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Why Is Katy Perry Performing At King Charles’ Coronation? Her Connection To The Crown Explained


American pop star Katy Perry will perform during King Charles’ coronation ceremony Saturday, the first for the United Kingdom in 70 years, after the Grammy Award-nominated artist—one of two Americans, and virtually no major U.K. stars, performing at the event—was asked by Charles to appear.

Katy Perry was announced as a performer for King Charles’ coronation.

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Key Facts

Surprising Fact

Perry told Extra she will be staying at Windsor Castle prior to Saturday’s events, adding she will be posting “a lot” of images of the castle to social media.

Big Number

$25 million.That’s how much Perry is earning per season of American Idol, adding to her estimated net worth of $38.5 million.


Several British performers have declined invitations to perform at the coronation, with much speculation that they wanted to avoid being associated with recent Buckingham Palace scandals, from the alleged mistreatment of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to Prince Andrew’s alleged sexual relationship with one of the late U.S. financier Jeffrey Epstein’s trafficking victims. Elton John—who was close with Charles’ late ex-wife, Princess Diana—declined, blaming scheduling conflicts. The Spice Girls denied rumors of a reunion at the event, indicating the group would not have enough time to rehearse beforehand. Ed Sheeran—who recently appeared in Manhattan federal court over plagiarism allegations—declined an invitation also because of scheduling conflicts. Adele, who was named a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by Charles in 2013, and Harry Styles also declined to perform.

Key Background

King Charles will be crowned Saturday during the United Kingdom’s traditional coronation ceremony, eight months after he ascended to the throne following Queen Elizabeth II’s death. The event will include an estimated 2,000 guests and will feature a number of historical relics. The coronation—the first in the social media age—will also feature an emoji modeled after St. Edward’s Crown. Perry, a 13-time Grammy Award-nominated pop star, was noted by Charles and the royal family for her charity work, specifically her time as a global ambassador for UNICEF.

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