Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s relationship timeline

Katy Perry certainly seems to have found her “Teenage Dream” in Orlando Bloom.

After meeting in 2016, the singer and actor have kept fans intrigued with their romantic antics for nearly eight years. But while the couple is still going strong, they do have a very special chapter ahead of them: marriage.

The lovebirds got engaged in 2019, but postponed their wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic. As fans eagerly await for the day when they’ll say “I do,” TODAY.com taking a look back at their relationship timeline.

2016: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom meet

Bloom and Perry first encountered each other at a Golden Globes party in 2016. Perry recalled the meet-cute in 2019 during an episode of “American Idol,” according to People.

“I met my boyfriend over In-N-Out (Burger). We were at the Golden Globes and we weren’t together. So I had my security guard grab 10 In-N-Outs and all of a sudden I see my boyfriend’s hand — he wasn’t even sitting at our table — he just swoops in and he grabs it and I was like, ‘Hey that’s my burger!’” she said.

2016: The couple seemingly confirms their relationship on Instagram

A few months after they initially met, the couple appeared to make their relationship official on Instagram after they attended the Cannes Film Festival. Perry shared a photo of the pair lounging on the steps of a hotel in France and captioned the post, “We cannes’t.”

2017: The couple breaks up

After a year of dating, Bloom and Perry broke up. At the time, their representatives shared the a statement with Entertainment Tonight, which read: “Before rumors or falsifications get out of hand we can confirm that Orlando and Katy are taking respectful, loving space at this time.”

In 2020, Perry opened up about the “dark time” during an interview with Australian TV’s “60 Minutes.”

“I was in a really dark time during 2017 and 2018. I was clinically depressed and couldn’t get out of bed. I had to go on a journey to understand why — why I basically let someone else be responsible for my happiness,” she said.

The same year, Perry also told People that their time apart made her and Orlando’s relationship stronger.

“It’s really about an individual journey that makes the whole thing better. We both had to decide to go on that journey separately because it’s not my half and your half that makes a whole,” she said. “It’s my wholeness and your wholeness that makes this whole thing happen.”

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2018: The couple reunites

Rumors swirled that the exes were back together in 2018. During an interview with the judges of “American Idol” in April, Entertainment Tonight asked if any of them would ever date someone who was competing on the show. Perry’s response made fans wonder if she’d reunited with Bloom.

“I have been spoken for and speak for myself … And I’m very happy!” she said.

Five months later, the couple appeared together at an event in Monaco.

2019: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom get engaged

Bloom is clearly a romantic at heart! The actor organized a sweet Valentine’s Day proposal for his better half in 2019. The loving outing involved dinner, a helicopter ride and a get together with family afterwards.

“I got on a helicopter and he asked me to marry him, and then we landed on this building and then went downstairs and my family and friends were there and the most flowers you’ve ever seen. It’s like when Kanye does that for Kim, you’re like ‘Oh my god!’ and I was like ‘Oh my god!’ Anyways, it’s great. He’s great. I love him very much,” she told English radio host Roman Kemp on his show “Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp” in June 2019.

2020: Katy Perry announces pregnancy

In March 2020, Perry announced her pregnancy in a music video for her song “Never Worn White.” Afterwards, she opened up about the exciting news in an Instagram Live video.

“I am excited. We’re excited and happy and it’s probably the longest secret I’ve ever had to keep,” she said. “And I like to tell you guys everything but I knew I would tell you in the best way, which is through a piece of music because that’s… I guess that’s how I speak to you. That’s how we speak together to each other.”

During her pregnancy, Bloom described Perry as a “force of nature” and said he was excited to become a “girl dad.”

2020: The couple postpones their wedding

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, the newly engaged couple had to change their wedding plans.

“I tried to do it this year, and it poo-pooed on me, so ask me again in another year!” Perry told People in 2020. “I went through the whole freakin’ process. Right now, we’re just so focused on this (pregnancy), which is exciting. Let’s hope (2021) is different than ‘20. Every time we try to make a plan, it switches. It’s really all about going with the flow these days!”

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2020: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom welcome a baby girl

In August 2020, Perry gave birth to a baby girl named Daisy. The proud parents announced the news via a post on UNICEF’s Instagram account.

“We are floating with love and wonder from the safe and healthy arrival of our daughter,” they said in a statement.

While appearing on the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” a few months later, Bloom said his daughter looks a lot like Perry.

“The eyes do look like her,” he said. “It’s funny, when she first came out I was like, ‘Oh it’s me, it’s mini me,’ and then fortunately she’s got those Katy blues, which was perfect. And then she sort of looked like my mom, so I got a little bit confused because Katy’s breastfeeding this mini me-slash-my mom, you know. I said, ‘Who’s she gonna look like next?’”

Meanwhile, Perry told Entertainment Tonight that Bloom was doing “a great job” with their newborn.

“Daddy has stepped in,” she said. “I’ve seen the Bjorn on him, I’ve seen him with the bottle, I’ve seen all the pictures. It’s all good.”

2021: Bloom’s ex-wife praises Perry

Bloom was married to model Miranda Kerr between 2010-2013 and they share a son named Flynn. In 2021, Kerr opened up about their co-parenting relationship and credited Perry with making it stronger.

“We go on holidays together, we celebrate all the important milestones together. I love her. I mean, it’d be safe to say I love her more than Flynn’s dad,” she said during an episode of the podcast “Moments with Candace Parker.”

Kerr then described how Perry acts as a buffer between her and Bloom whenever there may be friction.

“To me, right now, he’s like a brother and most of the time, an annoying brother, so she helps me deal with him because she can deal with him and I’m so grateful that she’s there because it just takes the pressure off me,” she said.

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2022: Perry says she’s open to having more children

While chatting with People in 2022, Perry revealed whether or not she and Bloom were already thinking about having more children.

“I’m a planner,” she said. “So we’ll see.”

Perry also added that that she would be open to welcoming more children in her future.

“So of course,” Perry said. “Hopefully in the future.”

2023: Bloom talks about “challenging” parts of his relationship with Perry

While chatting with Flaunt magazine in February 2023, Bloom opened up about some of the challenges he and Perry have faced in their relationship.

“We’re in two very different pools,” he explained. “Her pool is not a pool that I necessarily understand, and I think my pool is not a pool that she necessarily understands.”

“Sometimes things are really, really, really, challenging. I won’t lie,” he added.

Luckily, Bloom said, the couple has learned to work together despite their differences.

“We definitely battle with our emotions and creativity, (but) I think we’re both aware of how blessed we are to have uniquely connected in the way that we did at the time that we did, and there’s definitely never a dull moment,” he said.

2023: Perry says she and Bloom made a sober ‘pact’

In June 2023, Perry revealed that she and Bloom had recently embarked on a three-month sober “pact.”

“For me, it was an opportunity to reset,” she told People. “We reset after President’s Day, and it was a great opportunity to just let my body bounce back a little bit.”

The story explained that she wasn’t drinking during the week but would “indulge a little bit” on the weekend.

“I’ve had a pretty good relationship with just finding balance,” she said.

At the time, Bloom was filming a movie in London, and Perry said the pact helped him focus his attention on work.

“It’s really hard to do anything, whether that’s doing a cleanse or a reset, unless your partner’s doing it,” she continued. “So, doing it together makes it so much easier.”

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