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Fantasy Baseball Team & League Names – Cool & Clever Ideas for 2024

There are classic formulas for brainstorming awesome fantasy baseball team names.

  • Puns based on baseball slang
  • Puns based on a favorite baseball team or player
  • Baseball puns referencing TV, music, or movies
  • Non-puns, I guess? (not completely sold on this one)

Whether you’re looking for clever, funny, or offensive, this article will help you find the perfect fantasy baseball team name for 2024.

Fantasy Baseball Team Names for 2024

Some people will tell you the person who won the playoff bracket is the champion. I say it’s the fantasy baseball team with the funniest name at the end of the season.

Big League Chew-pacabras

Let’s Get it On Base

Smalls Killers

Spoiler alert: this probably won’t be the last Sandlot-based fantasy baseball team name on this list.

The Queens Gambit

I was inordinately happy when I heard about this show. Not because I love chess particularly, but because new fantasy MLB team names this perfect don’t come around that often.

This is definitely one of the top fantasy baseball team names of 2020.

BasebAll or Nothing


This is one of the best baseball fantasy names because Mike Trout is the ultimate outlier.

Ryu Jays

The Bryce is Right

U Down With OBP?

Yeah, you know means.



Covid Fantasy Baseball Team Names

You know the old saying: tragedy plus time equals fantasy baseball team names.


The Starting Covid-9

The Pand Lot

You’re killing me, smalls. If by smalls, you mean coronavirus.


This baseball fantasy name can even be a Johnny Damon 2004 Red Sox reference if that’s your kind of tea party.

Justin Ventilator

More Astros fantasy baseball names to come.


Yasmani Grandal has been one of the only decent fantasy MLB catchers for the better part of a decade. Plus, you can sing his name to the tune of Raspberry Beret, which is fun.

J.D. Quarentinez

Winning is Contagious

Unprecedented Tims

Here’s a fun fact: Tim Anderson is the only good active baseball player named Tim.


You can try Corona Rockies, if that’s not too far of a reach.

Offensive & Dirty Fantasy Baseball Names

Like beauty, music, and barbeque, offensiveness is a subjective thing. That said, if you just made it through my list of coronavirus fantasy MLB names, you should be fine.

Now that you’re warned, he’s my list of NSFW, offensive, and dirty fantasy baseball names for 2024.

The Bichette is Back

This name is an especially dirty fantasy baseball name if you’re a fan of Bo Bichette’s dad Dante as well. And I was – big time.

We’ve got more Bo Bichette fantasy team names where that came from.

Show Me Your Tatis

I have to admit this is my favorite NSFW fantasy baseball name.

Joe Buck Yourself

Story’s Happy Endings

Bundy’s Killin’ It

Dylan, not Ted. That guy was actually not very cool.

Don’t Bogaerts that Joint

Free Basers

Betts Sluts

Lowe Jobs

I’ll break down this offensive fantasy baseball team name for you. Brandon Lowe hits home runs (i.e. baseball slang for jobs).

And there are no other meanings.

Biggo Sticks

I prefer the alternative, Bigg Sticks.

Dirty Bunts

Who Are These Fucking Guys?

Classic Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Here are some nostalgic fantasy MLB names if your league goes for class over crass.

And hey, if you are, hit me up! I’m always looking for a chill league.

New York Baseball Giants

Rockford Peaches

The 1994 Montreal Expos

A baseball fantasy name inspired by a true baseball tragedy.

Not in Our League

Lords of the Realm

This creative fantasy baseball team name is based on one of the great baseball books of all time. You get bonus points if you can do Lourdes of the Realm.


Lollygaggers is a classic phrase from a classic scene from a classic movie.

Schilling Me Softly

The Musial Suspects

Stockings and Spats

Brooklyn Tip-Tops

It’s a very classy move to name your modern fantasy baseball team after a team from a bygone era. Honestly, I could do an article of just names of old baseball teams.

But here’s a handful of my favorites:

  • Wilmington Quick-Steps
  • Pittsburgh Stogies
  • Cleveland Spiders
  • Newark Peppers
  • Baltimore Terrapins

Funny Fantasy Baseball Name Ideas

How do baseball players keep in touch with each other? They try to touch base when they can. [Hold the applause]

Yep, I saved the funniest fantasy MLB names of this section.

Good Eye Mates

Acuña Matata

DJ Trea Turner’s Tray Turners

Lugo My Yugo

Seth Lugo is a pitcher. The Yugo was a car. Leggo My Eggo was a slogan.

In this hilarious fantasy baseball name, it somehow all works together.

In Didi Did

RBI’d for Her Pleasure

Our list of fantasy baseball abbreviations might help you interpret this one.

Ozuna or Later

I Just Mets You, So Call John Mabry

We have an entire article dedicated to Mets fantasy baseball names.

Max Fried Chicken

When it comes to funny fantasy baseball names, you can Frie anything:

  • Fried Dumplings
  • Fried Fish – even better if he ever gets traded to the Marlins
  • Fried Cauliflower
  • Fried Snickers

Cool Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Here is my list of cool fantasy baseball names for your 2024 team. That is, assuming you trust a middle-aged white dude’s evaluation of what’s cool.

Velociraptor Paddack

Zen Cohen

If anyone can afford to be cool, it’s baseball’s richest owner.



The Lindoors of Perception

This cool fantasy baseball name is simultaneously a Doors reference, a William Blake reference, and a reference for absolutely nobody.

Nelson Cruz Liners

Tim Bandits

The coolest fantasy baseball team name because Tim Anderson steals bases while the Time Bandits steal hearts.

Rays Bannon

You can even expand this fantasy baseball name into Rays Bannon’s Quest if you feel like going deeper.

Snells Like Team Spirit

This idea is a grungy fantasy baseball name for us products of the 90s.

Homestead Gray Aliens

Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers

See my previous comment on defunct team names. And if the Dodgers are your team, we have a full list of Dodgers fantasy baseball names.

Rico Suarez

A suave fantasy baseball name. Go ahead, you know you want to sing it.

Clever Baseball Fantasy Team Names

These clever fantasy baseball names are like a left-handed power bat off the bench. They aren’t always needed, but at the right time and place can crush it.

And the Teoscar Goes to…

Glasnow and Peristroika

Declaring Marcell Law

Detroit Tigers’ Neighborhood

The parents out there will get this clever fantasy baseball name.

Royals Hobbs


Dansby Swansong

The Yoan and the Restless

deWallace and deGrom

Release The Kraken of the Bat

Stone Cold Loch Ness Monsters

Blue Jays Fantasy Team Names

The Blue Jays are in a challenging position. Every year, they have to overcome the smarts of the Rays and the money of both the Yankees and Red Sox.

But at least they get 19 games against the Orioles.

Junior Hall of Famers

Junior Jays

Blue Juniors

The Teoscar Goes To

Reese’s Piece

You can click this link if you don’t understand this Blue Jays team name. But I can’t say I recommend it!

The Grich That Stole Christmas

The Grinch certainly can’t steal a base.

Reduce, Ryu’s, Recycle


Super Manoah

You can adjust this Blue Jays fantasy name for almost any superhero:

  • Spider-Manoah
  • BatManoah
  • Iron Manoah

Oops! All Berrios


What Alec Manoah is to superhero names, Jose Berrios is to berry names. StrawBerrios, RaspBerrios, and LingonBerrios for our Swedish friends, etc.

Robbie Ray of Sunshine

Raysing the Bar

Bring Your Ray Game

Matz Amore

Lourdes of the Realm

Lost in all the Guerrero/Bichette/Biggio hype is that Lourdes Gurriel Sr. is a Cuban baseball legend. Couple this fact with the Lords of the Realm book and you’ve got a great Blue Jays fantasy baseball name.

Vladimir Guerrero Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Vlad Sr. is a tough act to follow, but the Jr. Guerrero is off to a pretty good start. The 169 OPS+ that he posted in 2021 is higher than any mark his father ever put up (and he was only 22 at the time).

Vlad’s Impalers

Vlad’s Amore

Vlad You Came

Vladdy Interesting


Guerrerow You’re Boat

Vladdie Island

This Blue Jays fantasy baseball name is for true Canadians only.

Bo Bichette Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Bold prediction time: Bo Bichette will surpass his father Dante in every significant statistical category. And I say this as an unapologetic Dante Bichette stan.

Heck, he had more WAR in one season than his father had in his whole career. So maybe that prediction isn’t so bold?

Bichette Happens

You might shorten this Blue Jays fantasy name idea to Chette Happens.

Bich Please

It’s not my fault that Bichette is perfect for two separate swear-word puns.

The Bichette Is Back

This is the perfect post-lockout team name for Blue Jays fans.

Dante’s InfernBo

Bo’s Flow

Bo is a better all-around player than his dad. But they both have equally iconic helmet flows.

Toronto Blue Jays Fantasy Names from Around the Web

The Internet needs to catch up to how good the Jays really are. Most of the fantasy baseball team names lists I found still think their best player is Jose Bautista.

You’ve Gotta Bi-Chetting Me

Ryu Ready

Remember the Alomar

The Springer Show

Springer Training

Olerud Awakening

Dingle Berrios

Gurriel Warfare

New York Mets Fantasy Team Names

If anyone knows how to love an underdog, it’s Mets fans. Maybe they’re not as fancy as the crosstown Yankees (see our Yankees fantasy team names), but that may also be part of the appeal.

But as much fun as it is being an underdog, winning a championship every thirty years or so would still be appreciated.

The Queens Gambit

Polar Bear Habitat

Huge dingers. Great nickname. I predict a blizzard of Pete Alonso fantasy team names in the coming years!

Polar Bear Plungers

For this Mets fantasy team name, you could go with Polar Bear Plunge if the word plunger conjures up too many unpleasant associations.

Zen Cohen

Very Cohenteresting

Kings of Queens

Piazza My Heart

Mets Not and Say We Did


Feels Like Starling Over

Starling Lineup

All-Starling Team


There’s also K%-Marte for the stats crowd or Kwik-E-Marte for Simpsons fans.

Nimmo Money, Nimmo Problems

I Seve What You Did There

You’ve Been Seved

Rey Ordoñez of Sunshine

Er Ma Syndergaard

I know he’s not with the Mets anymore, but I still carry a torch for Thor. Pour one out for what could have been.

All That is Wright and Gooden the World

This idea is probably the most wholesome team name for fantasy baseball that I’ve ever written.

Jacob deGrom Fantasy Baseball Team Names

It’s rare that you know you’re watching a Hall-of-Famer pitch. Soak it in while it’s here, people.

Total deGromination

Total deGromination is a solid Mets team name. It’s an ok pun, but deGrom’s dominance is very, very real.

CD-Grom Drive

J.De Power and Associates

deWallace and deGrom

deGrom the Space Knight

Most people will have no idea what I’m talking about here. If you remember Rom the Space Knight, then know that we are soul brothers.

Francisco Lindor Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Francisco Lindor is always a threat to lead the league in SPG – Smiles Per Game.


Don’t Let the Lindor Hit You

The Lindoors of Perception

This Mets fantasy name is pretentious AF. But that may be how you like it.

McNeil-Lindor News Hour

The ‘Cisco Kid

Max Scherzer Fantasy Team Names

You can sing Maxey Scherzer Eyes to the tube of Betty Davis Eyes (not that your brain needed that inside of it).

Ain’t Schered

Victory is Scherzertain

Zertainly Not

Max Volume

Mets to the Max

I suppose it was more like Max to the Mets. But that’s not a good Mets fantasy baseball team name.

Mets Fantasy Baseball Names from Around the Web

I’m swiping New York Mets fantasy baseball names like Starling Marte swipes bags.

Citi Life

Shea La Vie

Did It All for the Mookie



What year is it? 2002? Don’t use this name.

Los Angeles Dodgers Fantasy Team Names

The best player in any Dodgers home game isn’t on the field; they’re in the organ pit. Dieter Ruhle is the GOAT organist in baseball, based on nothing but my own opinions and biases.

Forget Dodgers fantasy team names. When are we going to start writing fantasy organ player team names?

Brooklyn Trolleydodgers

Vinning is Everything

Scully Caps

Los Doyers

Orel Exams

You can probably come up with unwholesome Orel/Oral puns on your own.


Trea Cool

Justin Time

Two Turns

Ring The Bellis

Seager Later

Would you choose the Rangers over the Dodgers? Ok bro, have fun losing!

Grilled Pollock

Pollock Jokes

Austin Power

Uncle Albert, Admiral Muncy

Buehler, Buehler, Buehler

No Lux Given

Get in Ma Belli

Clever Dodgers Fantasy Baseball Team Names

You have no heart if your roster doesn’t include at least one player from your favorite team. But if you have more than two players from your favorite team, let’s hope you’re a Dodgers fan.

Seager and Destroy

If you trust your audience, you could name your fantasy baseball team Seag and Destroy.

Kershawshank Redemption

Walker Buehler’s Day Off

Buehler. Buehler. Buehler.

I like this Dodgers fantasy team names with periods because it really sells the Ben Stein inflection.

Ring My Bellinger

No Uri

This Dodgers fantasy name translates to no hurry. But you could also go with No Uris, as in no worries.

Joc Itch

I Like Big Betts

And I cannot lie.

All Betts are Off

Do you guys remember all those great catches Mookie Betts made in the 2020 postseason? That doesn’t have anything to do with these names- just like thinking about it.

Mookie Betts Fantasy Baseball Team Names

I’m genuinely confused as to why Mookie Betts isn’t more famous. He’s intelligent, funny, and fun to watch at-bat, in the field, and on the bases.

There should be a Mookie Betts fantasy team name in every fantasy baseball league. We’ll help you do your part.

Placing Big Betts

Risky Betts

I Like Big Betts

Did It All For the Mookie


Clayton Kershaw Fantasy Baseball Team Names

These are some Clayton Kershaw team names to help you celebrate the future Hall of Famer. He’s one of the greatest pitchers you’ll see in your lifetime.

So enjoy it while he’s here, people.

We’re All Gonna Get Clayed!

Claytons of Fun

Heavy Claytonage

Jars of Clayton

Kershwin Tunes

Kershwin Music, George Kershwin, etc.

Public Enemy Number Won

L.A. Dodgers Team Names from Around the League

I’m the Andrew Friedman of Los Angeles Dodgers fantasy baseball names. I unapologetically pluck the best team names from other organizations to fill out our rosters.

For Whom the Bellinger Tolls

Hold On to Your Betts

Saved By the Bellinger

Walker Buehler’s Day Off

Mookie Monster

Kershawshank Redemption

Ethier Win Or Go Home

I think he’s been retired so long that Andre Ethier team names can be cool again.


New York Yankees Fantasy Names

It’s always struck me as a little too coincidental that the name of the Yankees’ GM is Cashman. Cash. Man.

That’s the guy’s name who wields more signing power than any other GM in the sport. I think they figured anyone with Yankees money could do a pretty good job, so they went for the joke.

The Boonedocks

Daddy Yankees

Gleyber Day

Shout out to my man John Sterling up in the booth.

Mantle Pieces

Cole Cream

Low Interest Giancarloans

Stantons of Fun

New York Hicks

Gallo Vinyards

Gathering of the JoeGallos

Mets no Sweats

Cole Hearted

Stone Cole Locks

Ice Cole


Granted, these two players qualify as lesser Yankees. But maybe that’s the type of Yankees fantasy team names that you dig?

Stanton Ceremony

Yogi Berra’s Picnic Baskets

DiMaggiOH NO

If you’re a commissioner of fantasy baseball league, check out our article on fantasy baseball league names.

Aaron Judge Fantasy Baseball Team Names

The thing about Aaron Judge fantasy baseball team names is that they have to be Judge references. It’s too strong of a name to start making silly puns.

But that works for likely the strongest dude in baseball.

Here Come da Judge

Don’t You Judge Me

Judge’s Chambers

Judgement Day

Terminator: Judgement Day

There’s this Aaron Judge fantasy name in case plain ol’ Judgement Day isn’t enough for you.

Rush to Judge

Derek Jeter Fantasy Baseball Names

I’m glad that Derek Jeter finally stepped away from the Marlins. How do you go from having number two retired in Monument Park to a franchise that’s a number two?

Jeet Cannon

Jeters Always Win

Dirty Jeters

Jeter Done

This Derek Jeter fantasy baseball name makes more sense if you read it in Larry the Cable Guy’s voice.

Derek Jeter’s Gift Baskets

New York Yankees Team Names from Around the Internet

The Yankees are known for plucking the top talent from lesser franchises. And so am I.

Stanton Island

This Giancarlo Stanton fantasy baseball team name is perfect. To be honest, I’m a little jealous I didn’t write it myself.

Dirty Sanchez

Aroldis Joint


Brittony Spears

In Da Kluber

Advanced Gleybermetrics

Shots of Jameson

Cubs Fantasy Baseball Names

Why Cubs fantasy baseball team names? Remember, it’s always 2016 somewhere.

Cubby Hubby

Wriggly Feels

Twirling Darvishes

Hayward Jablome

Mr. Mago

What I love about Javy Baez is how he makes even the most mundane aspects of baseball seem amazing. To see what I mean, check out this highlight reel of nothing but Il Mago’s tags.

Rizzo and Isles

The Life of Bryant

Schwarber Shop

A to the Rizzo

Lester We Forget

Astros Fantasy Baseball Names

Guys, 2017 was in the past, ok? We don’t need to keep making fun of it.

Well, maybe a little more fun.

Tipped Bitches


I won’t say that the Banging Scheme invalidated the Astros championship, but it was definitely trashy.

Codebreaks and Pains

Dark Arts Holes

Bang the Trash Can Slowly

This Astros fantasy team name is a classic baseball tearjerker reference made modern with a little Astros shade.

Series Bregulars

Bregging Mantis

Greinke Blackness

North Correa

The River Yordan

Framber Colored Energy

Tucker Gently

Kyle Tucker looks like he’s going to be effective for a long time. I love this because you can integrate Tucker into so many fantasy baseball names (most of them dirty):

Yankees Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Why Yankees fantasy baseball names? Because no one else ever actually wins the championship, they’re just holding it for the Yankees.

Null and Voit

LeGhosts in LeMachine

Aroldis Royce

Gleyber Day

My apologies to John Sterling for this Yankees fantasy team name.

Gleyber Union

Babe Ruthless

This Yankees fantasy baseball name also doubles as a Whip It reference.

Lords of the Rings

Funky Cold Mussina

Los Yanquistadores

Yank Bank

Fantasy Baseball League Names for 2024

Maybe you don’t mind playing in Yahoo Public League #135678901 or ESPN League #2456432871908267920, but I do. It’s boring, confusing, and I hate looking at any of my meticulously chosen fantasy baseball team name ideas next to some generic random numbers.

Just name your dang leagues, people! 🙂

Well here’s a fresh batch of fantasy baseball league names, so now you have no excuse.

Made-up League Baseball

YaWho’s Counting


Real Life Fantasy Friends

Fantasy Sports for IRL Dorks

Majorly Based Lads

League Me Alone

Rotocops 2024


Union of Ten Idiots League

Or UTIL for short. Also it very handily works for both 10 and 12 team leagues.

Diamond Minds

Field of Fantasies

The Starting Ten

Silver Sluggers

The Brain Trust

Silver Age Sluggers

Silverhaired Sluggers

The Criterion Collection

Silver Fox Sluggers

Golden Lovers

Gang Gang

H2H Battle Royal

This name could work for fantasy baseball H2H leagues

The Chat Room

Big 12 Conference

NCAA conference names can make a pretty simple transition to fantasy baseball league names. Here are some other options to fit all your league sizes and locales:

The Thinktank

The Convocation

Knights of the Roundball Table

Technically, I think roundball is supposed to refer to basketball. But baseball also has a round ball, as do five million other sports.

The Lion Pride

Pride is one of the more distinguished animal group names, but it probably isn’t the funniest. Here are some other animal-themed league names you could consider:

Superhero-Themed Fantasy Baseball League Names

If your group is game, it’s pretty easy to adopt a superhero-themed league name. Then, your group has a lovely, cohesive aesthetic (which is some elite-tier fantasy nonsense).


You could also go with The DCEU, if that’s your publisher of choice.

Avengers, Inc.


You could change your seasonal league name to a different sequel title. X2: X-Men United, X-Men: The Last Stand, X-Men: Apocalypse, etc.

Legion of Super-Heroes

Justice League

The Super-Friends

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

This baseball league name is weirdly overused for being a relatively fringe comic (and a mediocre movie),

League of Evil Mutants

This fantasy baseball league name is underused, mainly because people don’t know what’s cool.

Baseball League Name Ideas from Around the Web

I’m not precious about fantasy baseball league names. You’re not writing the great American novel here, so steal away.

The Pete Rose Integrity Society

Bleacher Bums Baseball League

Royal Union of Baseball Braggarts

Don Zimmer Fight Club

Fantasy Field of Dreams

Inglorious Bashers

The Dirty Dozen

The Gas House Gang

This baseball league name idea is only for the educated.

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