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Steelers: Ryan Clark confronts Antonio Brown about practice drama involving Dick LeBeau

Former Pittsburgh Steeler Ryan Clark recently confronted Antonio Brown about his practice drama with former Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau.

On a recent episode of the athlete-led “The Pivot Podcast”, NFL analyst and former Steelers safety Ryan Clark hosted his former teammate, Antonio Brown.

In their hour-long conversation, Brown spoke with Clark, Channing Crowder and Fred Taylor about his NFL career and his life after the NFL, which included an explanation behind Brown’s balaclava mimicking Kanye West’s recent trend.

Before they launched into these topics, Clark opened the hour with a sincere apology to Brown, stating that he should have reached out to him while on the team before critiquing him publicly.

“I should have been better as an OG and been better in the way that I dealt with you,” Clark said.

With the air cleared, Clark and Brown finally had time to rehash one of Brown’s more memorable moments as a Steeler: when he got in a fight with Ryan Clark at practice and then came for Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau.

Nah man I’m crying https://t.co/sCvEuiCIfZ pic.twitter.com/auh2YSop8c

Ryan Clark and Antonio Brown relive their Steelers fight involving Dick LeBeau

At the 52-minute mark, Clark and Brown recounted that this was the same day that Brown signed a five-year, $42 million contract to remain with the Steelers from 2012 to 2017. They were playing one-on-one at practice, and Brown was ready to show his skills, saying, “you know me—I go deep every time.”

When Brown attempted his route, he got slapped in the head by a defensive back two times. He let it go the first time, but the second time, he threatened the player with a fight. When LeBeau intervened, Brown said he would mess him up too. At this point, Clark, who was seen as the veteran defensive leader at the time, saw Brown’s actions as a confirmation that his massive contract inflated his ego.

“‘Man, I knew when he got the money that he was going to change!’” Brown said, quoting Clark.

Brown then said that the older guys on the Steelers resented him for making so much more money than they ever did, to which Clark replied: “Antonio Brown is so full of s*** right now.”

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