Britney Spears Fans Look At Her Teeth For Signs Of AI In New Instagram Video

Pop star Britney Spears posted nine different photos of herself spread out over three different posts on Monday night.

She then decided to delete all of the photos and combine them into one long 10-slide Instagram post and follow it up with a video. She left comments on for about thirty minutes, which was enough time to accumulate thousands of comments that had fans accusing her of being “not Britney.”

Britney Spears Has Fans Wondering About Her Teeth In New Instagram Video


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The “Toxic” singer did not write anything in the caption of her latest Instagram post, but she did leave two roses as she moved back and forth in front of the camera. Now that it’s October, Britney seemed perfectly dressed for sweater weather, wearing a brown knit long-sleeve top, dark denim jeans, and knee-high brown boots.

Her hair was styled over one shoulder and she accessorized her look with a black choker necklace that has been making an appearance in many of her latest Instagram videos. At one point, she even holds one of her dogs, her new puppy, Snow, in her arms.

When she did leave comments up, some users showered her with messages of support and told her that they couldn’t wait to read her book, “The Woman In Me,” which is scheduled to hit bookshelves on October 24. Britney hasn’t been doing a lot of promotion for her memoir lately, but she has been sharing a lot more fashion videos of her different outfits on Instagram.

That being said, a few fans went on to accuse Britney Spears of not being the true Princess of Pop and claimed that she had been replaced by an imposter. One clue that fans say is a dead giveaway that Britney is not really Britney is her teeth, as she does not smile with her teeth once throughout the whole video.

Is Britney Spears Purposely Hiding Her Teeth From Fans?

It looks like she has been purposely hiding her teeth in several Instagram posts, but in one Instagram post shared to her page last month, Britney gave fans a look at the spaces between her teeth as she brushed her long blonde hair out of her face. In the caption of this Instagram post, Britney wrote, “Are we on the phone 📞 ??? WHERE IS SHE ??? It’s like Alice In Wonderland – only God knows as- !!!”

Comments on this Instagram post were left on for a short bit, allowing fans time to debate her teeth. “Comments are on so I’m here to talk about her teeth… what in the world in going on and why does she not look or sound anything like herself?” one user asked. “RIGHTTTT?!?!! Wtf!? This can’t be Britney. I don’t buy it,” another follower agreed.

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Other fans debated that Britney stopped using her retainer while another follower ventured that she likely removed her veneers. “Yeah, and she had this smile when she was really young so it can’t be a retainer as you should not need those when you fix your teeth while being really young. This is so strange!” another follower shared while another fan ventured “Maybe it’s AI.”

Britney Admits That She Uses Face Filters In New Instagram Post

At the end of last month, the “Oops!… I Did It Again” shared two selfies that featured her posing with her longtime manager, Cade Hudson. She left a lengthy caption in this Instagram post where she admitted that she does use facial filters and described her relationship with Instagram as “addicting.”

“I thought about my relationship to Instagram at the moment … it’s addicting!!! But when others opinions affect you that’s when people quit it,” she explained. “When I feel down, I look and see the new apps, and it makes me feel silly. I’m like wow this is cool! I see things in a brighter way!!! So what if it’s enhanced?! I’m just trying to understand people that say they don’t participate in it, yet they’re on complete defense for some reason- making accusations of having it and saying all pictures are fake!!!”

“Nothing is real. Honestly, who cares? If you’re so self-entitled and perfect, why should you even care if someone is experimenting on their phone?! Why mention it if you’re so much better than that??? But are you???” she asked. “Come on!!!” Britney then went on to say that she was reading a book called the “Uglies.”

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“It’s really cool because I see the undefining line between emotions and beauty,” she explained. “I know what it’s like to be demoralized and embarrassed. I’m very sensitive and incredibly hard on myself. I have social anxiety and do equine therapy with horses !!! The fact that anyone would patronize people who aren’t as pretty disgusted me, especially having the other side of the table actually listening and nodding as if it’s even a necessary topic. Nobody is probably reading this, but hopefully, most can understand where I’m coming from.”

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