What J-Lo Can Teach You About Investing; L’Oreal Loses Its Only Female CEO; Ariana Grande Fights Forever 21: Your ForbesWomen Updates

Jennifer Lopez performs during a concert as part of the It’s My Party tour to celebrate her 50th … [+] birthday at VTB Arena – Dynamo Central Stadium in Moscow in August 2019.

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In this newsletter and on Forbes.com, we talk a lot about wellness. But today I want to talk about the other side of that: chronic illness. According to the National Health Council, 133 million Americans live with a chronic disease. What’s more, the unemployment rate for the chronically ill is 9%, versus 3% for those who aren’t living with a disability.

Hannah Olson, a 23-year-old Boston University grad, is among the 133 million. She lives with Lyme disease and needs an IV with antibiotics and a 28-pill-per-day regimen—a situation that rendered her dream design-firm job impossible to keep. But in response to this setback, Olson founded a company called Chronically Capable, a recruiting platform that connects the chronically ill or disabled with work opportunities and flexible employers.

“Just because you’re sick, it doesn’t mean you’re less capable of contributing to the workforce,” Olson told Forbes contributor Manon DeFelice in a new profile about her startup. “No one should have to decide between their life’s passion and their health.”

Cheers to that!


P.S: My favorite advice on the site this week comes from a longtime love of Green Eggs and Ham: five management lessons from Dr. Seuss books. You do not like them? So you say. Try them, try them, and you may.

News Of The Day: Better Late Than Never, AEA Meeting Bans Hotel Room Interviews

The American Economics Association is banning candidate interviews in hotel rooms.


Less than a year after Ben Bernanke, a former Federal Reserve chairman, spoke about the gendered state of the economics industry, the American Economics Association announced a ban on conducting candidate interviews in hotel rooms—a pro #MeToo movement move aimed at providing an inclusive environment for women and minorities. “We have a very low ratio of women in terms of our professional ranks and, unfortunately, a reputation for hostility towards women and minorities seems to be an important reason why many women choose not to become economists,” says Bernanke. The AEA is following in the footsteps of other academic associations that have already implemented similar guidelines. Read more!

ICYMI: Stories From The Week

Jamie Kern Lima, the only female CEO at L’Oréal and the founder of IT Cosmetics (a top-sold beauty brand under L’Oréal), announced she’s leaving the company.

On top of its recent slew of financial issues, clothing company Forever 21 has another grande problem: Pop star Ariana Grande is suing the company for allegedly hiring a look-alike model and stealing her image after she turned down an endorsement deal.

A year after Senator John McCain’s death, Cindy McCain opens up about dealing with the loss of her husband in front of the world—and reveals she took some unconventional coping routes.

Need proof that Hollywood is included in the universal workplace pay gap? Only one woman of color made Forbes’ 2019 highest-paid actresses list.

At the conclusion of August, National Breastfeeding Awareness Month also came to a close, but there are plenty of ways to support nursing moms in the office year round.

Tadashi Yanai, CEO of retail clothing empire Fast Retailing, the parent company to clothing chain Uniqlo, announced that he would prefer his successor to be a woman.

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