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Meet the Upper Moon Demons: The fearsome foes of Demon Slayer Season 3

Upper Rank 6: Gyutaro and Daki

Gyutaro and Daki are the twin demons that jointly hold the position of Upper Rank 6. Gyutaro is the older twin, and Daki is his younger sister. They are both extremely skilled in combat and possess exceptional abilities. Gyutaro is a skilled swordsman and can move incredibly fast. Daki, on the other hand, has the power of seduction and can manipulate her opponents with her beauty and charm. Daki can transform her neck to mimic the properties of a cloth sash, allowing her to morph it into different shapes.

The two demons work together, with Daki luring their prey into a trap, and Gyutaro striking them down with his sickle. They are known to feed on humans who are physically attractive and have a particular preference for young women.

Gyutaro and Daki are among the few demons who possess a form of immortality. They can regenerate their limbs and heal quickly from severe injuries. However, they have a weakness; they cannot be in the sunlight for an extended period, which leaves them vulnerable to attacks during the day.

In the Entertainment District arc, Gyutaro and Daki fight against Tengen Uzui, Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu. In the end, the demon slayers succeed in killing the twins, but not without facing significant challenges. (Also Read: Tanjiro’s shocking connection to Upper Moon 1 revealed in Demon Slayer Season 3)

Upper Rank 5: Gyokko

Gyokko had a unique and creative approach to combat, incorporating his love of art and crafts into his attacks. He possessed water-based abilities and summoned fish-like demons to fight for him. Gyokko also had a disturbing ability to distort his opponents’ bodies and turn them into grotesque living sculptures.

He was obsessed with creating beautiful things and would become angry if his creations were criticized. Despite his bizarre appearance and artistic tendencies, Gyokko was a powerful and dangerous demon, using his abilities to deadly effect.

Upper Rank 4: Hantengu

Hantengu is the Upper Rank 4 demon and is one of the most cunning demons in the series. He has the unique ability to split himself into three different beings, each with its own personality and powers. Hantengu’s personalities include a kind and caring old man, a wild and violent beast, and a cunning and manipulative businessman.

Hantengu’s personalities allow him to manipulate his opponents and put them off-guard. He can attack from multiple angles and take on several opponents at once. The demon is also capable of creating illusions that can trap his enemies.

Upper Rank 3: Akaza

Akaza is a powerful warrior who has been alive for hundreds of years and has honed his skills to perfection. His abilities make him a formidable foe, and he is feared by both demon slayers and demons alike.

Akaza’s unique ability is his incredible strength and agility, which allows him to move at lightning speeds and deliver devastating blows to his enemies. He also has the ability to regenerate his wounds, making him almost invulnerable to attacks.

Upper Rank 2: Doma

Doma’s Cryokinesis Blood Art enables him to infuse ice and frost into his attacks, while his reputation precedes him for his emotionless demeanour. Doma is also known for his quick wit and cunning, making him one of the most challenging enemies in Demon Slayer.

His ability to control blood allows him to create a variety of different attacks, from projectiles to blades made of blood. He can also use his ability to heal himself and others, making him a valuable asset to Muzan Kibutsuji’s army. (Also Read: Demon Slayer’s Doma, the ice-cold villain set to freeze fans’ hearts in anticipated showdown)

Upper Rank 1: Kokushibo

Kokushibo, the Upper Moon One, is renowned for his mastery of the sword and formidable array of abilities. Formerly a Demon Slayer, he honed his skills and created his own unique breath style known as Moon Breathing, which ranks as the second strongest breath style.

However, what truly sets Kokushibo apart is his Blood Demon Art, Crescent Moon Blades. This unique technique allows him to wield crescent-shaped blades that can change length and speed instantaneously, making them a deadly and unpredictable weapon.

The Upper Moon demons are the most powerful demons in Muzan Kibutsuji’s army, and they are feared by both demon slayers and demons alike. Demon Slayer season three is sure to be an action-packed and emotional rollercoaster, and we can’t wait to see how our heroes fare against these powerful demons. With each Kizuki possessing unique and terrifying abilities, our heroes will need all the help they can get to come out on top.

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