Lady Gaga's Birth Chart Proves She Was Destined to Be Famous

Making waves in the entertainment industry is what Lady Gaga was born to do. As an Aries sun, Scorpio Moon, and Gemini Rising, Gaga’s astrological placements suggest that she was meant to rise to fame through her music, creativity, and incredible performances.

Gaga is coming into a financially fortuitous year since she celebrated her 37th birthday on March 28, which is launching her into a second house profection year. Annual profection years bring a specific house into focus, so the themes associated with that house will become the overarching themes for that year of life. The second house rules over value systems, concrete wealth, and stability, so Gaga may feel like this is her year to align her security with what she truly honors in her life.

Since the profection years are ruled by a planet, Gaga’s second house year will be ruled by the moon. As Gaga enters a lunar-ruled year, she may need to rely on her intuition and emotional processing to seek greater means of security. It might be time for Gaga to honor her emotional bandwidth, so this may be the year where she slows down to focus on a few significant projects instead of biting off more than she can chew.

The beginning of her lunar-ruled, second house profection year will be intense given that Gaga’s lunar return in May will be the full moon penumbral lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5. With such a heightened start to her profection year, Gaga will be cosmically encouraged to purge and release whatever is holding her back from feeling fully secure. Since this eclipse and lunar return will be occurring in Gaga’s sixth house of health, routine, and work, she may feel like it’s time to let go of unhealthy practices that deter her from having a more sustainable routine and work life. This upcoming eclipse may also represent the culmination of a work project, so Gaga could experience a significant professional and financial transformation.

With so much going on in Gaga’s upcoming year and in her birth chart, she’s due for a significant change.

The core components of any birth chart would be the big three: the sun sign, the moon sign, and the rising sign. All three placements summarize your personality, emotional reactions, intuition, first impression, and look. Depending on what zodiac sign corresponds with each placement, this adds even more depth about the placement and how it can show up in your life. If you would like to calculate your big three, then you will need your birth date, time, and place. Luckily, Gaga’s birthday, time and place are available online, so we can calculate a complete birth chart for her.

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The sun sign is arguably one of the most important parts of your birth chart since some astrologers argue that the sun sign can dictate anywhere between 80 percent to 90 percent of your personality. Since the sun sign is significant, it rules over your core ego and how you embody your vitality. Aries sun is a particularly auspicious placement to have since the sun is exalted in Aries, which means that the sun is particularly strong in this zodiac sign. Although Gaga has a well-placed sun sign, this doesn’t mean she hasn’t struggled to find herself. Now that Gaga has come into her Aries sun, there’s no doubt that she’s celebrated for her fierce confidence and pioneering nature.

Aries suns are known to be trendsetters since Aries is the first zodiac sign, so Gaga’s exalted sun sign energy will enhance her trailblazing energy. When Gaga first stepped into the music scene, she was radically inventive and had an avant-garde vibe that didn’t compare to many artists. Thanks to her daring Aries sun, Gaga’s music has always pushed the envelope from her first album, “The Fame,” to her most recent, highly anticipated album, “Chromatica.” Not to mention that her innovative Aries sun would always strive to go beyond whatever she has created, which will undoubtedly help her achieve her goals for her makeup brand Haus Lab by Lady Gaga, and her Born This Way Foundation.

If the sun sign is an outward expression of your personality, then the moon sign is the inward expression since this is your secret self. The moon sign represents how you express, process, and appraise your emotions on a more introverted level. Scorpio moon is a tough natal placement to have since this is traditionally fall, which means that the moon has a challenging time expressing itself in the sign of Scorpio. Although Gaga has a difficult moon placement, this could ultimately help her rise to the occasion since Gaga will have to work with the profound depth and magnitude of her Scorpio moon. As a Scorpio moon, Gaga will appear more emotionally mysterious, so she won’t be someone who readily shares her inner world. But when the timing is right, her vulnerability can be empowering which may explain why her musical and acting performances are so magnetic.

Scorpio moons are known to go through grueling, gut-wrenching emotional turbulences throughout their lives. Since Scorpio is associated with the hidden and taboo, this moon placement often struggles to share traumatic experiences due to fear of judgment. As a Scorpio moon, it’s no wonder that Gaga is a mental health advocate given her own trauma that she opened up about in Prince Harry’s and Oprah’s “The Me You Can’t See” series. Despite having an innate fear of vulnerability, Gaga’s Scorpio moon has found empowerment through sharing the toll that method acting and art has taken on her mental health. Luckily, her self-aware lunar placement also knows how to handle the extremes Gaga puts herself through for her art. Although having a Scorpio moon isn’t easy, it’s part of what makes Gaga so strong and authentic in all that she strives for.

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While the sun and moon sign placements are our truest selves, they might not be immediately noticeable since the rising sign illustrates your first impression and even how you look. Gemini Rising is incredibly changeable since Gemini is a mutable air sign. So, this would play a massive part in Gaga’s constant reinvention of herself in all that she does. While the fixed signs in astrology oppose change, Gaga’s mutable Gemini Rising would welcome any opportunity with open arms. So, her Gemini rising is to credit for her ever-evolving style, music, makeup, and more. Plus, Gemini is the sign of the twins, so this infers two faces which may allude to why Gaga prefers to play under her stage name since “Lady Gaga” and “Stefani” allow her to separate her personal life from her stardom.

Aside from this, Gemini Rising would indicate that Gaga’s chart is ruled by Mercury since Gemini is a Mercurial sign. Mercury is associated with communication, curiosity, and writing, which are all attributes that have aided Gaga with her rise to fame. Since Pisces would be the ruler of Gaga’s tenth house of career, status, and reputation, this would allude to becoming well-known for her artistry. Plus, her natal Mercury would be in her 10th house, so Gaga’s art would be channeled through acting, songwriting, and singing. Not to mention that her sun and Venus would be in her eleventh house of dreams, so Gaga would have been exceptionally driven to pursue her dreams related to her music and creativity. Plus, the 11th house also rules over humanitarian efforts and organizations, so it’s no wonder that her 11th house placements have cosmically assisted with the creation of Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation.

Similar to the big three, the personal planets signify other key traits in your birth chart and include Mercury, Venus, and Mars. These three placements can refer to your aesthetic, commitments, ambitions, and communication skills. Personal planets would likely manifest in Gaga’s music, professional ambitions, and fashion statements.

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When it comes to communication and mental agility, this is Mercury’s domain! However, Pisces Mercury is debilitated since this isn’t considered to be traditionally well-placed, so this may impose problems with mental processing and communication. However, like a muscle, a debilitated placement can become strong over time with plenty of work. Gaga’s Pisces Mercury would give her a softer, dreamier approach in conversation, acting, and with her music. Since Pisces Mercury would be considered empathetic, this would allow Gaga to channel whatever she needs to feel or become to make her work incredibly touching. However, Gaga’s Pisces Mercury will always be a work in progress since she was born during a Mercury retrograde, which means she has a natal retrograde. Although a natal Mercury retrograde can infer setbacks, it can also suggest different or unique ways of thinking, speaking, and writing. Perhaps Gaga’s natal Mercury retrograde is to credit for her incredible out-of-the-box ideas, music, and acting performances.

In astrology, Venus is the planet that rules over love, beauty, and money. Although Aries Venus is to be traditionally debilitated in astrology, this placement still has a remarkable star-like energy. Gaga’s Aries Venus doesn’t play by the rules, which has been evident in her career from day one. From her most controversial outfits to her make-up-free Oscars performance, Gaga’s confident Aries Venus allows her to shine with her many beauty changes throughout the years. Aside from her beauty choices, Gaga’s Aries Venus has kept her love life mostly private. But true to her firecracker Aries energy, Gaga’s Venus would use a failed relationship as motivation to become the superstar that she is today!

Mars is associated with anger, sex, and ambition. Capricorn Mars is an auspicious placement since Mars is exalted in Capricorn, which means this is a strong natal placement. True to her hardworking Capricorn Mars, Gaga doesn’t stop once she’s started on a new project or venture. Whether it’s delivering an emotional Oscars performance or acting in “Joker: Folie à Deux,” Gaga’s ambitious Capricorn Mars can truly do it all. Plus, Capricorn Mars is known for its structured routine, so it’s no wonder Gaga can still maintain her wellness routine despite being extremely busy with her professional conquests. Aside from her busy schedule, Gaga’s Capricorn Mars would complement her Aries Venus through her fashion choices. Gaga’s Capricorn Mars would beautifully tailor her Aries Venus’ sexy and bold vibes, which would result in rocking her sheer skeleton dress and eight-inch platform heels.

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