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How to create a new league in FPL 2022/23

One of the items on the to-do list for a lot of Fantasy Premier League (FPL) users at the start of each season is to create a new league – but how do you do it?

The concept of leagues is one of the most important features in FPL. It allows users to compete against their friends or family (or both), with the scores listed in a table format.

Leagues add an extra competitive edge to FPL, as most users will never realistically have the opportunity to battle at the top of the worldwide leaderboards, or progress to the very latter stages of the cup competitions.

They also keep fans invested throughout the entire season, with every point potentially making a difference between sitting on top of your league table, or featuring further down the pecking order.

Thankfully, the process of how to create a new league in FPL is quite simple. However, it does require you to set up your team first. Here is how it works:

How to create a new league in FPL 2022/23

From the ‘Home’ tab on the official Fantasy Premier League website, navigate to the right side of the screen and press on ‘Create & Join Leagues’. From there, you will have the option to join an existing league, or create a new one.

After that, you will be presented with two further options – whether to play with classic scoring or head-to-head scoring.

The classic scoring ranks players based on total points earned throughout the season. In head-to-head scoring, one team competes against another team in the league on each Gameweek. The table is then based on the results of each match.

You then need to give your league a name. There is also the optional extra of adding a cup for your league. In past additions of Fantasy Premier League, the cup begins after Gameweek 30, with the exact start date depending on how many teams are in the league.

Once the league is set up, you will be re-directed to the ‘Leagues & Cups’ main page. From there, go to the ‘Options’ tab, where you will be presented with three further options. ‘Administer’ allows you to change any details relating to the league, for instance, team name.

Pressing ‘Invite Friends’ will take you to another screen. There will be a unique code on-screen, which allows other people to enter your league. You can either copy this code and send it to friends. You can also send the code via email, with a prompt appearing on-screen which allows you to do this.

All your friends or family need to do from there is enter this code in the ‘Create or Join Leagues & Cups’ section to enter the league. They will also need to set up their teams first before doing this.

Image Credits: Fantasy Premier League official website

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