. What are the Ranked Borders? And how are they tied with this?

Well, ranked borders are determined redundantly by your rank. If you are Platinum, you will have a border of a Platinum player.

As simple as that, but you also need to know which division. There’s a difference between a Platinum IV player and a Platinum I, and it can be very considerable.

So now you need to know about: Ranks, Tier, and Divisions.

LoL Tiers and Divisions with Ranked Borders

The ranks are divided into tiers and divisions, each one having a name and icon attached to it. From the bottom to the top, these are all the league of legends ranks with ranked borders.

  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Master
  • Grand Master
  • Challengers

Before we talk about roman numerals, these determine what division you’re currently at. Each tier possesses four divisions. Starting from IV to I.

To go down or up in division or tiers you’ll do it by winning LP. Normally you start at 0 points. And once you exceed the 100 mark you are placed in another division.

For example: If you are Gold III with 88 LP and you win a game that nets you a gain of 18 LP. You’ll be placed on Gold II with 4 LP. (To always know your LP gains, you can use our SenpAI API)

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A different case would be jumping from tiers. To reach a new tier you need to get first to the first division and reach 100 points previously mentioned. And then you will be placed in a promotion match to qualify for the new tier.

This promotion match is won by winning three games, if you lose three you fail the promotion.

Master, Grand Master, and Challenger work with a different system. You can learn more about this in this article from us.

League of Legends Images of the Ranked Borders

Disclaimer: The ranking distribution places on each tier come directly from this League of Graph page. The accuracy of these numbers for each server would be up for debate. Yet, still works as an indicative of the population number.


Iron ranked borders is for the lowest tier possible. Makes up only 4.2% of the population, this usually consists of very new players not used to playing MOBA or competitive games.


Bronze makes up 24% of the population. This tier was considered the lowest before Iron was added.


The more populated tier consists of 33% population. New players and more senior ones are in this bracket. This is the average league player.


Makes up 24% of the population. Besides getting your end-of-season border you also get Victorious skin.


Platinum makes up 10% of the population. Players in this skill bracket begin to have more understanding of the game. This is the enthusiast bracket and a ranked border to be proud of.

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Makes for 1.7% of the population. At this point we’re almost heading to what’s called High Elo. Players in this skill bracket are way more optimal and here’s where more advanced nuances in gameplay begin to matter.


0.16% of the population. High elo. In this bracket, there are no divisions. So for you to get grandmaster you need to reach an LP threshold, the same for Challenger. This LP threshold will vary on each server.

Grand Master

Makes for 0.027% of the population. The elite of the game. Similar to the last tier, here’s where people try to be professional players. A lot of scouting is made on these tiers.


The last tier of the game. To be a challenger you need to be among the best 300 on the server. In Korea, for instance, you need 808 LP to be in this tier. It all depends on the region

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