‘Madden 20’ Player Ratings: Who Are The Fastest QB’s In This Year’s Game

Mobile quarterbacks aren’t quite the cheat codes that they used to be in Madden. EA Sports has done a good job accurately nerfing the once superhuman abilities fast QBs possessed in the game. That said, the signal-callers with quicks can still be a nightmare to contain-especially when a savvy player knows how to mix in option plays, the increased run-pass-options and the organic rollouts in the game.

The right mix of traditional runs, down-field passing and the occasional scramble from a mobile QB is a backbreaker.

Below are the 1o fastest QBs in Madden 20.

  1. Lamar Jackson – 94 – Baltimore Ravens
  2. Kyler Murray – 91 – Arizona Cardinals
  3. Taysom Hill – 89 – New Orleans Saints
  4. Marcus Mariota – 88 – Tennessee Titans
  5. Tyrod Taylor – 88 – Los Angeles Chargers
  6. Joe Webb III – 87 – Houston Texans
  7. Trace McSorley – 87 – Baltimore Ravens
  8. Tyree Jackson – 86 – Buffalo Bills
  9. Russell Wilson – 86 – Seattle Seahawks
  10. Jeff Driskell – Cincinnati Bengals, Robert Griffin III – Baltimore Ravens, Brett Hundley – Arizona Cardinals, Cam Newton – Carolina Panthers and Easton Stick – Los Angeles Chargers all with 85

The Ravens clearly want mobile QBs on the field. They have three of the top 14 fastest players at the position. The Cardinals and Chargers each have two in that number.

What About Agility and Jukes?

The straight-line speed is great, but the most dangerous QBs are the ones who also have high ratings in agility and juke moves. The Ravens’ Jackson still comes out at the top in those areas.

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Jackson has a 95 agility and 87 juke move rating. That would be elite even if he was a wide receiver. The Seahawks’ Wilson has a 93 agility and an 83 juke move. He is another QB who is a handful in open space.

What About Throwing on the Run?

Not all of the QBs listed are legitimate dual threats. Some of the lower-rated QBs have passing marks that don’t allow you to play them without severely hampering your passing game. However, Wilson is the most complete package and thereby the most dangerous mobile QB in the game.

His throw-on-the-run rating is a 98. None of the other speedy QBs is even close in that category. Cam Newton checks in with an 88. Impressively, Kyler Murray has an 87 in that category, as does Marcus Mariota, and Jackson is at an 85.

Obviously, none of the ratings are etched in stone. We will likely see some fluctuating because of injury, excellent or poor play.


Don’t disregard Tyree Jackson. While he has only a 64 overall rating, he has some undeniable skills. In addition to his speed rating, he also has a 95 mark in throw power. His accuracy ratings are 74, 69 and 74, but if you’re using him in a franchise mode, he is the type of player who can be developed. Jackson’s awareness rating is only a 52, but that’s inconsequential in a user-vs-user setting. That rating is the biggest reason his overall mark is so low.

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EA Madden NFL 20 releases for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on August 2, but pre-order customers can get the game on July 31.

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