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They allow owner collusion Updated

They allow owner collusion. No mechanisms to prevent one person from having several teams. Trades aren’t voted on. Commish never denies a trade. I actually suspect it could be their own bots integrated to give “house advantage”. All I know is I’ve been in Fantasy Leagues for 30+ years and have never seen the things I’ve seen in Apex Leagues. Beware!Ok..little update after Apex replied. They do have “mechanisms” that are as easy to bypass as creating a couple accounts and sending in 2 fraudulent forms of ID (they don’t do formal checks against the ID you send in..AFAIK). When it comes to betting, gambling, anything profit-motivated there will be folks that take advantage. You can surely take advantage of Apex Fantasy League. I’ve seen some of the most suspect moves imaginable that, again, in 30 years of running and participating in fantasy leagues with “real” people…not anonymous strangers..have transpired. Stuff that takes the fun away from playing. And, I realize when anonymity is prevalent things are going to play out quite differently than when you know your fellow owners. But, some of the things just gravitate into the bizarre. For example..A last place team just traded off Kelce (arguably the most valuable player in the league now that Mcaffrey is on the shelf) for Najee Harris.the other players involved were pretty much a wash. Basically, a trade of Harris for Kelce. Harris, albeit a rookie with potential, ain’t showed anything on a struggling Steelers team in decline. Potential just means you ain’t done it yet. Kelce has his whole career and big-time the first couple weeks of this season. THEN, the same guy that traded Kelce put $400 of his $500 budget for a 2nd string RB Cordarelle Patterson. 15 weeks still left in the season and he spends nearly his entire budged on a back-up. He didn’t own the starter to even give it handcuff rationale. There were 3 other trades before the season even started that were semi-odd. But, I held my tongue. When it started rolling into “you’re playing with my money and corrupting the league land” I protested. Commissioner (they do get back to you fairly quick) said mine was the only protest so he couldn’t do anything. If mine was the only protest I believe one of 3 things a)The commish flat isn’t getting all his email (I would never suggest he’s lying) b.)I’m playing with a league of owners that really don’t care c.)Collusion. If it’s not collusion it’s owners that just shouldn’t be participating because their extremely suspect actions affect all of the rest of us that trust everything is on the up-and-up. And, I suppose, that’s the Pandora’s Box that playing in online league’s with people/things you don’t know open up.

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Date of experience: September 23, 2021

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