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50 Taylor Swift Quiz Questions and Answers

50 Taylor Swift Quiz Questions and Answers

Taylor Swift has been dominating the airwaves, the charts and our hearts since she burst on the scene as a fresh-faced country newcomer in 2006.

Weaving her way through numerous genre changes over the following years, she’s racked up countless accolades for her catchy earworms and heart-on-sleeve lyricism.

Whether you’ve been a loud and proud Swift stan since day 1, are a casual listener of her biggest hits, or secretly devoured her cottagecore masterpiece during lockdown, you can put your Taylor knowledge to the test here with our specially selected Taylor Swift Quiz Questions and Answers.

In this Taylor Swift quiz we’ll cover everything from cats to collaborators, and surprise singles to 63 feet snakes (yes really), so queue up Mastermind, and get ready to shake off any nerves with our Taylor Swift Quiz Questions and Answers (Kwizzbit’s Version).

Are you ready for it?

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Taylor Swift Quiz Questions and Answers


  1. Taylor’s 2023 Eras tour kicked off in which US state?
  2. Taylor surprise released ‘All Of The Girls You Loved Before’ in March 2023, a vault track from which album?
  3. What are Taylor’s fans referred to as?
  4. How many co-writers feature on the standard edition of Taylor’s third album ‘Speak Now’?
  5. “They’re burning all the witches even if you aren’t one” is a lyric from which song?
  6. On which American TV show did Taylor announce that her first re-recorded song ‘Love Story (Taylor’s Version)’ was being released?
  7. What is Taylor’s lucky number?
  8. Filming for Taylor’s reputation tour Netflix special took place in which city?
  9. ATW10MVTVFTV is an acronym for one of Taylor’s song titles. What does it stand for?
  10. Taylor’s mythical ‘lost album’, which was supposedly replaced with reputation, is said to have been titled what?
  11. Which album earnt Taylor her third Album of the Year Grammy at the award show’s 2021 ceremony?
  12. As of March 2023, which ‘Taylor’s Versions’ had been released?
  13. Taylor has had two UK Number 1 hits. Which songs were they?
  14. What colour haze does Taylor refer to in the second single from ‘Midnights’?
  15. The yoghurt shop shirt mentioned in ‘Invisible String’ is what colour?
  16. Taylor had which long-time friend, rival and fellow popstar appear in her ‘You Need to Calm Down’ music video?
  17. Taylor’s bleached hair phase is affectionately referred to as what by her fanbase?
  18. What sort of farm did Taylor grow up on?
  19. Taylor’s international breakout hit ‘Love Story’ referenced which Shakespearean play?
  20. Which of Taylor’s music videos was the first to be directed by Joseph Kahn?
  21. Which album was released two years before ‘1989’?
  22. What is the name of the giant inflatable snake featured during the reputation stadium tour?
  23. Taylor is from which US state?
  24. What is Taylor’s Starbucks order?
  25. Which album gave Taylor three US number 1 hits?
  26. What is the first lyric on Taylor’s 2022 album ‘Midnights’?
  27. During which album’s tour did Taylor regularly take to the stage with lyrics written down her arms?
  28. What song did Taylor dress up as a circus performer to sing on the Red tour?
  29. Taylor first cut her iconic fringe on the set of a photoshoot; true or false?
  30. Which was Taylor’s first album where the masters are owned entirely by her?
  31. Taylor has won the most American Music Awards in history. As of April 2023, how many has she won?
  32. Finish the lyric: “Wake up and smell the break-up, fix my heart…”
  33. What was Taylor’s character called in the 2010 movie ‘Valentine’s Day’?
  34. ‘The Other Side Of The Door’ is a song from which Taylor Swift album?
  35. What year was Taylor born?
  36. Taylor had her directorial debut whilst co-directing the music video for which song?
  37. ‘Folklore’ is Taylor’s longest album of all her standard edition albums (not including ‘Taylor’s Versions’). True or false?
  38. What, in age order from oldest to youngest, are the names of Taylor’s three cats?
  39. Which album did Taylor surprise release in December 2020?
  40. Who was the song ‘Starlight’ inspired by and written about?
  41. Which producer notably did not return for the re-recording of ‘Fearless’?
  42. Taylor told Jimmy Fallon that she would do “anything” to bring who up in conversation whenever she could?
  43. “No one teaches you what to do, when a good man hurts you, and you know you hurt him too” is a lyric from which song?
  44. What city does Taylor welcome us to on the first track of ‘1989’?
  45. Who is the only featured artist on ‘Midnights’?
  46. In the Lover house, which album is represented by the attic?
  47. Taylor is ending the US leg of the Eras tour with five nights in which city?
  48. What was Taylor’s first song to make the Billboard Hot 100 top 40?
  49. Who is Taylor Swift named after?
  50. Which artist features on the ‘Red’ and ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’ track ‘The Last Time’?

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  1. Arizona (or as Taylor calls it, Eras-zona!)
  2. Lover
  3. Swifties
  4. Zero – she wrote it by herself!
  5. I Did Something Bad
  6. Good Morning America
  7. 13
  8. Arlington, Texas
  9. All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault)
  10. Karma
  11. folklore
  12. Fearless (Taylor’s Version), Red (Taylor’s Version)
  13. Look What You Made Me Do, Anti-Hero
  14. Lavender
  15. Teal
  16. Katy Perry
  17. Bleachella
  18. A Christmas tree farm
  19. Romeo & Juliet
  20. Blank Space
  21. Red
  22. Karyn
  23. Pennsylvania
  24. Grande caramel non-fat latte
  25. 1989 – it spawned ‘Shake It Off’, ‘Blank Space’ and ‘Bad Blood’
  26. “Meet me at Midnight”
  27. Speak Now
  28. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
  29. True – it was an impromptu cut for the cover of Vogue.
  30. Lover
  31. 40
  32. “Put on my make-up”, from ‘I heart ?’.
  33. Felicia
  34. Fearless
  35. 1989
  36. Mine
  37. False! It’s ‘Speak Now’ at a whopping 1 hour 7 minutes (‘folklore’ is 1 hour 3 minutes)
  38. Meredith Gray, Olivia Benson, Benjamin Button
  39. Evermore
  40. Ethel and Bobby Kennedy
  41. Nathan Chapman
  42. Selena Gomez
  43. Happiness
  44. New York
  45. Lana Del Rey
  46. reputation
  47. Los Angeles
  48. Tim McGraw
  49. James Taylor
  50. Gary Lightbody

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