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Inside Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's romance

After videos emerged of the pair walking together through the stadium, Travis took to his New Heights Show podcast to comment on their star-studded crossover.

“I just thought it was awesome that everybody in the suite had nothing but great things to say about her. She looked amazing. Everybody was talking about her in a great light… and then we just slid off in the getaway car at the end.”

Travis also further commented on the couple’s rumoured relationship during his September 27 podcast episode, saying, “What’s real is my personal life and I want to respect both of our lives… She’s not in the media as much as I am doing this [podcast] every single week.

“I’m enjoying life and I sure as hell enjoyed this weekend, so everything moving forward, I think me talking about sports and saying, ‘Alright, nah,’ will have to be where I keep it.”

While he did not explicitly confirm his romance with Taylor, Travis certainly added fuel to the rumours, sharing that he may have had some extra help crossing paths with the pop star.

“You’ve got [Kansas City Chiefs Coach] Reid telling everybody he’s cupid. He’s been manifesting this the whole time. He’s the one that set us up,” he joked, adding, “I know that he had met the Swift family before so I don’t know. He could have been the one in the background the whole time.”

Although Taylor herself has yet to make a comment on whether she and Travis are actually an item, her appearance at the Kansas City Chiefs game was not the only time she has been spotted with Travis…

A few days after Taylor was spotted at the game, TMZ shared a candid snap of the rumoured new couple looking very cozy at a Kansas City bar.

On October 1, Page Six reported that Travis had spent the night at Taylor’s New York City apartment, with an insider telling the publication that the footballer was allegedly spotted leaving Taylor’s apartment around 11:00 a.m. in her Range Rover.

Later that evening, Taylor was spotted alongside a group of her A-list besties at New York’s MetLife Stadium attending Travis’ latest big match against the New York Jets.

Following the game, Travis and his brother Jason took to their New Heights Podcast to discuss the fan frenzy inside the stadium.

“Take away your feelings for Taylor. What is your honest opinion of how the NFL is treating celebrities at games,” Jason asked, with Travis responding, “I think everybody’s just overwhelmed.”

“I think it’s fun when they show who all is at the game, you know? I think it brings a little bit more to the atmosphere [and] brings a little bit more to what you’re watching. But at the same time, I think they’re overdoing it a little bit for sure – especially in my situation. I think they’re just trying to have fun with it,” he continued.

While the rumoured new couple have yet to officially confirm whether they are actually an item, Taylor’s second appearance at a Kansas City Chiefs game speaks volumes. While their initial crossover may have appeared to be out of the blue, an insider revealed the two already hung out twice prior to their first public sighting.

“It’s nothing serious,” a source clarified to the Messenger.

“She thinks he is very charming, and they have been texting this last week. He is a little embarrassed at how much attention they are getting, but he has told her he would love to continue seeing her.”

While we continue to keep a close eye out for any official news, we take a look back at all the boys Taylor loved before.

Joe Jonas

Dated from: July 2008-October 2008 Former Disney Channel star Joe Jonas broke Tay’s heart when he dumped her via a 27-second phone call after meeting actress Camilla Belle. There’s an iconic Ellen interview where she reveals as much.She dished about the “dramatic and crazy aftermath” of this on her Fearless album, telling her fans about how he was slowly slipping away in Forever and Always.

In recent years the pair had seemingly moved past their young and futile relationship – with Joe’s then-wife, Sophie Turner a proud Swiftie herself! However, as news broke of Joe and Sophie’s divorce in September 2023, Sophie’s frequent dinner dates with Taylor Swift herself has many fans questioning her stance with Joe.

Lucas Till

Dated from: March 2009-April 2009Swift fell for Lucas Till when he co-starred on her music video for “You Belong With Me”.

This was a short fling and didn’t cause enough drama to justify a song. Till stated the reason they broke up was because they were better off friends.

Taylor Lautner

Dated from:August 2009-December 2009Swift met the dreamy Twilight heart throb Taylor Lautner in her dressing room on the set of rom-com Valentine’s Day. Known by fans as TaySquared, the couple dated for a few months before things fizzled. They allegedly called it quits after Lautner’s 19th birthday party because he liked her more than she liked him. Their breakup spawned Swift’s song Back to December, which she released in 2010. And just like with Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner has gone on to marry a Swiftie! So it’s clear there’s no bad blood here either.

John Mayer

Dated from: December 2009-February 2010

Now there is DEFINITELY bad blood here.Swift’s rendezvous with the brooding older man John Mayer, 11 years her senior, ended on a sour note (providing great inspiration for several songs). Dear John – a 7 minute ballad – gave Mayer a very public dressing down and dished the details of their dramatic breakup. With lyrics like, “Don’t you think I was too young to be messed with? The girl in the dress cried the whole way home. I should’ve known.”

The saga is still ongoing, with Mayer regularly bringing it up. For some reason. Read more on their tumultuous timeline here.

Cory Monteith

Dated from: April 2010-May 2010.

Neither publicly confirmed they were dating, despite both of them blushing when Ellen DeGeneres asked them about their relationship.

It is speculated that the song Mine off her Speak Now album is all about what could have been if the relationship lasted.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Dated from: October 2010-January 2011. Swift and Gyllenhaal had a short-lived relationship full of PDA. Rumours say that Gyllenhaal broke up with Swift because of the age difference, which she highlights in the lengthy re-release of her song All Too Well.Connections were made to Gyllenhaal when TSwift mentioned in an NPR interview, that The Last Time was about an “experience I had with someone who was kind of this unreliable guy. You never know when he’s going to leave, you never know when he’s going to come back, but he always does come back.” And, of course, fans all know the songs We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and All Too Well are about the relationship.

Eddie Redmayne

Dated from: October 2011-January 2012″My Week With Marilyn” star Eddie Redmayne was long rumoured to be involved in a relationship with Taylor, however, he has regularly denied it.

“We got to sing together, which was a big moment for me, but no, we never went out,” he explained to Vanity Fair, revealing that the pair auditioned together for Les Misérables.

Zac Efron

Dated from:February 2012-March 2012Both deny the rumours that they were an item on the promotional circuit for their movie The Lorax. The duo even wrote a song denying that they were dating on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in a parody of Foster the People’s Pumped Up Kicks.

Conor Kennedy

Dated from:July 2012-October 2012Swift had a whirlwind summer romance with Conor Kennedy. Yes, of the KENNEDY family.Taylor explained in an interview with Ryan Seacrest that her single Begin Again is about when you dust yourself off after getting through a really bad relationship and many fans beleieved that Conor was the reason for lyrics like “it’s strange that you think I’m funny ’cause he never did”.

Harry Styles

Dated from: November 2012-January 2013Taylor had a brief relationship with Harry Styles from One Direction. They were under intense media scrutiny, even before they were “official.” The couple reportedly split after a row on their New Years holiday in the British Virgin Islands.

Styles was the inspo for I Knew You Were Trouble off her Red album. Swift tweeted the lyric from the song …”til you put me down”, for fans to know it was over.

Another two years later, in her 1989 highlight, Out Of The Woods is assumed to be about Styles because of lyrics referencing their snowmobile accident and December romance. And Style… because… duh.

Calvin Harris

Dated from: February 2015 – May 2016Swift met Calvin Harris through mutual friend, Ellie Goulding, at the Brit Awards in February of 2015. Sparks flew, and Harris became one of her longest relationships.

This match made in musical heaven was all over Instagram, with happy couple snaps of holidays and one year anniversary celebrations. Ongoing issues contributed to their ugly breakup (which ended up being all over Twitter), the main one being that Harris was intimidated by her success. The music video for Look What You Made Me Do makes a dig at Harris when she crawls out of a graveyard next to headstone reading “Nils Sjoberg,” her pseudonym used to disguise her identity for writing the lyrics to Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s hit, This is What You Came For.

Tom Hiddleston

Dated from: June 2016-September 2016Days before her public break-up with Calvin Harris, Swift was spotted dancing with Tom Hiddleston at the Met Gala (May 2016). Straight after her breakup with Harris, Hiddleswift were spotting canoodling on a Rhode Island beach. They had a short intense romance, meeting parents and travelling all over the world. Their amicable breakup was due to Hiddleston making the relationship more public than Swift was comfortable with. Songs including Getaway Car and Midnight Rain are believed to be about their short romance.

Joe Alwyn

Dated from: October 2016 – April 2023It’s hard to know when these two actually started dating as it was kept on the down low, and treated like a military mission by Swift’s security, though October 2016 is speculated to be the beginning of their romance. Many of Taylor’s tracks from Reputation, Lover, Folklore, Evermore and Midnights are about their romance.Don’t Blame Me references the future and gives clues that she is talking about her current relationship with the lyrics “Don’t blame me, your love made me crazy / My drug is my baby / I’ll be using for the rest of my life”Delicate refers to how Alwyn liked her despite the bad reputation she had at the time they met, as well as drawing attention to his striking blue eyes with the lyrics”My reputation’s never been worse, so you must like me for me / Dark jeans and your Nikes, look at you / Oh damn, never seen that colour blue.” Call It What You Want has a mixture of references about the Kimye feud and about Joe. Lyrics that suggest it may be about Joe refer to how he is not as famous as some of her previous beaus are, “My baby’s fly like a jet stream/ High above the whole scene”. Swift told fans that her song Gorgeous was about Joe during one of her secret listening sessions and Midnights was also full of songs about her beau.

Lover, Cruel Summer, Paper Rings, I Think He Knows, Lavender Haze and Mastermind are among the cheerful pop songs dedicated to Joe, while Sweet Nothing, Peace, Invisible String, Willow, and Snow On The Beach are her softer songs about their love.

However, news broke in April 2023 that the couple had split.

Matty Healy

Well, well, well. If it isn’t 2014 calling. You may have read it, though you may not believe it, but several news outlets claimed Taylor was in a relationship with The 1975 front-man and general menace Matty Healy in May 2023.

The Sun, The Daily Mail and Deuxmoi all began reporting that Taylor was dating her long-time pal Matty.

“She and Matty are madly in love,” a source shared with The Sun, “It’s super-early days, but it feels right. They first dated, very briefly, almost ten years ago but timings just didn’t work out.”

Did they ever actually date before? Back in 2015 rumours of the pair dating first emerged after some very tumblr-esque photos dropped of the duo enjoying a party together. But the British singer put an end to those rumours the following year.

“If I had [properly] gone out with Taylor Swift, I would’ve been, ‘F*****g hell, I am not being Taylor Swift’s boyfriend.’ You know, ‘f**k that” he told Q Magazine, of the rumours.

And while things can change and friends can become lovers – hello, Taylor’s own lyrics on Paper Rings suggest as much – fans weren’t quite believing the rumours until Matty himself was spotted at Taylor’s concert in Nashville on May 5.

The following night on May 6, Matty was once again in attendance at Taylor’s concert, even performing with Phoebe Bridgers and her Boygenious bandmates as the opening act for the night.

The DailyMail also obtained photos that appeared to show Taylor Swift and Matty Healy arriving at Taylor’s condo following her concert…..which begs the question, were Taylor Swift and Matty Healy legitimately dating?

It seems like we’ll never get an actual answer to the question since neither party have publically confirmed nor denied their relationship. Whether it was real or not, it’s clear the ‘relationship’ has fizzled out, with Matty moving on with Gabbriette Bechtel.

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