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$20,000,000 Controversial Star Antonio Brown’s Alarming Social Media Picture Sparks Concern for His Well-Being

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown’s well-being is in question again. This isn’t the first time fans expressed their concerns about his mental health amidst glitzy headlines and breaking football news. And fans are worried that the free agent is falling into a relapse.

Antonio Brown is known for many things, beginning from his time as a Super Bowl champion to his controversial NFL exit and the extravagant shenanigans on social media following his departure. But the 35-year-old is also known for his mysterious, cryptic messages that he posts occasionally on his social media. Could his latest story hold more meaning than what meets the eye?

Followers question Antonio Brown’s well-being

In his latest IG story, the 4-time First-Team All-Pro posted a blurry selfie of himself against the backdrop of what appears to be tiny white lights. The former NFL player’s eyes looked hazy and blurred. But it could be the camera’s vision, or he might have taken the picture while driving, but it is still something you don’t see much of the $20 million Antonio Brown.

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The million-dollar star always likes to flex his style and wealth on social media. But his cryptic picture may be holding something the star is hinting at. Considering his past incidents with mental health and cryptic messages, fans immediately felt concerned for his well-being.

One time, when the free agent was battling with mental health issues, he took to Twitter to share a cryptic message about it. He posted, “It’s a game within the Game.” This was shortly after he appeared in the headlines with the news of his arrest for unpaid child support. He later posted, “My CTE acting up F*ck all y’all whoever played on my name.” CTE is a mental health condition that could lead to dementia in the worst-case scenario.

Since his controversial exit from the NFL in 2021, Antonio Brown has been headlining social media with his off-grid lifestyle. The former football star has indeed gotten himself in lots of controversies while also facing disastrous losses in investments like the Albany Empire and facing rejection from the Baltimore Ravens. It may be all this pressure that could be making the star look like this.

A tough year for former Bucs WR Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown entered the NFL with the Pittsburgh Steelers and became one of the top prospects for wide receivers. But his NFL journey is tinged with controversy. During his brief time with the New England Patriots in 2019, he was dropped because of inappropriate sexual behavior.

The free agent and rapper then joined the Bucs in 2020 and left the team after his controversial exit during a game against the New York Jets. He removed his jersey and walked out to the sidelines when the game was ongoing. Brown had been showing signs of mental issues early on.

Although his future in the NFL is shrouded in mystery, Antonio Brown has completed 928 receptions, received 12,291 yards, and secured 83 touchdown catches over his NFL journey. Hopefully, there will be another chance to see the player fit and fine on the field again.

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