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Seattle Seahawks violently disrespect Russell Wilson with Twitter post

The Seattle Seahawks, on Wednesday, violently disrespected the best player in their franchise’s history with an extremely petty post on Twitter. This is actually insane and a slap in the face to Russell Wilson, who made that franchise relevant. On Twitter, (or X) the Seahawks posted a flashback to a 2014 Thanksgiving Day game.

For context, they play on Thanksgiving this year against the San Francisco 49ers. Well, back in 2014, they bested the 49ers on a Thanksgiving Day game. Here’s what the team tweeted out, in a huge disrespect to Russell Wilson:

🍽️ https://t.co/0vGogY1PBZ pic.twitter.com/LZtVWJZeFI

The post they put out is former CB Richard Sherman munching on a giant turkey leg. It’s become a tradition in the NFL for the teams who win on Thanksgiving to enjoy a feast while being interviewed by the media. That’s what Sherman was doing, but take a look at the entire picture:

The Seahawks are a poverty franchise man https://t.co/OiEXgMZXlh pic.twitter.com/h9iZ8RmT1X

Who is that man on the left? Well, it’s none other than former Seahawks QB Russell Wilson, who threw for 236 yards and one touchdown in the Seahawks 19-3 win on Thanksgiving. This was the season after their Super Bowl title over the Denver Broncos. Seattle got back to the Super Bowl in 2014, and we all know what happened.

Anyway, the Seahawks cropping this picture to only show Sherman who appears to be Michele Tafoya is amazingly disrespectful, and I really don’t think I need to explain why. Could you imagine if the Denver Broncos did this with Von Miller? Well, they wouldn’t, since the Broncos have more class than the Seahawks, who are currently enduring pretty rough QB play from Geno Smith.

The Seahawks are likely losing their Thanksgiving Day game this year against Brock Purdy and Kyle Shanahan, and if you in Broncos Country needed another reason to root against Seattle, here it is. It’s so odd that the Seahawks treat Wilson like this, even if it was Wilson himself who wanted to be traded. We saw that the 2022 season opener wasn’t kind to Russell Wilson, who was welcomed back to Seattle with a chorus of boos.

DangeRuss injected new life into that franchise and built a Hall of Fame career with them. He’s going to go down as one of the three best dual-threat QBs of all time, and deserves more respect for the player he was with the Seahawks and what he’s meant to the game as a dual-threat passer.

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