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Rank Her Album Covers from Best to Worst!

Rank Her Album Covers from Best to Worst!

Inspired by my hit thread in Katy Perry section, let’s rank MC’s album covers from best to worst! Also, please do explain why you think what you think about it. I’ll start with mine:

1. Emotions

~ Surprisingly, this image is probably my favorite out of every album covers that Mariah has in her discography. It’s her most artistic artwork, from the angle of the picture to the selection of font. I, as with many other Lambs, usually looked over the subtlety that this image evoked simply because of its disastrous sepia tone. But the cover was also produced with a more golden hue like the one seen above for the vinyl release and it truly helps me to appreciate the true beauty of this image. She’s not only biracial, she’s multiracial. The post-armageddon-like desert is her escape from the harsh world that treated her humanity wrongly. She could only express her emotions in this unknown place; the desolate location is where she belonged. Outside.

2. Butterfly


~ This image is iconic for many Lambs and non-fans alike. It is perhaps only rivaled by her Daydream cover. I prefer the textless version of this image as her name written on the image breaks the symbolism. The color scheme is super earthly (there’s another iteration with an even more honey-like color that I use for my digital copy) and goes very well with the sound of the music. I like that she didn’t hold the butterfly but rather it sat on top of her fingers. This translates to Mariah herself being one and the same with the insect; she is indeed the butterfly who serenades listeners with all of these intimate, almost diary-like songs. I know that butterfly can’t sing, but it’s a pretty dope symbolism. Just like butterflies, she flies where she wants to go and only comes down on the right place at the right time. What a beauty!

3. Daydream

~ This image is pretty tricky for me. It’s a zoomed-in picture, a headshot portrait produced from her Fantasy single cover. As you might already know (or not know), her hand is actually edited in this picture. Yes, the palm of her hand is technically still right there on her dark hair. It’s quite confusing, but a beautiful image regardless. She looks almost like a statue with this black and white color scheme and I like it. Somehow it feels like an extension of Emotions where she once again escaped from reality into a world only herself knowing. However, this time it’s more tragic as she clearly defined her musings as a daydream. When the daydream ends, reality crashes back in harder than before. A truly melodramatic opera only she knew how to make.

4. Rainbow


~ Regardless of what we may feel about this album, the cover is a slay. It’s camp without trying too hard (unlike the Glitter aesthetics) and it’s the first time we’ve ever looked at her body in a different light. She looks healthy on this cover and her sexiness is displayed as playful and cool. It’s fresh, it’s modern, and it’s simply iconic for the Lambs especially. The painted-on-her-top rainbows only enhances the likability of the record. Not to mention that this is also her first album where the last track is a happier encore compared to her standard sad endings. After tonight, we truly stayed with her, and it’s the best decision that we all have ever made in our lives.

5. Mariah Carey

~ Throw me as many stones as you want, but this image is simply stunning. Sure, it’s just a portrait without much else happening in it. But the black background, the mystical Biblical-drawing-like effect that the light created on her opulent skin tone, and her name written above her. It’s all just perfect. The reason why I didn’t rank this higher is because of its nostalgia-induced feeling, perhaps it only worked this well for me because it’s the very first image that I have ever came across when I googled her name 9 years ago. Still, I love it very much.

6. The Emancipation of Mimi


~ Her third attempt in being campy, second time it actually worked for me. This image and honestly the entire era’s aesthetics went well with the camp. It’s because she didn’t try to be campy, she just is. Down to the point where she had to lighten her skin tone in the later pressings of this record because she looked like Beyoncé in the first-pressings of this cover. There’s also that one ultra platinum edition, it’s also pretty amazing. She actually tried to make it all about elegance and diva-ism with a lot of the music videos from this era, but Mariah is the daughter of modern camp culture. It comes naturally with her. Who else could bravely titled their album after her nickname with emancipation as the thesis? Only Mariah Carey, that is.

7. E=MC2

~ At this point in her career she had well usurped campiness into her bloodstream. Camp is her identity. It kind of crossed the line of fabulously camp/try-too-hard to be so, but the unicorn from the Touch My Body music video won over the three Mariahs in Don’t Stop (Funkin’ 4 Jamaica) video from the Glitter era. Everything about this image is hilarious, extravagant, potent, and sensational. Not bad for a record with no good music, oops.

8. Merry Christmas

~ Forget what I said about her post-1990s campiness. This is her majesty’s true masterpiece of pop-art from the school of camp. Like I stated previously, Mariah is good at being campy when she isn’t trying to be camp. It should always comes naturally, a little bit of sublime and unexpectedness. The fact that she is wearing Santa Claus outfit while grinning widely in this photo is just mind-bogglingly spectacular! She is Christmas, so here’s her salutation for all of the Earth: merry Mariah Carey!

9. Caution


~ Surprisingly, this is not camp. It’s pretty dope for the bisexual lighting and all, but it’s the very first time since forever in her oeuvre where she didn’t inject even just a little bit of camp into her album art. Rather it’s a sleek and confident portrayal of the current Mariah. The one who has surpassed all of the expectations, criticisms, acclaims, and receptions. It’s Mariah at her most singer-songwriter-y phase. The image goes very well with the sexy mood of the record. She might also paid tribute to her debut album and Daydream with this cover, but that could be a reach. Nevertheless, this cover with its great music function as what it’s intended to be. A caution for all, including herself most importantly.

10. Merry Christmas II You

~ Ok, you have to forgive her for this. You just have to. Mariah and Christmas are two peas in the same pod; what with being the most notable figure of Christmas after Jesus Christ himself in the post-modern era. This image is basically the lady from the Rainbow cover all-grown-up and living her life. Thriving. I mean, what more do you want? There’s a snowman in that picture!

11. Me. I Am Supposed to be Titled “The Art of Letting Go”



~ I’m…not mad at these? At least not as mad as I once was when I first acquired this album in my iTunes. All three of these pictures are nice, but the standing one is too similar with The Emancipation of Mimi’s pose(s). I like the color schemes a lot. The third image is probably the most natural Mariah has ever looked on her album cover since her debut. Pretty good.

12. That One Soundtrack Previously Planned to be “All That Glitter”


~ I’m not mad at this title. Not at all. I like the record a lot. But this design is a bad editing choice. My eyes are burnt because of all that glitz and glitters. Too zany for her own good and the overall aesthetics of the era was just a try hard. An “A” for those buildings in the background though, looks fab.

13. Memories of an Imperfect Artwork

~ This is just bad. Luckily, bad is better than boring in Mariah’s world. I don’t like the three Mariahs with the sexy milky white dress. I don’t like size of her shadow boobs. I don’t like her hair in either of these poses. I like the “Memoirs of an imperfect angel” font though, that’s pretty. Overall, she could do better.

14. A Celine Record, or Whitney’s It’s OK You Decide


~ Yeah, this is the boring one. Suits the music, I guess. One thing that I like, if I have to, is that she looks as if she laid her head on top of a cushion. It’s actually her arm. Nice!

15. Charmbracelet

~ Where is the charmbracelet? Is it her? Clearly, it’s not. The album sold considerably well on its own, but poorly in Mariah’s standard. So, no, she’s not the bringer of luck. Ah, turns out it’s the songs that are her charms! Well, that’s nice. But why the hand at the corner though? Also, where is the bracelet? I’ll keep asking this question until the end of my time.

So, there you have it. Share your rankings and reasons below. I’m looking forward to read it!


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