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Rick Miller: The Dark Prince

The Dark Prince : With the ability to manipulate time itself, you have the chance to become the greatest king the world has ever known. What wars you could have fought; what monuments you could have erected in your honor; what women you could get. But you have failed me, Prince. You grew soft and sympathetic; my attempts to convince you to seek glory fell on deaf ears. So, I bided my time; waiting for the proper moment to strike. You do not deserve what you have been given, control over the world’s greatest empire. With the power of the Sands at your command you could rule the world. You have squandered it Prince, I will do it justice, and so it should be *mine*!

The Prince : You are just a parasite, you deserve NOTHING!

The Dark Prince : But don’t I? Have I not earned it? Do you think you’d still be here if not for me? How many times did I save you? How many times have I unblocked your path, cut down your enemies, remind you of your mission? While all you did was cry about your father, and Kaileena, and Farah, how everything bad always happens to you. Boo hoo, Prince.

The Prince : Your words are empty, have always been empty. You are just a reckless, selfish spirit.

The Dark Prince : If I am selfish, Prince, it is because *you* are. If I am ruthless and reckless and lacking in morals, it is because *you* are. I did not spin myself from out of the ether, I was not conjured by some mad vizier; I am *YOU*.

The Prince : No, I have seen the error of my ways, and I have atoned for the trangressions of my past. I am no longer that person.

The Dark Prince : Seasons change, tastes change. But people… people never change. You delude yourself believing otherwise. Do not fight me. Set down your sword; embrace me. Do you mean to kill me then, to cut me down like all your other enemies? SWING THAT SWORD, PRINCE! We’ll see how well that works. Such violence, your anger serves only to feed me. So I have to ask, have you really changed? After all, I’m still right here standing before you.

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