Attention-seeking adolescent apologizes for heckling Cam Newton

Free agent quarterback Cam Newton showed his class over the weekend after being called “ass” by a heckling kid at one of his football camps.

On Sunday evening, Newton posted a new video on his Instagram that depicted another conversation between him and the kid. In this video, Newton was asking the kid about his play and seemed to be looking to resolve the situation by allowing the kid to show what he’s got on the field.

The kid still seemed a little testy with the former NFL MVP and Heisman Trophy winner before a coach stepped in and both Newton and the kid went their separate ways.

The kid apologized later on Twitter for his actions toward Newton.

Some people on Twitter felt the reaction to the child’s behavior was blown out of proportion, calling the kid’s interaction with Newton trash talk and believing it should have been left at that. Others thought the kid was way out of line and needed to learn a lesson about respecting the people that have come before him.

Hopefully, this is just a young kid that’s doing something stupid at the moment to get attention, and not something that’s emblematic of his character. Either way, it’s a really bad look on his part.

Not only was it disrespectful to say those things to Newton but it also wasn’t well thought out. A young player could have potentially ruined a future connection with a football great that could have gotten him to the next level. However, this won’t be the end of the world for the kid as long as he learns his lesson and moves forward.

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The former Patriot and Panther got into a back-and-forth with the child this weekend after the kid repeatedly said Newton was “about to be poor.” Newton responded by repeatedly pointing out that he is rich. He also asked to speak with the young heckler’s father.

The interaction was originally posted on TikTok and quickly picked up on Twitter. It has caused some conversation about what is appropriate behavior from fans, especially young fans, and how well Newton handled the situation.

Newton will be looking for a place to play in 2021 after one season with the Patriots. The former All-Pro will be looking for a return to dominance, showing the league what all he has left in the tank.

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