5 BTS unforgettable moments on Korean variety shows

Earlier in their careers, hit K-pop boy group BTS would attend many Korean variety shows in an effort to promote their comebacks. Though their experience was not entirely positive, the group had their share of fun while attending these shows.

Korean variety shows are an interesting phenomenon. One can find Korean idols and actors promoting their latest work while competing in tasks testing their physical endurance, teamwork, and presence of mind. From Running Man to Infinite Challenge, these variety shows have found love from across the globe, often being adapted to suit a varied audience.

BTS variety shows focussed on the group had a lot to offer to fans, since they gave the Bangtan Boys a chance to showcase their interactions with idols and actors outside their company.

5 BTS moments from Korean variety shows that will make fans smile

The septet’s presence on Korean television lets fans see how they communicate with people from their own country, bringing in language-specific humor and magnetism. Run BTS may be the group’s longest running variety show.

Here are five instances of BTS on Korean variety shows that one should not miss.

1. SUGA scolding Bang PD for tricking him into joining an idol group (Rookie King: Channel BTS)

Every fan might be aware of the fact that BTS was originally meant to be a hip-hop group. Member SUGA (or Min Yoon-gi) was also recruited with this understanding. However, the sentiment of the group evolved, and Bang Si-hyuk decided that an idol group would be more profitable.

During an episode of Rookie King: Channel Bangtan, BTS’ first ever variety show, there was a segment where the boys could voice their concerns towards each other and their staff. SUGA, apparently, was extremely frustrated with then CEO Bang, and decided to talk directly to him.

At the top of his voice, Min Yoon-gi screamed that Bang PD (as he is often called) told him not to worry about dancing well and only focus on his rap, but their choreography was the “hardest”. However, the rapper ended it on an amiable note, saying that he would nonetheless try his best.

2. RM repeatedly showing off his IQ of 148 (Problematic Men)

In one of the best Korean variety show appearances by the group so far, BTS’ leader RM joined the cast of Problematic Men. The show features 6 intelligent men from different strata of society solving themed questions and brainteasers every week.

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Although RM was only able to participate in 21 episodes of the show, his debut as a main cast member on a Korean reality show was appreciated by the general public, fans, and other cast members. He made waves on the show with his ability to solve brainteasers quickly in a charming way. The moonchild rapper made lasting friends during his stint on the show, meeting with the cast earlier this year.

3. Jung Kook talking about his parents’ love story (Let’s Eat Dinner Together)

BTS’ Jin and Jung Kook made an appearance on the show Let’s Eat Dinner Together, where they teamed up with the hosts to find a family to host them for dinner. While Jin was able to eat with a fan and their family, Jung Kook, who had teamed up with Kang Ho-dong, ended up going to a convenience store to fill his stomachs.

The two hungry souls, Jung Kook and Ho-dong, ended up sharing stories, with the BTS maknae talking about how his mother pursued his father despite their age difference. The episode was wholesome, with fans getting to see Kim Seok-jin with red ears and a giggly Jung Kook looking carefree and relaxed.

4. Jin catching fish with an ARMY bomb (Law of the Jungle)

Group member Jin has made his love for fishing very evident, going as far as penning a viral song (Super Tuna) about it. So, when he was assigned the task of fishing to feed the cast of survival show Law of the Jungle, it was hardly surprising.

The Moon singer took it to the next level, however, using the BTS lightstick, an ARMY bomb, to try and trap the fish. The best part of this endeavor was that he succeeded in catching a fish, shocking the producers, cast and even himself.

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5. The Running Man cast physically blocking BTS to stop them winning

The Dynamite group made an appearance on the 300th episode of Running Man, going head-to-head against the cast to transfer 300 boxes of instant ramen into two containers.

The septet showed excellent teamwork, taking an early lead. The regular cast of the show, however, was not to be left behind, resorting to tricks to try and slow down the K-pop group. Muscleman Kim Jong-kook physically restrained SUGA and Jimin, while managing to incapacitate Jung Kook with another hand. Jin tried to free the younger members, but Jong-kook blocked him as well.

HaHa and Yoo Jae-suk tried their best to load more boxes, even stealing from the band. BTS was not to be left behind and poured in a generous dose of cheating and disturbing the other team, with Jimin and SUGA being the major troublemakers.

Irrespective of the final result, the Butter group seemed to enjoy their time on the show, and fans will too.

Jin, whose single, The Astronaut has been released, will star on the next episode of Running Man with host Ji Seok-jin. His upcoming enlistment inspired the song, which was co-written by Coldplay.

Group leader RM too, will be the emcee for tvN’s upcoming variety show, The Dictionary of Useless Human Knowledge. This will mark the Do You rapper’s return to Korean variety television after Problematic Men.

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